Turtles or Snakes- Which do cars hit more? ROADKILL EXPERIMENT

Turtles or Snakes- Which do cars hit more? ROADKILL EXPERIMENT

so I remember reading a long time ago that people actually swerve more to hit turtles on the road then they would snakes. And as a firm believer in the scientific method I decided to test out this hypothesis So I got a rubber turtle and a rubber snake I also got a rubber tarantula to spice things up a little bit. I basically alternated placing each on the shoulder of the Road and I counted cars and meticulously collected data So here’s what I found Put into my relatively small sample size about thousand cars ninety-four percent of all drivers are totally boring. They didn’t do anything They just drove by, but the remaining six percent are cold-blooded rubber animal killers So now if we take this 6% and we break it down Tarantulas definitely got the most next was snakes and then turtles so as you can see right here We have to reject our hypothesis snakes actually get run over more than turtles so don’t believe everything you read so we also had a leaf here nobody hit it and I use that as a control but since it was 0% on the leaf You can assume that these pretty much were intentional hits. Killers vehicle of choice trucks and Suv 89% very Few were actually cars so occasionally someone would be cool and they would stop and pull over and Save what they thought was a real animal, and you can see here turtles. Definitely got saved the most and then snakes Tarantulas. I’m gonna be honest you need a new P.R. firm you got saved exactly as many times as somebody saved the leaf which is none usually they would just stop and throw rocks at you and Then run you over anyways so of the animal Savers 96% totally cool people there’s even one lady who pulled over to save the snake and She started bowling with plums And the actions here from this guy from animal control Really serves as an important reminder that you cannot be too cautious when dealing with the rubber turtle four percent however are Pony tailed science haters, so you see this guy right, pulls over he’s being cool. He’s gonna save the snake that’s cool, but then he starts to walk off with it, so I let him know “hey That’s my snake” “I’m right here.” Now, I know this might be a bit surprising based off his appearance but in hindsight,”I’m trying to do some science here” I might have overestimated his love of the sciences, so even though we disproved our hypothesis. It’s kind of a fun experiment, and it actually kind of got me thinking What’s up with this 1%? what kind of person actually hits a turtle even the cartoons the turtles are always the nice ones Wait a second pull that clip back Now play it forward Freeze zoom in on the driver and go ahead and run the enhance algorithm What do you mean? There’s no such thing? This is Hollywood if you use a fancy word like algorithm. You can pretty much do whatever you want Have you ever even seen an episode of CSI? Just as I suspected Up to your old tricks again a shredder you crazy old coot It’s time to let it go old friend. Let it go Finally zoom in on that backseat run the shadow lightning on multiplexer multiplexer mmM Is Bebop and Rocksteady the classic blundering sidekicks?

100 thoughts on “Turtles or Snakes- Which do cars hit more? ROADKILL EXPERIMENT

  1. It's interesting how pretty much every popular youtuber started off their videos with a more timid, natural tone. It's almost as if the overexcitement in youtube is at least somewhat exaggerated :O

  2. Sorry, but I would have had a second camera from the other angle just incase anything crazy or interesting happened and report those people license plates (since the other camera would get the shot of their plates without jeopardizing their privacy for the video) just incase there are any of them wanted for any animal hit and runs or any type of reckless driving in general cause that is insanely disgusting and very telling in MANY ways.

  3. Everyone talkin bout the dude that swerved to hit the turtle and I'm just wondering what plum lady's mindset there was

  4. That is technically animal abuse. You could send the licens plates of all those that purposefully ran over the animals to the police. I would. Especialy the tortuous. Nomatural fear of snakes, fine. Tortoueses? Here's a fine!

  5. I have no idea what’s happeing but I see the word “tarantula” and as an arachnophobe I’m leaving before the ten second mark 😅

  6. Who on gods green earth would purposely swerve to hit a turtle? That’s seriously SICK. They obviously have mental problems, and need to be put in mental institutions. If someone purposefully swerves to kill a turtle, they definitely have serial killer tendency’s, and need to be locked away.

  7. Ugh, I watched this video when it was new, it’s 2020 and I still find it upsetting that someone got out the way to hit a turtle.

  8. What you said in your rambling incoherent nonsense that absolutely nothing to do with science and you're stupider for listen to it. Just kidding that was off of Tommy Boy no wait I don't know you know the one where he was a kid tell me why I don't know this. Howard Manson no. Oh well I give up joke ruined

  9. Yea, people are real garbage.. I wouldn’t think twice about following someone and beating the crap out of em if I see them run a animal over intentionally.. Gladly catch a felony to teach a pos a lesson.

  10. Running over a snake, totally understandable.

    Running over a turtle 🐢, now that's cold blooded serial killer in the making.

  11. 1:54 what if you go up to the man and say have seen my pet tarantula and that you see your pet there about 3 minutes ago and walk away to leave him thinking about that

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