Trusting God For Multiplication Miracles| Priscilla Shirer

Trusting God For Multiplication Miracles| Priscilla Shirer

Look what the disciples said about
this multitude in verse twelve. They said, send the multitude away. Come on now, this sounds like me. Does it sound like anybody else? When there is a multitude in my life, when
there’s something placing a demand on me or pressing on me that makes me uncomfortable or make
me feel like I’m out of my element or it’s not easy, it’s not convenient,
it’s not what I prefer. I don’t just ask. I mean, I prayed like fervently, like I’m on
my knees, like, Lord, if you would please take this multitude away, I
would be so grateful. Lord, if you would please let this cup pass from
me, father, so that I can do the work that you have called me to do. Lord,take take this multitude away. But would you notice that what they are wishing
away in verse twelve is the very thing in verse eleven that it says Jesus welcomed. They are wishing away the multitude
that he has just welcomed. Resist the urge to wish away what
Jesus is welcoming into your experience. The multitude that he is not just tolerating,
but he is welcoming into your life because it is your gift. Resist the urge
to try to pray it away. In fact, if you have been trying to
pray that multitude away, but for God’s sovereign reasons that we may not never
know on this side of eternity. He has not released you from that multitude. Then you can automatically assume that there is
a gift hidden in that multitude for me. You can automatically sit on the edge of your
seat with your chin in your hands, in full anticipation that if he’s allowed and sustained
this multitude in your experience, it’s because there’s something in it that he
does not want you to miss. So they say send the multitude
away, but Jesus doesn’t oblige them. He doesn’t allow the multitude to be sent away
because he knows that in sending it away, he will be sending away the actual gift that they
need to be able to open up the drawer and see the treasure that they
already have at their disposal. And so when Jesus doesn’t go for that,
they have an another alternative, an option B, look at what they say to Jesus. They say, well, Jesus, verse 13, we have
no more than five loaves and two fish. So maybe let us go and
buy food for all these people. In other words, if you won’t let us send
the multitude away, let us send ourselves away so that we can go to the neighboring
towns and communities and accumulate something more because as we currently are, is not sufficient
to handle the need that is at hand. We are not enough. We do not have enough. We are not skilled enough. We don’t have enough resources. We aren’t talented enough. We don’t have the right
ideas, the right creativity. What she has , what he has is
better or more suited for this task. Lord, as I am is not enough. It has always been the directive of the enemy
to make God’s people think that as they are today is not enough, not suited to the situation
that is happening in their life at that current time. It’s the enemy that makes us
think we’ve got to go somewhere and become something else and gather something more
and accumulate something different before we’ll be suited to sustain the task that
is currently at hand in our life. Listen, if he has called you to it. If he has allowed it, that means that
you likely already have in your hands. Everything that you need for that
circumstance that you are facing. If you just open up the drawer, pull
it out entrust it to his care. You’ll get to see a multiplying
miracle of the most high God. So Jesus will not let the disciples. He will not let us work our ways out of
the opportunity to see and experience him in our lives. He will not let
us send the multitude away. He won’t allow us to send ourselves away . He want us, right smack dab
underneath the pressure of that multitude. Because with that multitude weighing on us, it
gives us the opportunity to open up the door and see what he likes
to do with loaves and fish. And so he says, actually in Mark,
chapter six are layer of chocolate cake. He says to them. Well, what do you have? He asked the question. What do you have? He doesn’t say. What do you
not have that she has? That you might need to go get so that
you can actually have what is necessary for this multitude? He says; what do you have? Then here’s the deal. He doesn’t give them
a chance to answer because they would likely say the wrong thing. It’s like when you ask your
kid, when your kid has the nerve to come to you and say they are bored. I mean, it’s January. They just finished Christmas. You just scoured Amazon trying to figure
out what to get them for Christmas. Had a few things under the tree
that you thought were perfect for them. And now they have the nerve to come to you
and say they are bored and it takes the restraining power of the Holy Ghost for
you not to knock them out. You might look at that kid and
say, well, what do you have? And knowing that they might give you
an answer that they will regret. You don’t even give them a chance to answer. Jesus didn’t even give him a chance. He just said. Go and look. I want to ask you, have you even taken the
time, all the time you’ve taken to complain or to compare, have you taken any of
that energy to just go and look? Have you asked God to reveal to you, to show
you, what it is that you already have tucked away in your drawer? Go and look, Moses. Because if you’ll just look, you will find
out that that rock that you’ve been thinking is just a plain old rod. That Rod would have held out over the Red Sea
will be enough to cause it to divide from one end to the other. Go and look, David, I know you think life,
but if you go look down by the riverbed, you’ll see that there are five smooth stones waiting
on you to show up, to see them, to utilize them to take that giant down.Sisters, have you gone to look to see what
it is that is already at your disposal? He says that resource is all you need. Pull it out. Entrusted into my hands. And when they do, the scriptures say Jesus
took the five loaves and two fish. Oh, I wish I had time y’all. Because if I had some time, I would tell
you about the beautiful thing that it is that our God takes our little bit,
if we’ll just go get it. He takes it. He doesn’t turn
his nose up at it. He doesn’t say that’s not sufficient. He doesn’t say, do you see? There are fifteen thousand people here. What do you think? I’m gonna do with
a couple pieces of bread and sardines.He doesn’t say that. He says I will
receive what you bring to me. He takes the meager gifts of man. Thank you, Lord, that you
take our little bit. And looking up to heaven, He blessed it. Yeah, this is what you need because everything
changes when God’s blessing is on your five loaves and two fish. This is basically what they call favor. Favor is what makes the scales unbalanced. Favor is what might make stuff unfair. Favor is what takes you places where everybody
else is going how did she get there. Favor is what puts you in positions
you never thought you could hold. Favor is what allows you to be in proximity
to people you never thought you would be, around favor on your 5 and 2 is
exactly what it is that you’re after. Put it in his hands. He will look up to heaven. He will bless it. He will break it. And then he kept giving
it back to the disciples. And it kept going and going and going and
going and there was enough for every person. All 15000 who were there, but not just
that because it says there were leftovers. Somebody say leftovers. This was like some little snacks y’all. This was like Sunday afternoon dinner. I’m talking about when we were growing up. Not that, you know, we all got to eat now. I’m talking about, you know, where your
mom started dinner on Saturday night,anybody know what I’m talking about? I remember roast
the smell of roast all night long. And yeast rolls rising on the counter and
macaroni and cheese up, bubbling and preparing before we ever left the house
that morning to go to church. Sunday dinner was already ready. I was already salivating. And then you came home and you ate
this huge meal, where afterwards you were barely,you were basically comatose for the
rest of the day. This is the kind of banquet feast I’m talking
about that Jesus provided for them so much that they were filled up to overflowing. And there were leftovers and not
just any old amount of leftovers. Because there were 12 baskets full. One for each of the twelve depleted, exhausted
disciples, enough for them to take home with them so that they left with
more than they came refreshed, rejuvenated, not exhausted anymore. Because everything changes when you’ve had
an encounter with the multiplying Jesus. Can I just pray for any of you who may
be in this room today and you need a multiplication miracle because you were in the
midst of either a tedious, time consuming or taxing circumstance in your life. And honestly, you don’t see the connection. You don’t see what this is going
to have to do with that. But you want to trust the master
that he’s gonna take what you’ve got. He’s going to multiply it and he’s gonna make
it so that whatever multitude you’ve got in your life. You’ll be brave enough to
yield your five loaves and two fish. And then trust him to make it so that
your five and two are enough for that circumstance. If you’re in a particular situation right now
and you need prayer in that regard, would you just raise your hand? I’mma cover you
as we close this time in God’s will. Lord, I thank you for every sister in this
room and beyond who has her hand raised right now, she is willing, Lord, to yield
to you the little bit she’s got. I thank you, Father, that all you ask is for us
to give to you what we have to yield it back to you. And so I’m asking
you sisters, as your hands are raised. Would you even now picture your little bit,
your five loaves in your two fish? The little skill, the little talent, the little
gift, the little money, the little idea, the little energy that you do have
and just say, Lord, it’s yours. Lord, we yield it to you in
full anticipation that you’re gonna bless it. You’re gonna break it and then you’re
going to multiply it for your glory. And it is in Jesus name
that we pray believing this. Everybody agreed when they said Amen.

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  1. Yeeesss Amen I Stand in Agreement with this Message and Believe This and Receive This In Jesus NameπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  2. Yeeesss Sister I NEED A Multiplication, but I AM TRUSTING God Sister. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™On TIME Message For MeπŸ’–

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