Turtles vs Joker | Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Turtles vs Joker | Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Glad you could join us bats you just in time for the coin toss to face wait Listen to the bat turtle boy Take it from me one reptile to another Joker where’s Ra’s al Ghul and shredder That’s it. Where’s Roz? Where’s shredder? Hmm. Why not Joker darling. I love what you’ve done with yourself Honestly, that’s I’m hurt I go through all this trouble and it’s like he doesn’t even see me. You work so hard you’re my working is Ooh That’s weird and gross It’s the hostages wait for my signal nuts to that it’s rescuing time Some Joker always has a trap Did you guess the joke’s on you You had your chance Not just the flying rodent I wanted to kill oh Right that guy rematch rematch Cbats isn’t this a fun change of pace me you the city’s villains Oh, we were in such a rat but this is really Shaking things up. I made a deal with old nightly had in demon head they gave me some of their wonderful rules to play with and in return I Gave them the formula for my Joker venom Turns out when you combine the ooze with my little texture you get something new Something that not only transforms you

100 thoughts on “Turtles vs Joker | Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

  1. As much as i love this movie. I felt that they could've left this part out. It's not bad but feels more like they added it because they had to have joker in it

  2. If you know anything about Hyena and Snake reproductive systems…shit's about to get really freaky and weird in the madhouse.

    Pseudo gender bender freaky.

  3. Joker should have been a hyena, Harley should have been a kookaburra. Two animals known for laughing.

    Snakes aren’t funny. They lack the facial muscular structure required to smile. They don’t even have a permanent “crocodile smile”. They’re expressionless.

    Wonder what killer croc would have turned into. A normal man? Or a normal crocodile..

  4. NSFW:
    You know what the creepiest part about Harley becoming a hyena is?
    Female hyenas have penises… or at least, the have external genitalia similar in appearance to a penis.

  5. Everyone talks about joker… but how about twoface? I'm the only one think twoface that is Siamese twins cat is actually great?

  6. Notices your sad puddy wuddy don worry hawley quinn will make it all bettew nuzzle wuzzles joker's muzzle uwu now lemme licky your flicky wicky 👅x3

  7. For anyone who's been watching two of the latest new hit animes that have female hyenas in it…………..you know what Harley is probably packing.

  8. To think somewhere out there online there is rule 34 of this. I wonder if it is a war crime to expose it to the civilian population?

  9. at the DC hq
    Lead dev:" ok guys Batman tmnt crossover how should we handle the villans"
    The intern:" idk turn them into furries?"
    Lead Dev:"BRILLIANT"

  10. I would have found it more interesting if he had become a bat, just to show how much he is OBSESSED with B-man

  11. Fun fact: female hyenas have fake penis
    Let that image of Harley with a penis sink in
    You’re welcome!

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