Hey guys! Welcome back to the channel. Today, I’m going to be showing you how I made
this super easy DIY turtle topper. (Also, you will get to see Nemo, my eastern
painted turtle, at the end of the video so be sure to stick around for that, because
you haven’t met him yet!) [Music] So this is the DIY plastic bin turtle topper, or ATBA, which stands for above tank basking area. The things you are going to need to make this
are – a plastic bin, a wire coat hanger (I used one with rubber around it so it wouldn’t
rust), a couple zip ties, an extra piece of plastic, and optionally some rubber shelving liner for grip on the ramp. The first thing is the plastic bin. The plastic bin’s size should be relative
to the size of your turtle, so if you had a little hatchling turtle, one of those 6
qt. shoe box bins would probably work. The one I’m using here is a 15 qt. that I
use for my 4 inch juvenile diamondback terrapin and also for an eastern painted turtle. If you had a larger turtle, like a full grown
red eared slider, then something like a plastic sweater box would work so that they have plenty
of room to move around. But in the end, size should be relative to
the size of the turtle. What you are going to do is take your plastic
bin and cut a hole that is big enough for your turtle to climb up into the basking area. So I marked this out with a marker, and I
know how big my turtles are so I had to make sure the opening was wide enough for them
to get up there. And on the bottom here, you can see I cut
off some of the excess plastic here, because the plastic around here is kind of flimsy
and already bent, so I didn’t even use that anymore, I just cut it straight off – and that’s why we need an extra piece of plastic to make the ramp longer. Then, you’re going to take your extra piece
plastic, drill a couple of holes in it, and line it up with this part. You want to make sure that the gradient of
the ramp is gradual enough that the turtle can get up here easily. So line it up there, make sure that it is
long enough, and then you’re going to drill your holes and put your zip ties through. I secured them on the bottom so that they
wouldn’t poke the turtle when he goes up. You may notice that the ramp is a little flimsy,
so what you can do is add some suspension wires. These are wire hangers that are coated in
rubber. Some people were worried that the hangers would rust, but I haven’t had any
problems with that, so I think it is fine, but if you want to find another substitute,
that’s great. What I did was drill holes in the top so that
it could be really secure…if it would focus….. and put the wires here and then drill the
hole on the other side and feed it through the hole. Then there are also holes on the bottom and
I just hooked it through. That is pretty all there is to it, so your
turtle will come up this way and your basking lights can be on this side on the wall. And this plastic ramp, I chose this plastic
because it is already grippy and has bars on it – this was actually part of a plastic
lid – but if it isn’t grippy enough for your turtle to come up, you can use rubber shelving
liner. That will make it grippy enough for the turtle. In my opinion, above tank basking areas are
the best option for basking areas for basking turtles – your sliders, your cooters, your
maps, your painteds, those types of species – because those do spend a lot of time basking,
and this area will be able to maximize the space that you have in your tank. You can fill your tank up all the way and
then just have this basking area sitting on top and going into the water, instead of only
having it filled halfway because you have a different floating basking platform. For other turtles like musks or muds who don’t
bask as often, then you can always use one of those floating basking docks, but if you
have a basking turtle, then this is the best way to go. It’s super cheap too! Literally, the only thing I payed for was
the bin and that was $5 at Walmart. So super inexpensive, especially when you
compare it to a $30 floating basking platform at the pet store. And it’s also low effort. All you have to do is cut the hole, you have
your extra piece of plastic, your wires, and you zip tie it. Super duper easy. I love this and I got the idea from Tammy
Fry, veryfry987, on turtleforum.com so shoutout to her for giving me this idea. To secure the ATBA to the wall, I drilled
this hole here and there is actually a screw that fits through that and that screw is drilled
into the wall. I also have “L” brackets on the back and those
hold up the area like this. So it is really secure and you just sit it
on the ledge of the tank. Then the ramp is already going into the water, so your turtle
shouldn’t be able to escape. When you first set this up and you put it
into your turtle’s tank, they might not bother to use it for the first week, and they might
not go up there. Do not try to force them to bask, once they
know they need UVB, they will go up there and get that UVB and that heat. Do NOT force them. Maybe just put them up into it once, to show
them what it is and how to get up there, but don’t do it multiple times – once they know
it is there, they will go check it out on there own accord. It’s just because they don’t know what it
is, so they have to get comfortable with it. Just leave them be and they should start using
it in a week or maybe two. For instance, it took Nemo, my eastern painted
turtle, a week and a half to start using his ATBA. I was a little concerned about him not basking,
but it is totally fine. Your turtle knows what it needs, and when
it needs it, it will get it. No need for concern there, and I think that’s
everything! Thank you for watching and let me know what
videos you would like to see next. I’ll have a poll if you hit the “I” button
up there, so go check those out. If this video helped you, please leave it
a like. If you have any questions, put them below,
and feel free to subscribe! I’ll see you guys next week! Have a great day!

91 thoughts on “TURTLE BASKING AREA – DIY | Cheap and Easy!

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    Y'all are great, have a turtley awesome day!

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