TROUT Superfly Fishing 奥日光 秋の丸沼 女性フライフィッシャー ダブルハンドの釣り

TROUT Superfly Fishing  奥日光  秋の丸沼  女性フライフィッシャー  ダブルハンドの釣り

shooting with gimbal   Senjōgahara shooting with gimbal  Lake Yunoko shooting with gimbal Lake Marunuma Autumn colour is very beautiful here in Lake Marunuma. “Bravo!” Japanese author Takeshi Kaiko once shouted here, when he fished a large trout. Bravo means wonderful in French. I also felt Bravo when I landed a good trout. Actually, there was also happening The reel fell off the reel seat I do not touch directly with my hands ,,,,, Fortunately it did not damage the fish Released ,,, It rained a long time ago ,,, The rain ceased and the surface of the lake became quiet We can see the Rise here and there on the lake We can enjoy dry fishing here from now We can enjoy dry fishing here from now Overhead casting with double hand casting rod Casting to put the anchor with double hand rod I still need to practice (Giggle) I see two boats on the lake Marunuma was famous for being able to enjoy boating fishing Now with the boom of a double hand fly fishing Fishing fish from the shore Enabled Today is the heaviest clothes of the year fleece and gel material inner wear with Gore-Tex outer jacket Children’s Rainbow that looks just like Yamame There was shallow place They are growing up here I fished with with Double Hand fishing Rod. Release it.  See you again The place where I am standing, It is the extension line of flowing in ,,, Because fish gathers here in October Actually, it is the best point Marunuma celebrated the best time of autumn leaves

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  1. 大谷さんいつも何気にウエアがかっこいいんだけど ブルーのショート丈のレインジャケットってどこだろ~ 以前にパタゴニアであったと思いますが…


  2. ありがとうございます

  3. 2:30 魚を触らないでリリース。大切なことですね。

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