Unboxing My 300 Gallon Aquarium!

Unboxing My 300 Gallon Aquarium!

This is part 4 in a series of videos about
my new 300 gallon tank from Custom Aquariums. If you missed the first 3 parts I will link
to a playlist for the project down in the video description. When we last saw the tank, it was being loaded
onto a truck at the Custom Aquarium’s headquarters up in Wisconsin. About a week later, it finally arrived at
my door. Getting the crates off of the truck was a
bit of a challenge but we made it work. Then it was just a matter of getting them
up the driveway and into the garage. The first crate was the tank, and the second
one was the stand, canopy, and sump. And the whole time we were doing this I was
just wondering what everything looked like inside. Fortunately, it was fine. When I took all of the wood off of the outside,
this is what I found. I had seen examples of this packaging on my
tour and it’s definitely effective. But see how it looks once all of this stuff
has been removed. The tank is 96 inches long by 30 inches high
by 24 inches deep. The glass on the front, back and bottom is
5/8″ thick, and the front panel is their ultra clear glass,
which is low iron. The sides are both 1/2″ thick. There are 7 holes drilled in the tank. Two holes in the middle for the overflows, Four smaller holes for the returns, and then one custom hole in the bottom corner
for draining the tank as I mentioned in my last video. Those overflow holes will have something called
a Stealthbox attached, which is an option that Custom Aquariums offers. It allows you to add a way to quiet your overflow
system, using a durso, herbie, or beananimal setup
depending on your preference. I’ll get into more detail on that in a future
video. The tank shipped with a pad underneath it
which is the same pad that will go under the tank when it’s on the stand. Speaking of the stand, this is what they call their Contemporary
Stand in black. It is kind of hard to really see it well out
here in the garage but it’s very nice. The doors have locks and there are no visible
hinges. If you noticed the cardboard boxes inside
the tank earlier, One of those boxes contained the Stealthbox
and other plumbing, and the other two were full of these suction
cups that will be used to move the tank. Those are actually a rental. I’ll be sending them back to Custom Aquariums
when I’m done. And last but not least, here is the sump. I pulled it out of the stand and moved it
down here to the basement so that you could actually see it. It has three parts, the first part is this dual sock tub that
has two huge filter socks hanging in it. Those overflow into the second part which
is the baffle tub. That tub has 5 baskets in it for media and
is also where my heaters will go. And then the last tub is a reservoir tub that can be used for lots of things. In my case it’s mostly extra water volume, but we’ll see. So now I just have a ton of work to do to
get everything ready before I move out the old tank and move in
the new one. Speaking of which, I mentioned this back in the first video, but if you’re anywhere near Central Ohio and
are willing to come help out with the tank move, it’s going to be happening Sunday, October
7th. That’s 2018 for anyone watching way in the
future. It should be very quick, especially the more
people we have, and I will be providing pizza and beer. And who knows, you might even be in a video! If you can help, please leave a comment below, or even better, send me an email. You can find the address on the ‘about’ page
of my channel. Thanks everyone for watching, and until next time, have a good one.

63 thoughts on “Unboxing My 300 Gallon Aquarium!

  1. I love to have a large tank but the weight and size are pretty much the only problem for me and also moving it around

  2. Playlist with all of the videos about this project:

    More info about Custom Aquariums:

  3. Idk why, but I seemed to think this was going to be a 400 gallon. Good video can't wait for it to be set up. A bit to far to help good luck.

  4. When I had to move my 240 I found out who my real friends were, Lol. Can’t wait to see it all set up as I’m sure you’re stoked too!

  5. Awesome tank and I really look forward to the set-up videos. It'll be great to see the umbee in there. What made you decide to go with the 24" width and 30" height? Wouldn't a 30" width work better for your umbee?

  6. Man I would love to help you but I have to work that day you’re gonna love your sump I have the marine land 300 gallon deep dimension 6 feet long 3 feet wide 27 inches tall I had four people move this thing into my basement Waze about 450 pounds empty

  7. Looks Great !  Tank move sounds like a fun time !!  Sorry that Im about 18 hours away.. Ill keep watching though  🙂

  8. I couldn't find the address on the about section. I recently moved a 265 g and it took 4 of us to move it. 6 would be way easier. I live on north the tip of WV so I am not sure I could be of much help but good luck. Those suction cups will save your fingertips.

  9. I live all the way in Denmark so im not getting to help you Saturday in Ohio , but just wanted to let you know that Im very excited to see how your new 300G tank is going to be , and i think you deserve to have a lot more subscribers on your channel , you do really have nice material and videos here and have learned me a lot on keeping aquarium 🙂 thank you so much

  10. Whatever filter they came up with…remember to add a sack of polyfill aka Floss. Its still the best media out there and still better then floss sheets. All that crap about bio balls is malarkey. Any filter that is a sack of floss over 10 or 20 gallons of small lava rock is still the best.

  11. Tank looks great, but not sure I'd be comfortable with a sump that's multiple pieces (more opportunity for leaks) and one you can only see in from the top.

  12. Where is he going to put this tank? The water alone weighs 2,500 pounds, add in the weight of the tank and the stand, now you’re pushing close to or over 3,000 pounds. I hope it doesn’t collapse the floor.

  13. I subscribed just to see how you move that thing. Honestly was thinking about having a tank built. Will check these guys out for sure.

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