Turtle Performs “Kiss From A Rose” By Seal | Season 3 Ep. 1 | THE MASKED SINGER

100 thoughts on “Turtle Performs “Kiss From A Rose” By Seal | Season 3 Ep. 1 | THE MASKED SINGER

  1. I would like to hear the turtle sing beautiful soul by Jesse McCartney or a song by panic at the disco, because I think the turtle is either McCartney or the lead singer of panic at the disco Brendon Yuri.

  2. If it’s Jesse mcartney I will smack myself because it was driving me crazy trying to figure out that voice I was like I know this voice ahh (I did the same thing with daughtry last season about a week before the finale I was listening to daughtry and I was like hold on that’s the rottweiler! I felt very stupid)

  3. It's Mark Wahlberg. "Surrounded by Newcomers" = brother was in New Kids on the Block. Bunny ears = Reference to Joey Fatone NKOTB who was the bunny on masked singer. His daily exercise is paddle boarding, google it. burgers = Wahlburgers. His singing voice is Mark Wahlberg to a T. Clues made it so obvious. Also, He promoted the show on his FB page saying "watch my sister in law Jenny McCarthy". He never did that before. He wanted to indirectly promote people watching HIM. Jenny McCarthy knew it was him and played it off saying it might be her husband.
    You're welcome.

  4. I know that voice from a mile away. That’s my boy Jesse McCartney. The restraint he was showing in this song has sort of become his signature style.

  5. Two personalities that share almost similar voices to the turtle, and it could either be Jesse MCcartney or Nick Carter. Talking about boyband It could also be justin timberlake but he has a more sligtly different tone.

  6. My boyfriend and I have NEVER seen this show and after a few seconds with no hesitation he goes, "Jesse McCartney. Hands down." Idk what impressed me more: The singing, or the fact that my boyfriend can basically pick out Jesse's voice from a lineup.

  7. It’s Jesse McCartney! I would know I was obsessed with him for like 10 years! You can totally hear beautiful soul in his voice

  8. its 4000x Jesse McCartney. What makes it even more obvious is he recently made a comeback to mainstream music so it makes sense his publicist would get him on the show.

  9. People have ur own opinion stop copying the judges. U all are silly. Omg I'm going to die if that's Jesse, stfu u clowns

  10. I thought Jesse McCartney the second I heard the turtle sing. I don’t go by the clues because they tend to be misleading and vague.

  11. I hope pray god The Turtle make it to the finals. I’ll be so mad if he don’t. I already know who it is and I got to stop sleeping on him! Love that voice!! 😫😩😍❤️

  12. I literally cannot tell if this is Joey McIntyre or Jessie Mcartney! I keep flip flopping back and forth to the other with my guesses 😂 The clues and the voice match both of them! Either way the little girl in me is excited because it’s definitely one of them! 🥰

  13. There are some singers on this show that I can see people getting confused about. Especially if they arent known for their singing voice. And then there are a few with very distinct chops, and Jesse McCartney is definitely one of those. Anyone who grew up with his music should recognize that voice the moment they hear it.

  14. I agree/disagree with Jesse McCartney. I'm getting more Scott Grimes vibes. I do get Jesse McCartney, but something is telling me that Scott Grimes/Steve Smith is up there pulling a Kelly Osbourne on us.

  15. For all of you OG Dream Street fans on here, go look up City Country’s album on Spotify! It’s Greg’s newest album with his sisters! Jesse & Greg are really the only two that have continued to make music since dream street broke up.

  16. I have been saying it's Jesse Mccartney since the first episode. First of all I am a huge fan of his voice and of his songs and second of all I follow him on Instagram and he is in my Top 10 crushes so I know my guy good and I even said I swear if it's not him then I'll drop dead so it's nice to see fellow people that agree with me and my twin. And then people go nah you are dumb it's not him like are these people crazy to not believe us huge fans when we say that this is our boy Jesse 👀😍

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