Tusky Tuesday Fly fishing with Phantom4 Drone Andy’s Fish Video EP.335

Tusky Tuesday Fly fishing with Phantom4 Drone Andy’s Fish Video EP.335

Andy’s Fishing Hi. Im Andy and I’m fishing with Simon a youtube fan. Pull your buff down Simon. Hi everyone. Luckily spending the day out with Andy. We will try to catch some Tusk Fish on Fly, I have tried a few times last week. And the week before as well, so hopefully Simon is a bit of good luck. We have both caught a few Tuskfish before and we are up near Bowen. I will fish a crab and Simon is a Shrimp guy. Crab, shrimp… Crab, Shrimp! A little wind, but nice conditions. I have Simon up the front and we will take turns spotting. One will have a shot and then the other gets a shot, that’s the best way to fish for Tuskfish. If you mess it up, you miss your turn. So fare we haven’t seen one yet! Here’s one, a bit close. Cast is a bit far, but he’s coming. Ohh, did he get it? Spooked. He came for it. I still see him, but he is spooked. He is still between the two rocks there. Get is right in front of his nose. Let it go down. Move it a little now. He will see that. That’s right next to him. Oh, come on! He he he he…. I’m laughing with you, sort of… I know how frustrating this is. Why don’t I get my crab, he will see that. Change anglers mid fish. He just ate something then, did you see that? He had it, he’s on it, he had it! He’s on it, he’s eating it. Hook him. Got him. Wooo Hooo Hoo! Oh, tell you what… Do you have the drag set poperly? Yep. How many casts do you think that was? That was 20 casts! Gee they go hard, that is well into the backing. Oh, man! It is a good thing we didn’t change flies. You got him. Just a matter of putting it in the right spot. This is where it begins. Hooking them is the easy bit, getting them in the boat is the hard bit. We will get this one. I can see me in your sunglasses, I don’t like that. Ha ha ha. I’m trying to hide the camera’s. How many times did he not eat that fly, wow. Time aster time, after time. I will motor forwards here. I think you have almost got him tired there. He is a big fish too. Lets get him in. Nice big fish that is. Well done, massive fish. He is bigger than he looked in the water. That is a very good fish. Yes it is a really big fish. Can you hold him up for a photo? A quick measurement. He is 63cm long, and very heavy fish. A big solid fish. Now let him go nice and gentle… Oh, he is gone. So slippery! I totally lost grip. How different where those fish. From Spooky to ignoring your fly. 20 casts and he still didn’t go for it. In front, beside, behind. We have a big one swimming here, only a few meters away. That was a bad cast, he just ate there. Come on keep going fish. He’s eating it, yes, yes. He hasn’t eaten it. He was about to eat it! OH, I couldn’t see it. You pulled it out of his mouth. Ohh Noo!!! I saw you strip it and he went zip…
He was about to eat it! OH, I couldn’t see it. You pulled it out of his mouth. Ohh Noo!!! I saw you strip it and he went zip… NO!!! Oh, NO! NO! Well that’s the closest I have got today. He was a good fish too. He was right on top of it, just looking at it…. yep.
He was a good fish too. He was right on top of it, just looking at it…. yep. Bugger! There’s two here, look at them all. Three sharks right here. Are they going for it? No. I’ve lost the other one now. There he is. There’s lots of sharks here. I will put on a popper and see if I can get a shark. The sun is really low. I can’t catch a Tuskfish today, so I will try for a shark. I will use a popper with some wire. Here’s one, here he comes. He is on it…. Oh, he went under it. There is another one. I need more line, actually I’ll see if he will take that. That’s not what I wanted, I wanted a shark. He ate that when it wasn’t moving. Lets get this fish in, the sharks aren’t attracted to the vibrations. The sharks usually come in for distressed fish. These sharks are a bit small. Silly fish, that was shark food, off you go. This one is aggressive. Aww, he almost had that… Yes, this one is angry too. He turned off, bugger. The day is coming to an end, the sun is low. We are heading in now. The sharks where interesting, right near the boat. I’ve also never seen anyone cast that many times at a Tuskfish before. What do you think? That was awesome. I’ve never seen anyone cast that many times at a Tusk fish either! That was a greta day. I see him, neutral there Is he still left? Aww, he is freaking me out! I can’t see him now. I don’t want to scare him. Now I have lost him. I stuffed that up. Where has he gone, I lost him. Somewhere along the dark edge here. More cloud, nooo… Cloud is my nemesis. I missed the other one. Theres a new one here, but it is very over cast. Can you see it? Heading away from us, just off the dark. On the sand heading right. I have a shot here. Just short of him. I can’t see him well. He has gone past it. I can’t see him any more. Maybe there.. Terrible. There he is to the left. Go left a bit. Actually just hold here. Stop, stop, he’s coming towards us now. You see him. He’s coming over. Right up to it. Coming over to it. Where is he? I though he had that, missed him. That’s terrible! Where is he? He’s gone, off to the right, gone. Where are you looking? Where? OH crap, yes right there, ha ha ha. Yes, 10 feet. Just let the boat drift. He’s not interested, just anchor there. Ah, the heavy fly spooked him. That big crab is just scaring the fish.

78 thoughts on “Tusky Tuesday Fly fishing with Phantom4 Drone Andy’s Fish Video EP.335

  1. Sweet Camera work Guys! guess what we figured out what the new toy is! awesone footage from the quadcopter!

  2. Andy u r one of my favourite Youtubers I have learn alot from watching your videos and keep up the good videos and fish on

  3. Its amazing you find such colourful fish up north – guess it is the temperature that regulates tropical fish habitat…shame

  4. i have tried for tuskys on the fly but never really had any luck (one or two) could you give me any tips andy?

  5. Excellent video, ever think of doing spearfishing? I live off cairns and it's honestly the best fun you can have in water 😉

  6. Shotgun next youtube fan fish😉 on a realistic note though, great video I love the new drone angle keep up the great work! Nice big tusky.

  7. Good video andy im thinking of trying fly fishing what would be a good setup to start. By the way your videos are great keep it up

  8. great clip mate.
    reminds me of the Tuskfish I was casting at. didn't have a worry in the world, even with my crap cast.
    also how are those flies going that you we talking about a few weeks ago. are they good to go

  9. Nice. The drone footage was amazing
    And was good fishing footage to 🙂

    This is a random question but do u think you will do another pig hunting video ?

  10. Andy you should come to nsw Coffs harbour there is some good fishing down here and would love to meet you cheers and can u subscribe to my blog channel called woopiboys vlogs thanks

  11. I'm a new subscriber  to your channel I found you though your catch and cook k really liked them videos keep uploading

  12. Wow!! What a cool video! Beautiful scenery and gorgeous fish!!! Ah well, maybe in my next life 😊🎣. ( I thought it was winter over there!). Thanks Andy…….

  13. That is an interesting fish. I looked them up and they use tools to break open corals and the like for their dinner. They are pretty unique. Look kinda like a roided up wrasse. Which would fit I guess since they are in that family. Also found out that they can undergo natural sex changes going from female to male. huh.

  14. Nice fish and good work. That drone would get some sensational footage on a calm day if the fish weren't too skittish

  15. I don't know much about saltwater fish. But seeing your videos it's a kind of trip to consider doing more often. Congrats!

  16. Excellent video Andy, they are becoming superb! Keep em coming! cheers from new caledonia!

  17. Hi andy, greating from bali island indonesia ,, i loved all your video especially catch and cook video,, hopefully can go out fishing with you in the future,, tight lines brother 🎣🙏🏻👌🏻

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