Turtles vs Penguin | Batman Vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Turtles vs Penguin | Batman Vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

– By the way, we received
a call from Commissioner Gordon. He’s identified Wayne Enterprises
as a likely target for another break in. It will be assigned 10
patrol cars for extra security. – Call them back,
and respectfully decline. – Shall I tell them “No thank you, Mr. Wayne would prefer to let
these monstrous ninjas attack so that he might punch them
whilst wearing a bat costume”? – You’ll figure something out. [awesome gear-up music] – Wayne Enterprises! This is a big score, gentlemen. There’s a new player in Gotham and our mystery guest is stealing all the experimental tech
this city has to offer. The genius that I am,
I figure we hit the Wayne lab first and sell the tech to our new friend,
whoever they are. Let’s get moving!
And keep an eye out for the Bat. – Huh? – Ahh! – Oof! – It’s him! He’s here! [person over speaker]
Wayne Enterprises cloud feeder testing. Commencing. – The boss gave them the night off. Me? I always work late. Now, who’s ready to talk? – Where is he, where is he? Show yourself! It’s the bat. Fire, fire! – Do I look like a frickin bat to you? – Huh? – Wha— What are they? – We’re aliens, bruh. Spooooooky aliens. – Ahhh! – I don’t care what they are, kill them! – We’re not aliens, though, we’re turtles. – Not the time, Donny. – It’s always the time for accuracy, Leo. [cracks shoulders] [whispers]
All right. MIKEY
Dude, you’re out of dudes. – Do I have to kill everything myself‽ – Hold my cover!
– Out of the way, Mikey! – He’s got a gun umbrella? A gun-brella? How cool is that? – Mikey. Let’s disarm,
then compliment him? [quacky scream] You loose. Where’s Shredder? – Shredder? What’s a Shredder? You face the Penguin! – It’s a sword-brella too? I think I love this little guy! – Well as I have no wish to be skewered
by an ugly green monstrosity you leave me no choice. [laughs] So long, cretins!
[quacky laugh] MIKEY
Gotham is bonkers, yo!

100 thoughts on “Turtles vs Penguin | Batman Vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

  1. Oh an Easter Egg at 0:01 on the bottom left. i didn't notice it when i saw the movie. Make you wonder if any other characters in the DC world excise in this version

  2. Old blue Batman costume, dorky umbrella theme for Penguin, comedic tone…
    This movies practically a love letter to the silver age.

  3. 1:51 – 1:55
    I don’t know why, but I find it so funny that he still continues to try and stab the guy even tho he’s a hologram!!


  4. I hate when they make Leonardo have his swords on the side of his belt. That shit looks so corny especially, him being a ninja. Not living by the Samurai way.

  5. To be honest, this is a much more interesting crossover than Batman and Superman. Superman is too powerful and is better off having a crossover with someone on his own level, like Goku or Spawn

  6. Cammy you should make a build with revoker and with other masterworked weapons along with using the charged with light buff which allows for one shot body shots with revoker

  7. 3:17 You start squaring up like that, and the other guy looks happy about it, it's time to walk away and rethink your life choices

  8. So, Penguin was stealing WayneTech for a mysterious "new friend". Sounds like he's unknowingly working for Kraang…

  9. I watch batman vs tmnt year ago I think I watched it 19 times ago I watched it to the end there's is part when shredder becomes joker

  10. 2:58, I like how each gunbrella is different. One's a Tommy Gun, one's an Uzi, and one's a shotgun. Penguin's gunbrella also sound like an 50 Cal M2.

  11. I love this!! A room full of NINJAS and batman is just there standing in the middle of all of them…
    Batman is what monsters check under their beds for….

  12. Idk why it bothers me so much, but Leo having his sheaths for his swords on his side and not on his back…that bothered me so much in the movie and idk why

  13. Anyone else notice the actor that voices penguin is the same one that voices penguin in the 2002 (I think) the batman series

  14. 2:57
    oswald cobblepot (penguin): i don't care what they are, kill them!
    donatello: we're not aliens, though, we're turtles.
    leonardo: not the time, donnie.

  15. "It's a Swordbrella to i think i love this little guy" is a priceless and awesome line and the Penguins henchman that Raphael kneed in the face which blood splattered is General Krangs body in human size 😍.

  16. The guy at 3:13 is shooting an automatic weapon with one hand. While that alone would be impressive in real life, since he's MISSING with a MACHINE GUN at CLOSE RANGE, I wonder if MAYBE he ought to consider his METHOD here.

  17. I like the ninja that stabs the hologram like, like my try this with some gusto. More gusto! MOAR GUST-TOH! I dont think anyone is here…

  18. I love all of Mikey’s lines in this scene. I love how when he screams and laughs, The Penguin sounds like a penguin. I love how Raph does the knee to the face to the dude that looks like 80’s Kraang, like he always does.

  19. Not even thirty seconds in.
    2. Alfred is above you mortals. His sarcasm is more flaming than the fires of Hell.

  20. I like how one of the Penguin's henchman looks like Krangs robot body from the old school cartoon. Nice touch!

  21. So many eastern eggs here.
    Sewer lock, when they stand on the roof tops, Bebop, and I think the alien thing is a kick in the stomach to Michael Bay who wanted them to be aliens in the first movie.

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