Trout Stocking – Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Trout Stocking – Maryland Department of Natural Resources

We stock over 300 locations in the State of Maryland. We’re here for the fishermen. We try to help them out in any way possible. The put and take program is created basically to supplement the streams with Trout and the native populations just aren’t capable of
providing this type of fishery. We primarily start in early February when
we do our preseason and we finish up around the middle of May. We also stock for two weeks in October which is our fall stocking program. We get our eggs in January. We hatch them out. In February they move outside to the outside raceways. Thats why we begin stocking now to create room for those fish. They’re there roughly for about 14 months before they
come out as a 1/2 pound fish apiece and go into the streams. Working for the state for 23 years at Albert Powell Fish Hatchery, growing up in the streams is something I always wanted to do, so it’s a dream come true for me to able to do this type of work. It comes to fruition when we
come out to these streams to put these fish in and see the joy that these fishermen get. You can’t go to too many other places right now and go fishing. If they stop stocking here, I’ll be heartbroken. Recreational fishing in Maryland wouldn’t
be what it is without a program like this. Maryland hatcheries have been supplementing trout stocking for approximately 70 years and hopefully we’ll be doing that for many
more decades.

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  1. I would love to learn more about DNR pond stocking efforts, but all I can seem to find is in regards to trout stocking. (This is a beautiful video regardless!)

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