Trucha: Eating grilled trout in Copacabana, Bolivia

Trucha: Eating grilled trout in Copacabana, Bolivia

So there is one meal that you absolutely must
try when you visit Copacabana and that is rainbow trout fished straight out of Lake
Titicaca over there. So you could choose an ordinary restaurant
to have trout but where are we instead? Yeah, we’re along the boardwalk and there are a
gazillion restaurants literally lined along here. There actually not even restaurants.
They are more like little stands. Yeah, exactly. Just like what you’re seeing here. Tarp walls.
And honestly we don’t know where to go we just walked by a whole bunch of them and decided
okay let’s pick the last one why don’t we go there. Yeah. The food has arrived. So if you look down
at our plate here is our rainbow trout. And we have some French Fries, we have a bit of
salad and over on this side there is some rice. So it seems like a well balanced meal,
right? Yeah, the trout looks good. I’m ready to dig into that. Yeah. So this is the first bite. So what is this
called locally? Trucha. Trucha. Trucha. We’ll see. You know South American trout reminds me a
lot of salmon. It’s like the same color. It has a really similar flavor. It is just a
smaller fish but it is really nice. You know just grilled, very simple recipe, a little
bit of lemon drizzled on top and it is perfect. Perfecto! Hmmm. So some of the restaurants in Copacabana are
really hit and miss. Some of them really cater towards backpackers. We’ve honestly had some
of our worst meals in a long time here. You had that what the runny spaghetti. Oh, yes.
But you know what trout is one dish that has not been messed up. That is the exact point
I wanted to make. Trout has been awesome everywhere we’ve had it so I have high expectations for
my trout over here. Always order the specialty. Yes, order the local specialty. That is our
travel tip of the day. Mmmm. That is good. That is so good. Melt in your
mouth good. Really really tasty. I grew up on Vancouver Island eating a lot
of fish so I know what good quality fish tastes like and this is excellent. Oh, so he’s a
connoisseur all of a sudden. A little bit of a fish snob. So this is a very unusual dining location,
is it not? Yeah, we’ve got packs of stray dogs and we have teenagers hanging out on
their motorbikes and trying to act cool. Yes, and we’re breathing all of the fumes from
their bikes. Over there. Over there. That’s our side dish. Alright, pup. You want fish? Fish skin? This
one is not interested. This one doesn’t like fish skin. How about you friend? Do you like
fish? Fish. Yes, good boy. Good boy. Final thoughts? Final thoughts. Well, you
know what. The fish was pretty good. I have to say the rice was a little bit bland. It
wasn’t really seasoned. The salad was okay. It was just lettuce and tomatoes and then
we had some greasy fries. But I’d say the fish was the star of the meal and it is very
budget friendly lunch. We only paid 25 Bolivianos which you do the conversion. That’s just like
over three dollars. Over three dollars. There you go. Not bad at all.

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  1. You guys really deserve a bigger fan base. I love the way your opinion about the places and food is expressed, and the edition of the video it's just perfect.

  2. Well Finally you made it to Bolivia! Awesome…. You definitely have to go to el SALAR DE UYUNI and Santa Cruz as well! there are tons of places. If you need an advice in Santa Cruz let me know. I can hook you up with one of the best restaurants and hotels in Santa Cruz as well! 🙂 Just let me know.

  3. Sam is getting slim! Love the videos! Travel channel next ey! Thx so much for sharing all of your travels! So much inspiration! Random food ftw 🙂

  4. Guuuysss !!!
    You MUST visit the restaurant Gustu before you leave Bolivia. It is the best restaurant in the country, one of the best in Latin America, and it focuses on only using bolivian ingredients, to showcase the great diversity of the country.
    Sorry for getting hyped, I am a big fan of yours.

  5. Well that looks mouthwatering!! Nothing is better than fresh fish!! New subscriber here :))! Love your channel and now must binge watch all of your vids!! 🙌☺️

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