Two Hook Rig or Double Hook Rig (Double Snell) [Catfishing Quick Tip]

Two Hook Rig or Double Hook Rig (Double Snell) [Catfishing Quick Tip]

Hey everybody! Chad Ferguson here with Learn to Catch with this weeks Catfishing quick tip. Now what I’m gonna show you this week, in this weeks quick tip video is how to tie a Double Hook Rig Now most catfish anglers refer to this as a double hook rig. it’s really not a rig, but its more of way of attaching two hooks on to one piece of leader line when you’re fishing with big pieces of cut bait. Now, if you’re using a big chunk of catfish bait we’re gonna use my hand and here’s an example, Lets say I’m using a big Slab
of bait the size of my hand and you hook that bait at the top of the bait well, its not uncommon for catfish to come
along and not completely engulf that entire piece of bait with a large piece of cut bait and what that means is,you have a hook here and don’t have a hook down here and that fish come along and chunks on that bait well if he doesn’t take that entire piece of bait in his mouth then you’re not gonna get a good hook set. so in those instances when fishing with very large pieces of cut bait or fresh bait its not uncommon to use a double hook rig and what that does is that adds a second hook to that line so you would have a hook at the
top of that piece of cut bait and the hook at the bottom of the piece of cut bait So i’m gonna cut away here real quick to show you how to put the two hooks on that line for the double hook rig and then i’ll comeback and wrap up this weeks catfishing quick tip video one thing that anglers commonly do when fishing for trophy catfish is use what is commonly referred to as a double hook rig now this can be set up on a 3 way rig a slip sinker rig there’s variety of different ways that this could be set up. i’m gonna focus more on how you attach two hooks than I am on the rigs that you use it for I most commonly use this on a slip sinker rig or a sa*** rig and I wanna show you how I go about doing that So what i’m gonna do here is just tight my leader line and I’m just gonna tie a small over hand knot right here in the very end of it. I’m gonna take this and go from the front of the hook to the back and insert that line through here and just hold this right here on top of the hook and I’m gonna snell this first hook so I’m gonna go around 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 times and then I’m gonna take my leader line and i’m gonna go from the back of the hook to the front of the hook and pull this through and I’m gonna snell this first hook now I’ve pulled this tight this hook is snelled it’s all pulled nice and tight. not gonna come off so, now what I’m going to do with my second hook I’m going add this Double Hook Rig I’m going go through here and I’m going to insert my leader line through this and I wanna slide my hook down So, I now have my first hook on here and now I’ve got a second hook. Just like this, And.. I’m going to go Depending on the size of baits that I’m using is going to depend on how far up I’m going from this. For this example, I’m gonna stay in here pretty close So now I’ve got my second hook on here and I’m going to go around 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 times And then I’m going to go back though my hook here and pull this tight again So now I have two hooks attached to my main line or my leader line and I can use both of these hooks on the same rig. where this has an advantage is if you’re using very large pieces of bait you can put one hook towards the top of the bait one hook towards the bottom of the bait and then this way if you get a short bite and fish comes along like this and then he champs down you have this hook here, that you can get a good hook set with and you get the top hook that you
can get a good hook set with. where this is advantageous is if you’re using large pieces of bait and you didn’t have this hook down here this second hook, and you’re using a single hook with a large
piece of bait running down like this, and a fish comes up and grabs it well, they don’t always get that hook in their mouth and they don’t always get all the way up. so if you’re running a second hook with a double hook rigs, some people will call this a stinger hook having two hooks on here. It gives you a greater likelihood of the
fish comiing contact with one of these two hooks when you’re fishing with large pieces of cut bait. so that’s how you tie a Double Hook Rig. So again, that’s the Double Hook Rig or the way
that you can go about adding two hooks to any kind of fishing Rig that you want to use that has a loose leader line involved you can use that Double Hook Rig when fishing
with large pieces of cut bait. and again, the purpose of that is to have
a hook at the top of the bait and at the bottom of the bait when using
large bait fishing for big trophy class catfish you’re not going to want to use this if you’re out targeting just
“run of the mill” 1 to 10 pound box fish But if you’re using big baits, targeting big catfish then you might want to consider using the Double Hook
Rig on your next fishing trip. Until next time.. This is Chad Ferguson Learn to Catch Make sure you hit that thumbs up or like button below this video Leave a comment and let us know what you think. And if you’ve ever used the Double Hook Rig.

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  1. If these lay in your tackle box for a while. Can this not slack off? It seems to back off if you wiggle slack towards the hook.

  2. No need to tie off that second hook just let it side it makes hooking up bait a lot more easier because you can slide the hook to where ever you want it on your big bit of bait.

  3. I am so convinced this is also a great method for fishing striperdbass as the bait used is big.thank you.

  4. nice video dude thanks for the video …now i know more about catfish…because i like this fish for soup is delicious.. i'm from connecticut and i always go to connecticut river for cat fish …this summer i catch just one so far…well we are in june i have 4 or 5 months more to be fishing so i'm gonna use ur video to see if i can have a big catfish thankz again…i will see u soon ..!!

  5. Good, very informative video. Used to channel catfish a lot but wasn't all that serious about it. I have recently become interested in hunting down some Big catfish and I must say it is very addicting. I'm gonna check out your web site, thanks for the video and keep up the good work. Hey you're teaching people about the great outdoors, and that is what our channel is all about! We give ya a thumbs up and say Good Fishing, Jeff Webb (Host)

  6. I have better than this way> and harder, I'm from Saudi Arabia we do have a method to catch a big fish from the beach, let me know if you are interested to show you how

  7. How do you lock the snell knot down on the hook?
    Looks like to me this type of knot is going to slip
    if you back it off any at all!

  8. nice video, i still think we can use this same concept for smaller fishes (say a 3 kilo cat) using smaller hooks. it will still give the same effect IMHO

  9. If you want to find more info on these set ups, either fish in the Northwest for Salmon… or search for a MOOCHING rig.

    This is the definitive way to bait herring for Salmon fishing, very easy and effective set up IMO. I tie my Mooching Rigs with Egg Loop knots though so I have the option of pinching bait to the shaft with an egg loop. 😉

  10. When baiting with a Mooching rig like this, try to run the bottom hook through the empty bowel cavity of the bait fish so it comes out the anus. The top hook then punches though the top of the bait (backbone). This leaves the top hook holding the bait well and exposing the hook out the top.

    The bottom hook is usually one size smaller than the top hook and dangles free. Most fish will attack bait from behind; bottom hooks in a 2 hook rig make a VAST majority of the hook ups.

  11. Going monster flat head fishing tonight with crappie, walleye, channels, bass, and bluegill. We are seeing a lot of our monsters throwing up our big bait at shore because we are not hooking the fish. We are going to try this rig tonight to see if we can get some better hook sets! THANKS!

  12. awesome video ive lost many fish without having this "stinger" or trailer hook for issurance, thanks for the video i will try this

  13. Good video… This snell wrap has made my life a lot easier: more time with bait in the water, more fish in the boat and less time tying knots Not only that, but I caught a massive sturgeon using this same double hook technique. Chris, you have an easy-to-use website and explain your techniques in a way that a five-year-old could learn how to catfish.

  14. Great advise, I fish in Lake lavon "ticky creek" but now water levels are too low what areas do you recommend to target for cats? Thanks in advance,

  15. I'm positive chad ferguson knows what he's doing WAY, WAY more that you do. Quit starting fights and get off youtube if you don't want to be a jackass.

  16. You say its only for big catsh but I tied 2 hook rigs like this last night with very small hooks (#2) for catching winter time channel cats. I also tied it a bit differently.  I used a snell tool and snelled the one in the middle first then just uni knotted the last hook on. It seems channels in real cold water (38d) won't be as aggressive when biting the bait as when the water is warmer. I've been doing real well with frozen finger mullet steaks.

  17. Whould like to know how you set the sinker I do mine with 3 once led under the hook should I be doing the hook on the bottom

  18. Thanks for your video, I now impress my friends with my 2 knots! Best part is that the fish don't get away as much because my hooks are very secure!

  19. I recently lost a yellowtail with a sliding snelled hook that came unraveled. Felt like at least a 20lb jack. I'm going to use this from now on so I don't lose a yellowtail due to an unraveled sliding snell again.

  20. Great video! I was wandering is there any disadvantages to using this rig? Also do you cast this rig from a anchored spot or primarily use this for drift fishing?

  21. The only rig I use anymore and that bottom hook has caught me many a fish that otherwise might have not gotten landed

  22. I use this setup all the time for walleye….works great!   Caught more big cats with this then anything else…just add a few beads/spinner and troll close to the bottom at 1 mph!!

  23. I've never used a set up like this but i use a double hook set up. I run 2 steel leaders from my swivel to my circle hooks. I don't know how acceptable this is to some people but it seems to work good for me. Thanks for the videos I enjoy watching them.

  24. Love the video. The knots you used are called knotless knots a great knot and much easier to tie than a snelling knot which requires putting the line thru a loop. Knotless knot is used very heavy with carp fishermen. Stinger hooks are sometimes used when you are dealing with pest (like turtles) taking your bait. The stinger hook is normally much smaller than your main hook and use a treble hook another great tip to know when fishing.

  25. I tied to hook together like a treble hook but missing a side and call it a "beble hook" since we t had two sides instead of three.

  26. Very easy and simple and more important can do it very fast right before fishing, thanks for sharing just wondering how reliable this tie is for big catfish.

  27. When u snelled the second hook, u ended by going through the back of the eye of the hook but went through the front with the first hook. I thought the point of a snell knot is to make the hook "pop" when u set it like ur first hook.

  28. decided to get serious about going after big cats here in Fl ,so i just found our videos , great info thank you and you have a new subscriber .

  29. I use the double an triple hook sometimes, but I add a couple orange beads and a propeller. I have caught catfish with it but I use a zoom green trick worm an I slay bass with it. This is my standard go to rig

  30. Great! I'm just getting started and had no clue what "double hook rig" is and what it's for. Thanks. Now subscribed & notifications.

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