Turtle Tunes: The WORST TMNT Ever Made

Turtle Tunes: The WORST TMNT Ever Made

Now since this channel started I covered a lot of great and a lot of terrible TMNT content But this one was a real struggle I would lay in my bed at times looking over at my screen fighting with myself to get up and watch the TMNT special We’re about to talk about There was a subconscious urge to not want to do it, but I did it And just as I thought it was pure torture Turtle toons is a TMNT special that came out in 1994 It is probably the worst thing to come out of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles If it’s not the worst it’s pretty damn close the turtles are back and they look exactly how they looked in We wish you a turtle Christmas, which I already covered on a previous video if you haven’t checked it out Go ahead and check it out It’s the same exact suits the same exact and I’m pretty sure it’s also the same kids the intro is also the same as the Christmas special but different music plays during the incredibly long intro credits It’s doing the same thing the Christmas special All right, oh man, it’s a little different movie smart as long I Can’t believe this Once it actually gets started. It’s just as bad as you would imagine It’s probably used as torture in some parts of the world if I’m being honest So it starts off with the turtles talking about getting their own live-action television Series starring these Turtles it almost feels like they were low key trying to use this special to launch it Like some executive was gonna see it and be like, hey, this is great wanna television series now I don’t know how accurate that is, but it’s just the feeling I get when I am watching this it reeks of desperation But it’s trippy to think that we could have got this instead of the next mutation Which would have somehow been worse never thought I’d be sticking up for the next mutation Anyways, the turtles want to call it TMNT TV. They have a logo and everything They decide to meet up with some kids in the park to shoot some music videos or something leo says to get their disguises, but Donnie says they don’t need them this time and Michelangelo yells. I love show business. I Don’t know what any of it has to do with them not needing the disguises Anymore cuz they go up to the surface and the Christmas special. The hell is Leonardo even talking about with these disguises? They’ve already been out there I think they just wanted an excuse to show the trench coat and hat and somehow relate this to the first Live-action movie in fact they try to do a lot of other things to recreate moments from that original trilogy there’s Mikey making a call from a payphone which I feel like they’re trying to recreate the opening scene from the live-action movie and the way Raph is talking to Michelangelo reminds me of the way Raphael’s talking to Kino and secret of the use do me a favor stay with us today All right. This is our big chance No disappearance, and there’s some other stuff we’ll get to you as well Anywho, they make their way to the surface and believe it or not These Turtles look even worse in broad daylight when they’re first appearing in the park You can see them off in the distance and it’s just so off-putting Cringy scary, even if I saw that coming towards me in the distance out of park I would get the hell out of there quickly Anyways, they eventually meet up with the kids and everything for some reason like the kids seem like they’re having a bad day They’re all pissed off for some reason I guess the turtles are late or something or they had trouble meeting up finding each other But it’s just a bit over the top how angry they are for some reason Let’s talk about some of the music So Mikey ends up going missing as soon as they made up and we get a song titled skating around the fountain which is a version of I’ve been working on the railroad but with different lyrics It’s something the Turtles and the kids go looking for him and they eventually Find them their shots in this scene where you could see some like grownups in the background and they do not look impressed at all Next we get the song Leonardo has a robot, which is Yankee Doodle, Dandy But with different words Leo is having trouble on the boat. Everyone is getting frustrated with him again a very over-the-top about this time, okay But we do have this kid that starts throwing down some bars halfway through the song Legend now, let’s move on to some other songs the next song has a ninja trying to kidnap some kids The song is called don’t talk to strangers It kind of seems like there’s a ninja in the park trying to use like a cute dog to lure Little kids into his I don’t know wherever he takes them They talk about developing a password or a code word in case they ever get caught in a situation like this That way they can get help quickly. There’s not much else to it I do have to say that this song was the one that got stuck in my head After the song you go back to the lair as they get ready for the next song They’re about to show but first you get this fun little tidbit and get to find out what Michelangelo and Leonardo middle names are I never even knew the turtles had middle names Leonardo’s middle name is apparently Antonio and Michelangelo’s middle name is Sylvester your mother’s middle name your middle name. Mine is Antonia Antonio you kidding you never told me that what’s yours man? Come on. I’m not telling oh, come on It can’t be that bad Not sure if it’s on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles week a pedia page But I’m sure it’ll find its way there then despite Raphael usually being the antisocial Turtle we get his favorite song about him having friends They look like they’re supposed to be in their lair sort of or like in their bedrooms You can see their bunk beds and pizza boxes all over the place, but it doesn’t look like they’re in the sewer It looks like they’re in a barn or something. You can see the sunlight coming through the side of the wood panels I have no idea what’s going on. Let’s just get through this The next segment is the kids are picking up trash off the floor with their bare hands It’s pretty disgusting if you think about it. There’s a good chance There’s urine and feces on that stuff wear some gloves people I can’t breathe outside Got a pin in machete And I can bridge There’s only a few more songs left The next one is I love to ride the carousel and while they’re waiting in line for the carousel Raph’s freaking out for some reason and it’s mask o most falls off and it’s fantastic I liked how he kept it in Have I ever steered you wrong before yes, I Can imagine the conversation now as they were recording it like hey Should we reshoot that his mask fell off and then that’s okay. This song is pretty uneventful It’s just Raph getting motion sickness as they go round on the carousel We get to the final segment and it’s Mikey making a pizza and explaining all the disgusting toppings. He puts on it Nothing really happened I think he burns it at the end and it cuts to the turtles back in their lair pretty much saying goodbye But there is one part at the end where they try to recreate splinters like speech thing from the original 1990 movie and it’s pretty bad My son’s you have learned the greatest truth of the ninja the ultimate mastery comes not of the body but of the mind you Tried your best you worked together Remember the force that binds you I love you. My sons did splinter die or something Also, April calls at the end We don’t get to see her but she says that their show is a hit and that they now have a live-action television Series, which if you think about it three years later, we actually did in 1997 with the next mutation I don’t know if that’s what they were referring to or if they actually thought these turtles and this special we’re gonna get a live-action Series seems like either way, we’re gonna get something terrible. All right Wow, what a terrible experience that was like swimming through acid I need a drink that wraps up this video guys Make sure to hit subscribe if you’re stumbling across the channel and you just want more Ninja Turtles content in your life We discuss old turtle stuff new turtle stuff like rise of the TMNT the new live-action reboot movie that’s coming There’s a Batman vs. The Ninja Turtles animated movie that’s coming. I’m trying to hit the comics up a little bit more as well So just everything Ninja Turtles we talked about it here on this channel So if you’re not subscribed go ahead hit that subscribe button If you know someone that the turtles fan go ahead and share this channel with them. Thank you very much everybody for watching That’s it for this one. I’ll see you in a little bit with another one. Take care Hey guys, thanks for watching the video. Don’t forget to follow me on all the social media platforms Twitter Instagram Facebook good way to stay in touch with the channel and also head on over to WWE you later told em calm. It’s pretty new. We plan on adding more stuff to it in the near future But yeah, go check it out helps keep the lights on here and the turtle bed. And once again, thanks for watching Beats a dude’s got 30 seconds

72 thoughts on “Turtle Tunes: The WORST TMNT Ever Made

  1. This is proof of a strong brand to be able to pull out of this all time low. Michael Bay movies are a real close 2nd. I have faith we will be given a reboot on par with the original 1990 movie.

  2. Pizza power is the dopest song ever. However speaking of bad tmnt.. That new show is just as bad the next mutation!

  3. I remember watching this as a kid and it was garbage! The kids were bratty and the turtles looked so wierd! Lol

  4. Oh the horror……the horror…. 😣😖😧 I can't unsee those horrible costumes. Ugh……🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  5. Easily the worst turtle designs lol. What were they thinking. Those turtles look like they are supposed to give kids nightmares. The next mutation designs look incredible compared to them. So cringe….

  6. ..they look like Fuggler's. If anyone doesn't know what those things are, you can find them at Target and Walmart. Plush ragdolls with fake human teeth.

  7. Black hole sun, won't you come, and wash away the rain. Yep, it's like that video, or Bob from the Viagra commercials.

  8. Being born in 1980 and a gigantic Turtle fan..I barely remember the show. Like, I was too old and moved on from Ninja Turtles by that point. I just remember it looking beyond horrendous.

  9. 2:20 I don't think they were under any illusions. TMNT was winding down and it was one of the reasons why this was so cheap.

  10. This was actually a thing?? WTF were the producers thinking?? Turtle Tunes?? I was 4 when this premiered but I never saw it. Thank goodness. It's just beyond terrible. This might be the worst thing the Turtles have ever done…

  11. Well they shouldn't worry about that real life tv show series cause Saban brings his game on with TMNT vs Dragon dude for a whole series, while Shredder got owned in the 2nd episode and then they go join the Power Rangers on a crusade against Astronoma, only to be sent to the shadow realm, where they are forgotten and never to be remembered again except on store shelves.

  12. This show exemplifies the cancer of corporate control. The turtles were originally never meant to be anywhere near as friendly as these shows and later movies display. The 1990 original had some light foul language and more realistic violence. But as soon as the heads saw the financial potential it just got stupider and stupider, made more appealing to younger and younger ages.

  13. How can you have a middle name without a last name? Wouldn't that make your middle name your last name???? My brain hurts…

  14. No kidding. When I was younger I swear I had some dream about some TMNT/Barney crossover or parody or something. Then years later I find out about this. TMNT Barney-fied.

    I really wish I could track down that easy reader TMNT book where some generic crooks steal pizzas from a pizza parlor leading one of the Turtles to say "He did not take a Number. He did not wait." It's almost as cringeworthy as this is.

  15. ✔️=Good version ❌=Bad version
    1990=✔️ Musical=❌
    1994=Way ❌
    2016=Pretty ✔️

  16. These turtles seems to upperde for me the turtles we all know and love have class and personality to them…Leo jolly?…Mikey voice tho?…and why is Donnie not Tinkering teaching kids to be what u want to be in life…Raph happy always?…Lmao i don't think so

  17. Without the jackets the costumes look actually kind of decent! And about the barn in the original comics run of TMNT they actually spent the majority of the run living in the barn in Northampton were they crashed in the movie after the foot clan defeated them but I doubt the special would actually be refering to this as they seem to be close to the city here.

  18. I knew of and even actually watched the next mutation when it was on TV,but I didn't know this or the Christmas one existed

  19. While these costumes aren't quite as hideous as the Coming Out of Their Shells suits, WHAT is with those waist-length bandanas?!

  20. oh lord this special was awful i remember and i was like what is this what a huge mockery of the ninja turtles great job dude

  21. And thank God that this is where the nightmare ends of the worst adaptation of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…🙏💯✔

  22. The suits arent that bad. Unlike the suits from next mutation and all 3 movies these are still usable 30 years later check out ohio turtle fan on facebook. We have had them out for events and even in a park lol.

  23. They talk about TMNT TV like it's an MTV parody with Leonardo saying "TMNT TV!? Us presenting our favorite music videos!? How can we lose!?"

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