UNBOXING PETMOUNTAIN HAUL + setting up my new fish tank

UNBOXING PETMOUNTAIN HAUL + setting up my new fish tank

Hey guys… today I’m unboxing some stuff I ordered from petmountain.com and Freya’s helping πŸ™‚ I got a bunch of stuff for my fish and ….stuff ((I got tank decor and lots of filter media for another diy project I’m doing later)) oh boy.. sponge filters I’m going to be horrible at recording this by the way These are really handy for lotsa stuff THE GOOD STUFF ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) YAY ~focusss~ ANYWAY, I got a lot of filter media which I’m going to use to build another filter Airline tubing always need some more o’ that and this because I don’t have more than one air pump~ ok oh boy, this is the main thing I really wanted *snip snip* My turtle needs a new filter and his old filter is not powerful enough, and I couldn’t find any canister filters or anything that have a flow rate this high so I am going to make my own (are you happy?) (hehehe) What’s in here…? good girl πŸ™‚ heheh ok… (hold on) (you enjoying the box?) OK This is a good ol’ piece of driftwood I got for this new tank I’m setting up More EcoEarth for mah reptiles, in case I need it- I’m probably gonna use it for crickets actually, and this neat ornament for my new tank cool.. that’s pretty :3 okay, and, one more thing, I think this heavy package right here must be the gravel I found this… gravel online and I just thought the color was so cool I was trying to figure out what type of gravel– substrate I wanted for my new snail tank and then I saw this… and I just thought it was so pretty~ I like how it’s got really neat colors but still natural (That’s what it’s called) It’ll look so much cooler when it’s wet I bet Whaddya think, Freya? Well I know that wasn’t very interesting but I guess that’s it.. This is probably my seventh order from petmountain.. I really… enjoy their website, it’s- //This isn’t sponsored or anything but click the link in the description if you want to get 10% off your first order ;)// EHEHEHEH I really like the website; they have really low prices compared to pet stores and stuff And you can get… …a lotta cool stuff They have supplies for all kinds of animals I mostly just get fish stuff though This is Freya’s box that she got that in a few days ago …but I think she likes the box more. (say bye) Okay, so we’re gonna rinse the gravel and see what it looks like (you gonna help? yes?) Gonna turn the water on, k? ((unholy bathtub faucet noises)) Cool oo, I like that ((me humming like an idiot)) COOL ~It’s so prettyy~ I’m gonna go put it in the tank now.. ooo, this is gonna look nice πŸ™‚ K, and here’s the tank.. got the gravel in and everything… Sorry about the reflection, I’m just using my phone so can’t focus very well Anyway, I think it looks cool, I don’t have an actual light for this so I’m just using this (heh) just to show what it looks like. I still need to get a hood, but anyway, I think it’ll look cool once I get actual lighting for it That’s just a decoration I had before, there’s that new one, and… this filter, I had on here for a while, so I just tested and it’s pretty much done cycling so hopefully we will get some stuff in here soon.. Just gotta get some more decorations and stuff And I put those sponge filters in here because this is gonna be a snail tank and they’re super messy so it’s always good to have extra filtration– And that way I can always take one of those out of there and transfer it to a new tank if I need to set up another tank really quickly, with a cycled filter. That’s always nice Aaaand, soon I will …put some… stuff in here, some other ((decorations and fish lol))– Oh yeah, that driftwood I got, I put that into my betta tank Just so I can get most of the tannins out ~in here~ where my little guy likes them and then I’ll probably move it back into that tank, I don’t know Gary likes the driftwood though πŸ™‚ He was just on it earlier I dunno, I think it looks kinda nice like that, but this tank is still kinda.. weird because I’m tryna grow all these plants so I can move them into the new tank uhh Oh, there you are. Hi! My camera is REALLY bad at focusing, but ANYWAY, ~there we goo~ (Say bye, Ben) Thanks for watching my super boring video.. (bloop)

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