Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp Pro Gaming Audio System

Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2  + SuperAmp Pro Gaming Audio System

Turtle Beach recognize that esports and professional gamers was really starting to gain some steam and we said let’s relook at a pro gaming headset from the ground up we saw an opportunity to really look at the details of what makes a headset to start again with a blank sheet of paper and say if we were to build something from the ground up what would we do what would we change and did more than a year of scientific research on everything fit size weight thermodynamics temperature humidity every aspect we pulled in the best of Turtle Beach’s engineering team invested our product and marketing teams to make sure that we’re hitting every detail a pro gamer could need we took an exact month trying out every single headset in the marketplace one of the real standout moments of the development of this headset for me was showing this to Optic Gaming and then all of a sudden Turtle Beach says hey we have a new product coming out putting this in the hands of pro gamers hearing that they love it they can’t wait to play in it that for me is the ultimate compliment first things I said is does this work for you are you comfortable wearing this and now you’re going to be able to to compete but then I look at Crim he doesn’t like something he’s going to tell you set him aside for real did you did you like the headset he’s like yes good let’s make this happen and we did so the major features is the new ComforTec Fit System so this involves both the standard fit system on the side of the headset plus we’ve developed a tension adjust system across the headband to me number one is the comfort because you don’t even want to feel these headsets when you play you have a headset on for hours and hours if it’s not comfortable for you then it’s like you know you’re not going to want to wear it like I’ve never seen some of this before where you can actually find the perfect adjustment it’s going to be a huge help when we’re playing rest assure that your ears will not hurt these phone pads are incredible his Turtle Beach has always been ahead in the audio spec game so finally adding the comfort abilities is what I was looking for it’s one of the really cool features about the Elite Pro is the cooling gel that we have in the memory foam this actually actively cools your head so I really like how the insides are cloth the outsides are leather if the inside was leather I would just be sweating all day long I’ve wore headsets in the past that I mean I took off the headset and my ears have been read like I was in a boxing match and yeah that’s not fun at all Audio is the biggest thing next to the screen audio is probably one of the top pillars that you associate with competing because there’s so many things inside of the game that you can hear that will give you an advantage over the other player the sound helps you know what’s going on sometimes more than just looking at the screen because you can hear things that are going on the screen might not be able to see you know you got controllers but headsets and hearing and be able to communicate will step you up to like the highest level you can be my favorite feature of the Elite Pro is the Pro Specs Glasses System so this allows gamers with glasses to play in comfort for hours so this was the first headset I had ever seen that actually has grooves so they’re very comfortable I could see myself you know putting in some long gaming hours with these of all the teams out there we chose to associate with Optic Gaming because they’re one of the best there were a lot of things that we asked for a lot of things that we were looking for and they were very excited about the headset we came up with so thankfully Turtle Beach listened to us listen to the input with the Elite Pro and so it was really match made in heaven between the comfortability of the headphones the durability and the actual audio quality at the tournaments I think the Elite Pro is going to allow Optic Gaming to bring home a lot of championships this year the Elite Pro represents for Turtle Beach really the reinvention of a pro gaming headset we’re the innovator in the space we’ve always been the innovator and Elite Pro represents the pinnacle of headsets for the professional gamer

14 thoughts on “Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp Pro Gaming Audio System

  1. It seems as though the custom headband slider is gone and you're stuck with a "one size fits all" type of model. I'm sure the only true upgrade from the original ElitePro will be the super amp since the original TAC got horrible reviews as compared to Astro's mixamp. I'll keep my original Elite Pro (along with my Astro mixamp) and take a hard pass on this.

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