Vadda Kalakaar Full Movie | Alfaaz | Roopi Gill | Yograj Singh | BN Sharma | Punjabi Movie

Vadda Kalakaar Full Movie | Alfaaz | Roopi Gill | Yograj Singh | BN Sharma | Punjabi Movie

‘He thinks he is a great actor.’ ‘This happened in the 80s…’ ‘Or maybe in the 90s.’ ‘Anyway, it doesn’t matter.’ ‘You just enjoy the movie.’ ‘He’s Lambar, from our village.’
‘He is still single.’ ‘He didn’t get married…’ ‘He keeps the villagers entertained
by showing movies on a VCR.’ Leave!
– Should I get married? You are here because of my VCR. I’ll hit you.
– Wait, I’ll handle them, Lambar.’ Run away now! Go! Why don’t you stop this? You want to ruin the VCR?
They are such stubborn kids! When will this earth
be blessed with my blood? Pride invites God’s wrath, Dulla. I’m tired of bearing the
burden of my pride, Jailer. Are you possessed? Why don’t you
keep quiet and watch the movie? I am yet to meet someone I feel
worthy of fighting with me. Now what is wrong with you? Sit and watch the movie quietly
or I shall throw you out. ‘..make everyone quiver with fear.’ Whose terror keeps
me awake all night. ‘He is Nachchattar Singh.’ ‘He thinks if he
was given a chance..’ ‘..then perhaps he would have been
an artist more famous than Yograj.’ Since past seven generations no
one in Zaildhar Jung Singh’s family.. ..has given birth to a daughter. What have you done, Gulabo? What have you done! Huh? Where were you? You scared me! I am your husband.
Show me some respect. Here, slurp some tea. How many times have I told you… …not to talk like
this in front of the cattle? Buffalos have stopped
giving milk because of you. If you behave like this again… …then I’ll chop your
head off with this poleaxe. Gulabo… Don’t you think you have… …started talking too much? Do you want to drink
that tea or bath with it? Should I pour it over your head?
– No, no, no. You will get yourself
and Yograj killed, someday. No!
– “No!” He thinks he is a great actor. Look at how he behaves. Hey you… Gulabo… If you want to seek revenge from
Zaildhar Jung Singh then give birth to a son. Wake up, already. No, mother. Sun has already moved
on to the next house. And here you are, still in bed. Let me sleep, mother. Wake up. I seek your blessings. Don’t bother.
Just go down. I have asked you get home a
television, then I’ll go down as well. Television?
– Why are you hitting me? You want to turn our
house into a madhouse as well? How many times have I told
you that artists aren’t like gypsies? Don’t address them as such. You know how angry Lambar will be? This is how they are
supposed to be addressed. Don’t try to compete with others. We won’t get home a television. And you won’t be getting
a single penny from me for it. It’s okay. I’ll talk to father about it. We’ll go and steal from somewhere. Hey you…
Keep it down. Even walls have ears here. They have ears but not a tongue. Look at him blabber. Where are you going all dressed
up so early in the morning? At least wash your face first. Why don’t you wash it for him? It’s 23 years old. He still doesn’t know
how to wash his bum. Stop.
– What is this nonsense? You keep quiet. At least he doesn’t
use mud like you do. Did you have to say
it from the rooftop? You could have come down
and said it. Get lost. ‘He is Makhan Singh,
son of Nachchattar Singh.’ ‘He dreams of being a star.’ ‘And is yet to come face
to face with reality.’ “Everyone’s waiting for you.” Stop! Stop! Passengers for Gurdaspur, get in! How are you?
– Good. Anyone else there? Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go.
Let’s go. Thank God,
you won’t be late today. “Rocking at GT road…” “Beloved’s…” Let’s go. This is the usual fare, sir. Don’t say…
– No, I will be. There you go.
– Brother, stop the bus. I left behind something. I feel like asking
him to drive at 120km/hr. Shinda, stop the bus.
She left something behind. What did she leave behind? It’s hanging to the window behind. She addresses me as brother. Why don’t you
address him as brother? It will end all your troubles. Let’s go. Drive! Let’s go. Keep your head inside, sir. Couldn’t you wait for me? You know how much I love you. Listen Makhan,
I am doing a diploma course. And you flunked in the eighth grade. Tell me, how can we be equals? I don’t even know what do you want. What else would I want? I just want us to get married. You are so innocent. I mean do you have any dreams? Dreams? I dream that we have half
a dozen kids after we get married. You have so naïve.
You have no future. I know that you too like me. Really? But I never told you so. Stupid, girls from
decent family never say it. Their deeds do the talking. Oh really, is that so? So your deeds prove that
you’ll get beaten up in a few days. Okay, let’s forget your naivety. Tell me, do you even remember
where we met for the first time? Stupid, I can forget the world… …but I can’t forget where
we met for the first time. Hello.
– Hello. Yes. Come in, Headman. Welcome.
– Hello. Hello. Congratulations.
– Congratulations to you too. Where have you been
hiding this beautiful girl? She is my niece. She is getting educated in the city. She is pursuing a graduation course. Son… What are you doing?
– What is wrong? Mother, give some sugar to the cook. Fine. Touch the feet. Her feet. Use your senses.
– Hello. God bless you, son. Stupid boy. Hello.
– My son is naïve. As well as educated. Oh really? What is your
education qualification, son? I’ve got educated till the winters. Till the winters? What do you mean? It gets very cold afterwards.
Mother didn’t let me go to school. “She is brighter than the sun.” “A glimpse of her has boys stunned.” “Things get out of control…” “She crushes a million hearts
with her mesmerizing eyes.” “She crushes a million hearts
with her mesmerizing eyes.” “He should command
with his eyes like cop.” “He shouldn’t flirt with
every chick in the block.” “Losing his heart to every girl…” “I’m going to go for someone
who doesn’t lose his heart so easily.” “I’m going to go for someone
who doesn’t lose his heart so easily.” You are looking very beautiful. Sister, you are
looking very beautiful. Makhan, all of them are your sisters. I think I have some work.
Aunt, I’ll be right back. Let’s go, father. Let me stay here.
– Let’s go. “There is no one like her.” “She is an angel.” “God has made her at leisure.” “He has shown His
great skills on her.” “She makes everyone go crazy.” “She crushes a million hearts
with her mesmerizing eyes.” “She crushes a million hearts
with her mesmerizing eyes.” “Those who are hasty
end up getting burnt.” “Patience always pays.” “Haste makes you meet your doom.” “Decisions of heart are made
after giving it a lot of thought.” “Why don’t you think about that?” “I’m going to go for someone
who doesn’t lose his heart so easily.” “She crushes a million hearts
with her mesmerizing eyes.” “I’m going to go for someone
who doesn’t lose his heart so easily.” “She crushes a million hearts
with her mesmerizing eyes.” Why are you looking at this?
Look at me. Lambar, what are you writing down?
I don’t understand. Shut up. I know what I am writing,
others don’t. Put his money in the box. Go, see you at seven. Listen carefully. Those who pay me,
won’t be allowed inside. Okay?
– Yes. And one more thing. We will be getting five movies. Four Punjabi movies and… One of the other kind.
Right, Lambar? Yes, right. Show me the money and I
shall show you the world, uncle I have seen the world already. I have watched many movies. Uncle, you haven’t seen
what we are about to show you. Right, Lambar? Son, I have watched
all kinds of movies. I have 12 children. Stop, Tochan. Don’t take money from uncle. We just watch the movies. He actually practiced them. There is a crowd gathered here.
What, are you offering free food? No!
Lambar will be showing movies tonight. Movies?
– Yes. Then take my money as well. Wait.
Let me check how much is it first. You are carrying
so much money with you? You will get shot
and get us shot as well. Go away. It will cost you 10 rupees
to watch the movies. – Yes. Take my money. Show me just one movie if you want. Go away. We won’t even let you
watch half a movie for 2 bucks. Yes.
– Listen to him. Listen Makhan… We are short of 10 bucks. If you can pay then go ahead. Otherwise, don’t even pass through the
place where the movies are being played. Yes.
– I don’t have 10 bucks. I had only five. Okay.
– I paid 3 to fix the puncture. I am left with only two.
Take 2 bucks from me, please. Go away. – It will cost
you 10 bucks to watch the movies. Yes. No problem. No problem, Lambar. You didn’t take my money. I’ll teach you a lesson. Go away. I have seen many like you. He is threatening me.
He thinks he’ll get even with me. Go away.
– Next, pay up. You are paying? You think
you can survive watching them? Go away.
– Pay up. You are three short. Four… Do you think you are paying a beggar? Stop it. One or two bucks…
It’s ten? Okay.
How much do you have? Get lost.
We won’t take less. Go away. Great. Tochan, get my vehicle out. Since when did do you own one? Who knows better, you or me? Get my vehicle out,
we’ll go and get the goods. Idiot is addressing
a cycle as a vehicle. Anyone else wants to get down? Drive! We are late. Let’s go. She has left,
why are you staring at her? Let’s go. Hello? You didn’t go home? You are here since morning? You come here everyday. This feels like home to me nowadays. Go home and eat something. I am famished. I don’t need food. If I ever feel hungry, when I see you,
I feel as if I had a hearty meal. Then you should show
yourself to a doctor. I think you are unwell. Doctors don’t have cure
for what I am going through. Malki, only you can cure me. Stupid.
I am no cure. Go home and have a meal. Honestly speaking,
nowadays I feel as if I should.. ..sleep and wake up at this bus stop. I should eat and drink here. I should see you come and go. I thought you are naïve. But I was wrong.
You are insane as well. Come on!
My mother says that I am smart. If I believe you then my mother
is stupid to think that I am smart. If I believe mother then that
makes you stupid to call me insane. To conclude, both of you are stupid. Alas at least I am normal. I was indeed insane to
assume that you are naïve. You are very stupid. The ones in love are
always stupid, stupid. Didn’t Ranjha become a
shepherd for 12 years for Heer? If he had used his brains.. ..he could have sold the
sheep and gone back to the village. Enough. Let me go. Otherwise, I too will become
insane if I keep your company. Malki… Listen…
Malki! “You are mine and I am yours.” “Don’t leave me.” “Our childhood love…” Don’t just stand here
and block the path, go inside. Yes, you got stuck here. What music are you dancing to?
– Yes. Go inside.
– Go on. You should walk faster. By the time you get inside, Gabbar
in the movie Sholay, will be dead. Yes, go on.
– Go inside. Watch it, don’t hit me with it. Go inside. Tell me something,
what movies have you brought? What?
– Tell him. Chan Pardesi.
Laung Da Liskara, Badla Jatti Da. I am not interested
in any other movie. Just let me watch Chan Pardesi. Get lost.
– Yes. Let’s go inside.
Why are you looking at him? Why are you looking at me? You wanted to know
what I could do, right? This is what I can do. What are you waiting for now?
Get lost. Come in, Lambar.
Where’s the next movie? What are you guys doing here?
Go there. Tochan, make the arrangements. Lambar, it is already 10 o’clock? Don’t you want us to watch the movie? Have patience. Do one thing.
– What? Show my movie first
so that I can leave. So I should show your movie first? What are others here for then?
To play cards? Listen to him. So, has everyone settled down? Yes?
– And the show begins. Who is to be blamed for this? Tochan, where the hell are you?
– I am right here. I need a lamp…
– Idiots. You cannot play the VCR with a lamp. You idiot,
if we have a lamp we can go and check. 40 kilometers from here,
they sit on dried branches… Wait. Hold this. Hey! What have you done? I don’t want to drink it. You didn’t have to drink it.
That milk was for me. Stupid.
– Shut up. What is wrong, son?
Why are you so upset? How many times have I told
you to get me a television. Lambar has brought a VCR today. He didn’t let me inside his house. He wanted me to pay.
– Then you should have paid him. How would I?
I was only given 5 bucks. I got the puncture fixed with 3 bucks.
He didn’t accept 2 bucks. Should I have given him
the punctured tyre inside? Why are you being rude to me?
Question your mother. Did you fight with them? Fight them?
There were 12 of them. I would have gotten thrashed
even if I had attempted. You should have taken your
father along to get thrashed. Why, have you rented me? Makhan, if it were me,
I would’ve slaughtered everyone. Don’t slaughter anyone.
Just lay your bed and sleep in it. Shut up. I won’t allow gypsy
lifestyle in my house? Gypsy lifestyle? What, do you expect me to
dance on the rooftop wearing anklets? You can do whatever
you want after I die. I have heard you say that many times. I don’t know when will God hear me. Hey, it was my fight and
you two started fighting instead. Don’t worry we’ll get you a TB,
whatever. Your mother will
bring it in her dowry. It’s your family tradition
to ask for dowry? Listen… When my mother got married,
she brought a radio as dowry. I heard that had brought
you too in her dowry. Have some shame. What are you saying
in front of your young son? Go to the rooftop! You fought and I am
getting humiliated here. Go to sleep. This one, right. Hook it on. Is it done? It is back. It got disconnected from here.
– I was waiting for you. Lambar! Where are your manners? Huh? You are being excused because
you are a fellow villager. Otherwise, I’d color your face
black and make you sit on a donkey. Go away. She wants to
color my face black. – Yes. Why are you dragging
yourself into this? We are talking about power here.
Electricity. Sister-in-law, Lambar could have
gotten electrocuted because of you. Scoundrel, how dare you
address me as sister-in-law? Everyone in the village
addresses you as sister-in-law. What’s the harm if
I address as the same? Stop blabbering. You aren’t getting married.
You just talk. Sister-in-law, don’t taunt
with marriage, let me warn you. Yes.
– I can get married at dawn. I have four chicks waiting.
– Yes. I am single because I love my village. Who will show movies
if I get married? – Right. Idiots.
– Go mind your own business. Damn it!
What have you done! Damn you, sister-in-law.
I hope you die single. Lambar! When are you going
to show my father’s movie? Go and tell your father that
his movie cassette has broken apart. Yes. Come down, already. What will I do by getting down anyway? It has been a year since
money was borrowed from me. I am requesting here. Please give me my money back. Otherwise, I’ll come here with police. Listen, why would get the police here?
We aren’t brewing alcohol here. He wants to get police here. Look at him. Wait, let me talk to him. Look son,
if you didn’t have patience… If you have a weak heart
then why did you lend money to him? It’s okay.
Now that you have made the mistake.. ..then let Kanta come back,
I’ll throw the money on your face. I am leaving. This matter will exaggerate
if I don’t get my money back. Why do you wish to exaggerate the
matter? How about another flatbread? Here. There is nothing to
exaggerate about, son. Elders have rightly said… It is better to have a half-blind
daughter than a difficult son. Husband, we couldn’t have
a half-blind daughter either. Don’t worry, we will find a solution. First let me find out what
business is he doing in the city.. ..that he had to bankrupt
everyone in the village. Right. Aunt! Aunt! Is anyone home? Aunt! Is anyone home?
– Yes, son? What are you speaking in such a tone? Aunt, I needed the air-pump.
I wanted to fix the scooter’s tyre. We won’t have any.
– I see. I was going the bus stop. I am going the bus stop
I’ll get it fixed over there. Bye, Aunt. I’ll get going. His scooter’s tyre has gone
flat or else I’d send you with him. It’s not gone completely flat, Aunt. It can carry us to some distance. Fine then, take your sister along. She is already late. Bye, aunt. Aunt, don’t give me the
pump if you don’t want to.. least don’t
change our relationship. Did you say something? No, nothing. She is great. Aunt has changed your relationship. Don’t run away when I come to tie
you the holy thread that sisters do. “I have lost my senses.” “I have lost my heart
and my life too.” “She makes me suffer over everything.” “By God, she knows how I
feel but she doesn’t let it out.” “By God, she knows how I
feel but she doesn’t let it out.” Hey hello? Acting arrogant, are we? You didn’t even look at me. You used to say that you don’t feel
hungry, you cannot sleep and what not. I was thinking about
what mother had said. I didn’t notice you. What has your mother said? Mother is causing a scene at home. She says I am about to become famous. She will buy me a car. She doesn’t want me to
travel on this scooter anymore. That’s great. I told her I don’t want a car.
I’ll only end up wrecking it. She said not to worry about the car.
– Really? When you are rich, you shouldn’t
worry about trivial things. You didn’t do anything,
made a name for yourself… You became rich
without doing anything? Can I say something?
– Yes. Mother said she is getting
marriage proposals for me. She is a gem of a person. She is this tall. She has such big eyes. Everything else is fine,… …but can’t you reduce
the size of her eyes a little? Don’t you think you are
making tall claims these days? Mother says rich people
shouldn’t talk about small things. Have you heard the saying
empty vessels make more noise? Yes, I have. So, you should lie only
to the extent of believability. You think I am lying? I don’t think,
I know that you are lying. So I am lying? You don’t see me working hard? Fine, then I am leaving. Hey! “Her colorful dreams surround
me day in and day out.” “I think about her all the time.” “Whoever I look at, I see her.” “I’d die if she looks away.” “By God, she knows how I
feel but she doesn’t let it out.” “By God, she knows how I
feel but she doesn’t let it out.” “But she doesn’t let it out.” Tell me, what do you want. Malki, don’t you think
you are losing your mind? You should show yourself to a doctor. What are you trying to say? I want to get married. With whom?
– With your buffalo. Then you should talk to her father. I am not joking.
I am already very sad. Just tell me the truth,
do you wish to marry me? I tell the truth every day. What can I do if you don’t understand? I am not possessed today
that I’d speak the truth. Malki… Come here…
Come, I’ll tell you the truth. No, no, no, Malki. It’s okay if you don’t love me,
you don’t need to die. Stupid fellow! Come with me. Let’s go. Sit down.
– Oh. I got scared. Listen Makhan. There is a lot of
difference between us. I know.
You are a girl and I am a boy. A boy cannot marry a boy, can he? You tell me. Don’t you dare say another word now. Stupid. Fine, I don’t.
Just sit there. Makhan, you need to be responsible
to lead a good life and get married. Do you know anything about life? Have you ever dreamed
about leading a good life? I do that, every day. I cannot beat around the bush. Just tell me the truth,
do you want to marry me? So here’s the truth. Have you ever thought about
what you want to do in life? Of course, I have. Do you promise not to tell anyone? I want to be a plot. Plot? Yes, the one who
drive planes in the sky. Stupid, illiterate girl.
She doesn’t even know this much. Oh God, not plot,
they are called pilots. Idiot. At least tell me whether
you like me or not? I’ll tell you when you decide
what you want to do in your life. Malki? Hey Malki… Now I’ll be someone in life. But what? Wonderful! Kanta! You are back!
– Let me go. Good going, man. Where have you been?
I don’t see you around anymore. I started working in the city. I don’t get a chance to leave. I managed to leave with
great difficulty today. You look great. I could hardly recognize you. What work do you do in the city? Well, I work in the movie industry. What? Movies? Yes, have you watched any? Of course, I have. Yograj, Guggu Gill… Malmitr. I have watched their movies.
But I never saw you in them. I don’t feature in them. I make them. Then you must have surely met them. Met them? I am like that with them? How?
– Like that. Yes. Guggu Gill always says
asks me to get fritters… And he makes the tea for us. Really? Swear on it. Of course.
Let’s go to the village now. You have creased
my shirt with your hugs. Sit down, brother. Be careful, don’t drop me. 0 I won’t. I am used to making
and changing my destiny. Today I shall end all
the witnesses against me. And I will start with
my disgraceful sister. Damn. Open the door, Dogara. Dogara, open the door. Open the door, Dogara. You… You! Shut up. There is just one
Yograj in this world. Do you understand? Damn. Caught you!
Thief! Here, chop him into pieces. What are you doing? It’s me. Give it to me.
– Here’s the weapon. You can only flatten
bread with a rolling pin. It is me, uncle. Switch on the light.
Let me see who it is. Where are you going with our jewelry? It’s me, Kanta. Get lost. It’s you, you idiot? I just got a heart attack. People don’t let
us rest during the day.. ..and you don’t let us rest at night. Couldn’t you come during the day? Why did you enter by
jumping across the wall? Have patience. I wonder what jewelry
is he talking about? ‘God Almighty, to make Malki mine..’ for the first time
I am going to do something.’ ‘I don’t know whether
it is right or wrong.’ ‘Just be generous towards me.’ ‘Lord Almighty.’ I have copied everything.
You can check it. Yes, I will.
– Okay, bye then. Great. Why did you have
to come to a Gurudwara? Don’t you know everything? What do you mean by that? Oh come on,
someone who can guess by deeds.. ..who could know more than him? Don’t joke. I am going to do something for the
first time in my life, only for you. That’s why I had come
here to seek His blessings. You can tell me what you
are about to do, if you want. It’s a give and take. I have asked you many times as well. It’s not like you answered me. You only gave me big lectures. That’s why I won’t tell you a thing. But I have told everything to Him. Bye. One more thing. You too know everything. You too saw my deeds and
said that I’d get thrashed. Bless me. Seek blessings from Him and not me. I am asking Him and not you,
you stupid. Bye. God, please help him. Come downstairs and have some tea. Why do you go up there every morning?
– “I only ask you for a cup of tea.” Here. – “My love,
I only ask you for a cup of tea.” Come on! I know you quite well, uncle. If you had directed that
love in the right direction.. ..I too would have a few siblings. Aunt, give me some tea as well. Quietly have tea or else
you won’t even get that. What else can I get? Here uncle, have some sweets. Sweets? You brought it?
– Yes, why? You cannot be trusted. You might have picked
a hexed one from the street. Well said, uncle.
– Here. I have never fed you hexed sweets. The day I do,
you’ll dance like a possessed man. Stop joking. He anyway acts like a
man who is possessed all day. I am not joking, he is. I offered him sweets
and he says its hexed. Listen Mr. Hexed, either return
everyone’s money or poison me. I’ll do that.
– What, poison? There you go, aunt. He starts and you blame me for joking. You have turned us into a joke. Do you know how many people
come here to ask for their money? They raise their
voices in our courtyard. Neighbors stand on the
walls and watch the drama unfold. There won’t be anymore drama. That means you’ll repay everyone. No, I’ll build higher walls. Damn you. Look someone is knocking at the door. Someone is here to ask for money. You should talk to them. You too should know
how people humiliate us. I’ll go and check who it is.
Who is it? I wonder who it is. He wants to break the door. I seek your blessings, aunt. Are you doing good? Did you too get possess by Yograj? Damn you. Come in. I seek your blessing, uncle. God bless you. Only you seek my blessings. Others go after my neck. How are you, Kanta? Why, did he get shot? He eats well and speaks ill. Makhan, you seek my blessings
while being at service to him? How are you, Makhan? I was going to the fields. I thought you might
leave for the city anytime. Who knows when you will return next. So, I thought I’d talk to you. Wait, let me also tell
you what he is up to. You don’t know,
he had made our lives miserable. Enough, uncle. Let’s go, Makhan.
– Where are you going? Give me that hexed sweets. Give it here. Here you go.
– You are going to the field. “Have some hexed sweets.” As if it is not already hexed. I too have had some.
We should be at the same level, right? Here, eat it.
– You can have it. I don’t want to get possessed. What you said about tea
and fritters, is it true? Kanta, you have a lot
of friends in the city. Help me get work in the movies. What will I tell them? Look at your loose pants.
Look at your long shirt. Look at this cloth. What will I tell them, who are you? Aren’t you my brother? Make use of your contacts…
– Hey hello! I can do one thing. I can make a movie for you. My own movie? Hey! Makhan? What’s wrong? Really, brother? My own movie? Do you think I can be an actor? Stupid, even if I look
at a person passing by.. ..I know what he is capable of. Kanta, I had decided
that I’ll become an actor. Tell me how much money will be needed. Money? Around 600,000. 600,000 will be enough? That’s the money actors demand. In total it will
come around 1.2 million. Oh I see. Don’t worry. I’ll sell it then. Doesn’t the land
belong to your father? I am not talking the land.
I am talking about my buffalo. One won’t be enough. For the money we need,
we will have sell all the cattle. Listen to him! Bye, I’m leaving. I’m leaving. Makhan, I am leaving. Kanta, are you really leaving? Why don’t you sleep
in my house tonight? Stay another day for me. You know uncle and aunt will scold me. But… only for our friendship’s sake.
I’ll stay. Kanta, do you remember.. ..we used to bathe together
at the river when we were small? We used to play with
the tyre together. Stop it. We used to go relieve ourselves together
as well. Talk about decent things. Wonderful. Great. Good.
– Play it already. How many men are here? The whole village is here, boss. Villagers… Listen to me very carefully. All those who wish to sit will have to… …remove their footwear
before they do that. Okay.
Sit down and watch it quietly. Hats off to you, Lambar. We have come here to watch
a movie and not hear your lectures. Hey, hey, hey… Why are you carrying him? He too wishes to watch a movie. How are you, old man? Feeling good? Do you want water? What?
– There. He can’t even hear anything. There.
Well done. He can’t hear or see. Is he here to block a seat?
– Yes. He can’t see, but he can hear. There, movie has reached its
interval and he has reached his end. I think he will end
before the movie ends. Tochan, tell me,
how much has each one paid. Sure. Of course.
Shinde gave 10 bucks. Okay.
Shinde, you can sit on the mat. In the front.
– Tara gave 10 bucks. Tara, you too are good.
You come here as well. Okay.
– Uncle there has paid 7 bucks. 7 bucks?
– Yes. Make him sit in the middle. Okay.
– Lakha has paid 3 bucks. Lakha? His name is Lakha
and he only pays a rupee and a half? Make him sit behind the VCR.
– No way. Why behind the VCR? I am not here to just
listen to the dialogues. You can only listen to the
dialogues for a buck and a half. You can’t expect us to
show you Preeti Sapru. – Yes. He thinks he is Yograj. Where are you coming from, kittens? Where else, the field. What? You have come alone
to take over my land? Listen… Is your father crazy?
– Why? He is sitting in front
of the fire in summer? You should show him
to a sage or someone. We tried, the sage too became crazy. He is sharpening his poleaxe.
Remember you have invited me home. Make sure he doesn’t slaughter me. Come, let me introduce
you to your uncle. No… hello.
– Come on. Why are you two fighting?
What’s wrong? Hello, aunt.
– Hello. Where do you stay?
You have come after such a long time. Why are you wearing
such stupid clothes? Mother, he is staying in the city now. He was going back to the city today.
I invited him to stay over. Good that you invited him over. Consider this as your own house, son. Okay? Tell her how good
I am doing at the city. Mother, he is doing good in the city. Really? Then go at
the rooftop and talk. I’ll get some milk for both of you.
Okay? Come on.
– Okay, aunt. Go on. Listen… I just remembered something. Let’s meet in the morning? Let’s go.
– Please? Makhan! Go and sleep on the rooftop! And also take your buddy along.
Let’s go upstairs. If you don’t feel sleepy then jump
from the roof… …and target my heart. Oh no. I think this is my last night.
– Here, have some milk. The snakes you are offering milk… …to shall bite you one day, Gulabo. When will you stop? Extinguish the fire. You’ll make another demand tomorrow. Here.
Drink the milk. Take it already. What is wrong with you? Damn you… No one in this house values me. I am such a great artist. And they don’t believe it. Help! Help me! Save me from him! Help me! Wait right there. Don’t take a step forward, I warn you. Aunt, I don’t raise my hand on women. Hand her over to me and back off. Keep your voice down. If my brave son hears you,
I’ll kill you. Fine, if that is the case,
I won’t take her with me. Go and call your brave son. Makhan! Come here, son. It’s time to show everyone
how brave you are. Mother…
Who is this girl? She is helpless. She needs your help. Show what you are made up of. Not to her, to him. Mother, I have always
helped the helpless. No, don’t hit me. Enough. Please don’t hit me. Enough. Stop it. Let’s go. Let me go.
– Come with me. Hey! Only cowards run away
from the battlefield. Real men fight till their last breath. Shame on you. He hit your son in front of you. He slapped me. He took the girl with him. Where’s your Yograj now? Where is your poleaxe? What do you want? That I lose the little
honor I have left? No!
That is not possible. Hey! Kanta? Kanta? Kanta?
Kanta, wake up! I’ll pay you back, brother! Kanta, wake up! What are you doing in the city? I am not in the city.
You have come down to our village. Why do you look so scared? I am not scared.
I had nightmare. Don’t worry, it was just a dream. A bad man was thrashing
me in my dream. Oh no. It’s just a dream.
You don’t need to be scared. Can I tell you the truth? He cursed me. Forget me, he even cursed mother. Come on… It’s because you are passionate
about being an actor. It is for sure. No one can stop you from being a star. Listen…
Can I say something? You look like a superstar today. Bye, I’ll get going. I am your daddy. Huh? Here son, have some tea. Why are you staring at my face? What’s wrong? Why are you so quiet?
– I had a bad dream last night. I dreamt of a bad man. He fought with us.
– Really? Be grateful that I wasn’t
a part of your dream. Otherwise, I would have beheaded him. Father, you should be grateful that
I opened my eyes at the right time. Otherwise, he would have beheaded you. That would have been better. Mother, he slapped
you as well as he left. What!
Damn you. Why are you saying such things?
That’s why I don’t like movie artists. Tell me something.
Why don’t you like movie actors? They make girls wear skimpy clothes. An ugly fellow kidnaps
a beautiful girl. And the rest was
ruined by your father. I had kidnapped you as well.
– What… That’s not real, mother.
They are just acting. Yes.
You get paid well to act. My hair turned white
explaining that to her. But she still doesn’t understand.
– You won’t stop this? Why do you wish to get insulted
first thing in the morning? It’s not a big deal. This happens every day. Shut up. Son, won’t you tell your
mother what you want to be? Mother… Mother, I… Mother, I… I want to see myself
in the television. What! Earlier you wanted a television. Now you want to see yourself in it? Oh no, I am doomed! This dead body is screaming that you
are the one who killed her, Makhan! Forget Yograj and give
some water to mother, father. We will be crying
if she dies for real. I’ll get another wife. What?
– Oh no! She is alive. Run! Strange. I fool others and he is fooling me. I don’t think he will come.
I should leave. How are you, Kanta? You are here. I am already very late because of you. I would’ve left if you hadn’t
showed up in the next two minutes. How can you go back
to the city, buddy? Won’t you make your
friend a movie star? Have you arranged for the money? You make arrangements
to make the movie. Consider that the
money has been arranged. It is not a small amount, Makhan. You first make
arrangements for the money. Then you can ask me
to come back from the city. You know how it is for me at the city. I have a lot of contacts. Stay back for me. You should leave only
after you make the movie. Consider that I’ve
arranged for the money. Okay.
Fine. I’ll stay back only for you. For our friendship’s sake. But don’t waste my time. Go and make arrangements
for the money. Fine. Bye. This was what had happened
during the 1962 war. Your uncle, all by himself guarded
the post and gifted victory to India. Here, have some tea Makhan. I have spent all my life
listening to his stories. He is yet to let go of his pride. If you are done with your saga,
shall I cook something for him? Go and cook. What do you know about wars,
illiterate woman? Forget her and listen to me. This happened during the 1965’s war. I and my friend Mahinder
Singh kept fighting.. ..and ended up entering China. While we were fighting our way back… They have a bad habit
at shooting at our back. They shot at our backs. My friend Mahinder
Singh lost both his arms. What happened then?
– What else could have happened? We move on… China once again shot at our backs. My friend Mahinder
Singh lost both his legs. Then he was left with nothing, uncle. I don’t want whether or
not he was left with anything. But at the moment, Mahinder
Singh is a father to three children. Enough of this. Don’t you have anything else to day? Why don’t you talk to him instead?
– Get lost. Illiterate woman.
– Wasting the afternoon away. Tell me, is everything alright?
What brings you here? Everything is fine, but mother
isn’t keeping well these days. What’s wrong? Aunt, we had brought some
land in the neighboring village. We still need to
pay some money for it. She is worried about that. You did the right
thing by buying the land. But why didn’t you father
come here to take the money? Well, father has gone to
meet mother’s brother for the money. Father said I should go to your place. That’s why I came here. That’s fine, Makhan. But we are taking
about a lot money here. I hope you are telling the truth. I have spent all my
life fighting our enemies. I know everything. I know who is telling
the truth and who is lying. You have start this again? I am sure that Makhan
is telling the truth. Because a soldier’s eyes and
his riffle can never be deceived. Young man, it is a lot of money. If you want, I can go with you. No uncle, I will manage on my own. Mother said once we resolve
this issue of the land.. ..then we will offers
prayers at our house. We will invite you for it.
You can come then. Okay. We will surely be there. Money keeps coming and going, nephew. It comes through right
hand and leaves from the left. You are right, uncle. Money always kept coming to my father. He never let it go. How so?
– He didn’t have a left hand. So, how would he let it go? Here soon, take care of this.
– Here. I can even give my
life for your father. Okay, so this is the issue. So you didn’t spare anyone. You deceived everyone
into giving you money. I didn’t deceive anyone, sister. And as far as the money is concerned. I’ll go to their houses and return
the money as soon as I become a star. You will are done for as
soon as our parents find out. And I won’t be spared either. I’ll return the money by
the time anyone learns about this. Sister, you remember, whenever
I felt like watching a movie.. were the one
who gave me a tenner. To tell you the truth, you
are the only one who knows about this. Because I know you are
the only one who understands me. Actually, I really love Malki a lot. Malki? You lied to mother, right? I knew it. But I didn’t inform mother. Makhan! I’ll meet you later. You have been moving in and
out of the village quite a lot. I hope everything is fine.
– Nothing is fine. Why? What’s wrong?
– And what’s in this? This? This contains paternal aunt’s husband,
maternal uncle, commission agent… What is wrong with all of them? All of them together? Nothing is wrong with them. They are fine. Okay, bye.
I’ll get going. I’m in a hurry. Paternal aunt’s husband,
maternal uncle, commission agent? One more thing.
– Yes, what? This time I’ll make something
of myself and prove it to you. That’s fine,
but tell me what are you up to? You are soaring high. You have indeed become a plot. It’s not plot, it’s pilot, stupid. Illiterate girl. Bye, I’ll get going.
I’m in a hurry. Oh God, I only suspected so earlier,
but now I am sure.. ..that Makhan is indeed insane. I wonder who is it now. I think someone is here
to ask their money back. Makhan? I seek your blessings, aunt. What’s that? I just plucked some
raw mangoes from the garden. Kanta had said he will
pickle them in the city. As if they make better
pickle in the city. Give it to me, I’ll pickle them.
My pickles don’t get spoilt either. Aunt! Go and oil uncle’s head. You won’t understand
these business talks. – Come with me, Makhan.
– As if your uncle suffers from dandruff. Kanta… here’s the money. Make me a famous artist. Make you? Consider yourself already made. Done. What do we do next? Prepare to leave for the city. Get ready. Really? You swear on it. Swearing won’t help. Go. Get ready. Okay, bye. Swearing won’t help. Who knows what will. Wake up. May God bless you. Son, a sage is blessing your home. Be generous to him. Behave yourself. Don’t worry, son.
Cowards will be blessed. Don’t you know the difference
between brave Jung Singh and cowards? Son, you shouldn’t get so hyper. You should feet sweets
to a cow on Tuesdays. Tell me, what can I help you with? It’s time to have tea. I am not asking you what the time is. Get my hand bitten by your snake. I want to see who is more poisonous,
your snake or me. I think you are more poisonous. I’ll tell you who is more poisonous. Nath, he is a fool.
Why are you acting childish with him? I have come across many fools. But yours is the worst. Give me 10 rupees.
I plan to go to the mountains. Get lost. Did you consult me
before making that plan? He wants to go to the mountains.
Go away. I am leaving. How are you, sage?
All good? I am fine, son. You cannot trust anyone, son. Don’t share your secrets with anyone. You help everyone
and no one helps you. It is said that you shouldn’t
feel too proud about.. ..the food you eat, the wealth you have… …the milk you get, the son you have. We are all but a bubble,
a prick and we will be dust again. There is no treasure you can
hold forever, no matter who you are. From your face I can read that
you are about to face difficult times. Go away, sage. If you have already been
to my house then you know.. ..that I live with trouble. Don’t take our words lightly. What we say is always the truth. God bless you. “Your mesmerizing eyes…” What is it?
– Uncle, should I come in later? What is it? Where is Kanta? He went to city.
Where is Kanta he asks. He went to city?
Alone? He had said that we will go together. Are you married to him? You always want to be with him. He works there. What will you do there? Did he tell you when will he return? He has never kept us informed.
He spoke to you. As if he will inform us. Listen to him. One more thing. You should always knock
before entering someone’s house. It’s okay, go on. Stop troubling the kid. His mother lets him wander alone. “Oh God, no one knows how I feel.” “Oh God, no one knows how I feel.” “Baba Nanak, I have accepted
what you have decided.” “Oh God, no one knows how I feel.” “Oh God, no one knows how I feel.” “Oh God, no one knows how I feel.” Hey! You look upset. Did the car you wanted
to buy met with an accident? It did, how does it concern you? You often end up in an accident
when you don’t know how to drive. Don’t trouble me.
I am already quite upset. All this has happened because of you. If you hadn’t ask me to be someone.. ..then I wouldn’t
have bagged my relatives. Why don’t you just
tell me what happened? It is possible that
I might be able to help you. You don’t do what
you are supposed to do. How will you apple me? Not apple, help. Help I too am quite upset. I understood you,
but you didn’t understand me. What do you mean? I mean, I am getting a
wedding proposal from Canada. Huh? You always said that
you wanted to marry me. Today I too want to tell
that I too like you a little. Really? But…
– But what? But I am helpless. We stay quite close by. And I don’t know what
do I tell my family. What do you do? That boy will be here
from Canada in two months. If you really want to marry… …me then you only have two months…
To make me yours. “Oh God, no one knows how I feel.” “Oh God, no one knows how I feel.” ‘From your face I can read that you
are about to face difficult times.’ ‘That boy will be here
from Canada in two months.’ ‘If you really want to marry
me then you only have two months…’ “I have been defeated.” “I have lost everything.” “My destiny is shying away from me.” What is it now? – Aunt, is Kanta back?
– “With sadness…” “With tears…”
– No, he isn’t. He’s gone back to the city.
You can meet him when he is back. “I have formed a deep relationship.” “Oh God, no one knows how I feel.” “Oh God, no one knows how I feel.” Hello, uncle.
– What is wrong, Makhan? Whenever you come here,
you ask about Kanta. I hope you didn’t give him any money. No, uncle.
I just wanted to meet Kanta. Then it’s okay. Listen, he is your friend so
you should talk some sense into him. Everyone in the village
comes here to ask for their money. What will he gain by cheating people? Uncle, he has such
a big business in the city. Why doesn’t he return
everyone’s money? I know nothing about his business. I think he deceives people
there as well like he did here. What do you mean?
– I mean… There is no one in the village
he hasn’t borrowed money from. He must be doing the same
thing in the city as well. You can meet him when he returns. ‘Kanta, do you remember..’ ‘..we used to bathe together
at the river when we were small?’ ‘We used to play
with the tyre together.’ ‘And we used to go to relieve
ourselves together as well.’ Did you do it?
– I soon will. ‘There is no one in the village
he hasn’t borrowed money from.’ Kanta you? I am in hell?
– Praise the Lord. I won’t let you die till
you don’t become a star. Get up.
Stupid. Look over there.
See who I have brought with me. Why are you staring at him? Be at his feet. Dharmendra,
Jetinder, Shatru, Mithun… He has made them all?
– Right. Kanta, please forgive me.
I misunderstood you. Enough. We have made all the
arrangements for the shooting. Heroine will come
here day after tomorrow. Then we will start shooting.
Do one thing… You keep the director
with you for a few days. Come on, Kanta. You know my parents’ nature. They will kill me
if they learn about this. I had to lie for the money. Be a good brother and keep
the director at your place. Kanta, who is this man? He has a very big
business in the city. He has come from overseas. Okay. Looks so.
He’s wearing a hat as well. That’s what I was wondering. Our boy does the hat trick
and he is the one wearing a hat. Right. What does he want?
– He is seeking your blessings, uncle. Use your brains.
You are old enough to be my uncle. I am not your uncle. What now? He says you are getting upset
for no reason, little brother. That’s better. He is your brother-in-law.
Hide your face. What would you like
tea or buttermilk? He is hovering like a fly.
Ask him to stop it. Let’s have tea or buttermilk, brother.
What are you doing? Kanta! Let’s go.
You stay away. Listen, how did you
learn his language. When you stay together, you
tend to pick up each other’s language. So, you better don’t say
anything untoward against him. If he understands,
he will cause trouble. He doesn’t understand our language. He wishes to start a big company.
Don’t cause any trouble. Let’s talk about this later. Talk about general things. Here Kanta, have some buttermilk.
– Okay. Here, over here.
I have the buttermilk. Bloody leech. Drink it. What now? What is he saying now? He said thank you. Great. He said something nice. Okay.
Tell me, where do you stay? Great. What did he say? He said he is from Portugal. Okay. Okay, so that is
the name of his country. I thought we got blessed. That
he chanted from sacred scriptures. I must say Kanta,
if the country’s name is so big.. ..then how big his country must be. That is true.
– Wonderful. Sir… Tell us something about your family. How many siblings do you have? What business do you do? Drink it. He says they are
four siblings in total. Two of his sisters are married one
is unmarried and studying in college. And he is doing well at work. How many kids do you have? What is he saying?
– He says that he is unmarried. I have to say… I ask a small question
and he gives a big answer. And when I ask a big question,
he gives a short reply. This is a strange language. Uncle, foreigners know
foreign language better. This isn’t our cup of tea. Tell me, what factory
do you wish to start here? Of dogs. Of dogs?
– Of dogs? We already have many in our village. Aunt, he means cycle dogs. Okay, cycle dogs.
– Okay. Our home is got blessed by a big shot. Hey! What is he looking at? He says that you
two make a cute couple. We got married because
we make a cute couple. Why don’t you go and cook something? What would you like to eat? There. He will have lentils. Go away. He keeps staring at you.
Go away from here. I’m going. Now tell me. Our heroine will be here tomorrow. We need a location for shooting. I know a place, sir. It’s at the neighboring village. Baba Nathushah’s place. I didn’t come here
from Bombay to pay homage. I am here for shooting. Phooman-ji, please come with me. Two villages away there
is my aunt’s in-laws’ place. Let’s go, no problem. Oh yes. Yes! This is the location I want. We will have a song sequence here. Camera begins with a shot crow… …walking on dung cakes. How will it walk? Move aside. Crow doesn’t have polio. It sways its hips. With style. The crow walks. How? Like this… Then I show our heroine. Heroine lifts her leg… she is wearing an anklet… She steps on dung cake …
like this. And then we hear a crackling sound. She once again lifts her
leg and places it on dung cake.. ..and once again we hear…
– A crackling sound. This time there is no crackling sound. Because this dung cake is light,
we hear a tick sound. She once again lifts her leg… …steps forward, places her
foot on dung cake… And then we hear a crackling sound. How dare you break our dung cakes! I dare you to break them,
I’ll break your legs too. They want to break the dung cake. I didn’t make any sound,
so what’s this sound that I hear? Wait, you idiots.
– Damn! – Mother! Before your bones too start
making noise, run, Phooman. Wait, why are you running away? Stop them. – Run, Phooman.
– Wait, I’ll teach you a lesson. Good. This is the location
I was searching for. This is what I want. Consider it done. Everyone respects me over here. That’s it. Who is it now? Wait. What? We are here to check
out the location. What do you want to check out? Location. Location.
– ‘Today we are having elections.’ ‘I don’t want any
stranger in our village.’ ‘If you see anyone, thrash them.’ Election?
– Yes, the same. Okay. You are here to check
out the election. Brother? Joginder?
Come here with your sticks. Outsiders are here
to check out the election. He is here to shoot.
He is here from Bombay. No one can stop him.
Move aside. How can you just shoot? I’ll teach you a lesson. I’ll help you shoot.
– You just wait. Let’s go, sir.
I don’t think the situation is good. I already told you so. Where are you going now?
Get them! Where are you going now?
Wait! They want to shoot us! Where are you going now? Wait!
I’ll teach you a lesson. Oh no, look at her clothes. Such tight cloths,
how will she get down? You? You? Show some respect. I am the producer of this movie. Producer? You? Hey! Have you never seen a girl before? Kanta, you know how troublesome
this train journey was? It was so hot, so dusty. Look… it ruined my nail paint. There is no flight which lands here. There are no aeroplanes here. Otherwise, I would have come by air. Phooman-ji is outside, in the car. He has made all the rangement. You still haven’t change, Kanta. It’s arrangement. Carry my bag. Carry her bag,
what are you staring at? Kanta, tell me the truth,
who is this girl? Where have you brought her from? I can tolerate everything except this. Tell us the truth.
Don’t get us into trouble. We will be spending
our lives visiting courts. Where did you get her from? Uncle, she is Makhan’s… Makhan’s…
– Makhan’s what? Makhan’s to-be-bride, who else. That’s why he kept coming here.
Now I get it. Something is fishy.
– It’s much more than fishy. What is he saying?
– He says… …you should first hear us out. He is boss’s factory’s secretary. Okay. So she is Makhan’s to-be-bride
and the factory’s secretary. Two things together. Yes, I am secretary to the boss. You know secretary? And Mr. Kanta… Where have you brought me? I have some status. I cannot stay without air conditioner. What…
– I want to stay in a hotel. What is he saying? He says, when uncle and aunt
have happily accepted as guests.. ..and I am not facing any problems
then why are you complaining? Right. What’s her problem? Sorry. Sorry, boss. I’ll stay here. He is such a great man. Wonderful. You have given us
an opportunity to be at your service. Sir, if you permit,
we can cook a local chicken for you. Yes! He says go ahead? He says no.
– Why? He is saying no to local chicken? He is saying so right in front of you. He says don’t even talk
about chicken in front of me. He is pledged to stay vegetarian.
– Okay. Then I’ll add sugar in pure clarified
butter and serve it with flatbread. He is okay with it? He says no. He says he has diabetes
since the past 25 years. He cannot eat anything sweet. And he gets high blood pressure as
soon as he sees pure clarified butter. He likes simple Indian meal. Why is he shouting?
– Wait, I’ll get him some carom seeds. Get mint leaves.
– No. He says he isn’t hungry at all. He says if you insist he will
have some lentils with a flatbread. Okay.
– That’s it. Hey! Hey! You want me to starve to death here? You are worried about food? Uncle and aunt are getting
suspicious because of you. We will have to change our
location first thing tomorrow morning. We will have to stay where
everyone else is staying. Are you done? Kanta… What did he say? He says he likes the food you cook. Phooman, she is my aunt. Right. If she is your aunt… Then she is your aunt. Hey!
– Well… Shame on you. What have you done? Are you blind?
We are brushing our teeth. You don’t want to do any hard work. You only want everything
served to you on a platter. We work hard.
– Yes. But people will kill you
if you continue to deceive them. Get lost.
– I’ll punch you. One punch will kill you. There is no one who
will cry for you either. Listen… stop with your nonsense.
– Yes. The whole village will cry… When I don’t show them any movies. I will bring my own VCR for the movie. You will stand in a queue
to watch Makhan’s movies. Makhan’s movies! Everything else is fine,
but what is the story of the movie? Well, it goes like this. Movie begins with music. Music. – Begins with music.
– Yes. Camera pans from the tree
to the leaves and the hero. He is standing there
with a flower in his hand. The girl is standing beside him,
she is shy. Ready? Camera ready?
– Yes. Roll camera! Clap! Action! What is he doing? What do you want?
Why are you taking such a long route? Cut! Cut! Kanta, show him how
to give the flower. Phooman-ji, I do it?
– Yes. Look at this.
Hold this. Watch me. Help! Listen… I just asked you
to give her the flower.. ..and not to take
advantage of the situation. Give it to me. As if I care, you give it to her.
I don’t care. What are you trying to say,
that I don’t know anything? I am a director.
I know to enact every scene. Look at this. Watch me, son.
– Give it to me. Watch from here, casually. Get close to her and smile. Hold the flower like this… Look into her eyes… Yes. Like this. Okay.
– This is what is called a shot. Smile.
– Okay. Give me the flower. Clap! Action! Come here. Which family do you belong to? Have you come from Ravana’s family? Why were you laughing? Did I laugh? Just smile. Like this.
How? Like this.
– Yes. Give the flower to her, casually. Clap! Action! “I dedicate my life to you…” “I dedicate my life to you…” “There are many girls here,
but no one’s like you.” “I dedicate my life to you…” “There are many girls here,
but no one’s like you.” “I dedicate my life to you…” “You dwell in my eyes.” “You rule my dreams.” “You are a part of my tears.” “You are the one who intoxicates me.” “You dwell in my eyes.” “You rule my dreams.” “You are a part of my tears.” “You are the one who intoxicates me.” “Dreams have stolen my sleep,
what do I tell you…” “Dreams have stolen my sleep,
what do I tell you…” “There are many girls here,
but no one’s like you.” “I dedicate my life to you…” “There are many girls here,
but no one’s like you.” “I dedicate my life to you…” When I can make a
scooter run on kerosene.. ..then can’t I make
an animal become a star? I can. Sir, I hope I am doing a good job. Of massaging my legs. No, acting. Acting, my boy… Do you want me to be honest? Yes. You are doing very good. Saw? But if you do the
scenes as I tell then.. ..I am sure you will
become a star, someday. A famous star. A star, high in the sky. Don’t feel disheartened, Makhan. He possesses special powers. He can change anyone’s fate. What do you think I am,
a fate doctor? I am trying my best. Are you alright? Can’t you ask her that from there? I think she is fine,
but you aren’t. Phooman, why aren’t you coming out? Everyone’s waiting for you. I was setting the frame inside. Frames!
Are you going to make all the frames? Let them make some frames as well. I’m coming. This is a limit. Come out! Sister… What?
– Are you too going in there? No, I am standing here just for fun. “She used to take
water from the well…” Give me some then. You have it. It is very tasty.
– I took it from the tank. Damn you. Scoundrel. I won’t even be able to clean. Hurry up with the scene, sir. You have had me on
the tree since so long. I haven’t even gone to relieve myself. I am waiting to finish the scene
and you want to relieve yourself? Where is he? Kanta! Kanta! Hurry up. Why are you shaking like this? Do you have fever? In this scene you will… What is it called? You will be… yes, a pervert. A pervert? Yes, the one… who had no arms. That was Thakur. Get your facts right, you
just addressed Thakur as a pervert. But you behave like a pervert,
don’t you? It’s okay.
Let’s do one thing. You be Thakur. You have to take revenge from him. Go ahead and take your revenge. From him?
– Yes. Will you just keep shaking like that?
Won’t you say something? You said that I don’t have arms. You don’t have arms,
but you have tongue. Idiot. Do one thing.
You want to seek revenge… …so just shoot him. I still don’t have any arms. How will I shoot, with my legs? Then… Sir, give him something
small to kill him with. Something which he
can hold in his mouth. He can only whistle from his mouth. Idiots, this is a technical point,
let me think over it. Sir, you have invited trouble here. It would be better
if we do another scene. Now we will do the Basanti scene. Basanti, don’t dance
in front of these dogs. Idiots, which dogs? Where can you see dogs here. There are no dogs here. There is just one dog
who has been tied to the cot. You called me a dog? I am leaving.
I won’t do this scene. Brother! Listen to me.
Come here. Don’t feel bad, man. Don’t be upset.
Tie your hands back. Yes. Okay, we won’t address you as a dog. Can we call you a hippo? Hippo is a good animal. Can we call you a hippo? Fine, go ahead.
– Okay. He is now a hippo. Don’t address him as a dog. Fine, let’s do the scene. Sir, this looks just
like the movie Sholay. What’s different in it? It will be different, son. That was Sholay. This is Choli Puri. This is the blast scene.
We won’t be able to repeat it. When the hero and heroine
come on the cycle.. should behave
like you are on a horse. Come here and fall because
we have placed the bomb over here. You have to fall here
when the bomb blows up. Fall here and… …act like you
got injured because of the bomb. Okay?
This is a romantic scene. Enemies have placed a bomb. Okay?
Everything okay? Ready?
Camera… Sound! Okay.
– Take one! Action! Hey… where are you going? Are you going to drop her home? Your sister? Why don’t you understand? Get down from the cycle. I will do this scene without a cycle. Do this and come here. You are sitting in
front of him on a horse. I’ll make the horse in Bombay. Now why are you staring at me? Go, hurry up. We are losing day light. Sound! Camera! Action! Damn you… My dear… Before sunsets today… Makhan will be at your feet. Take a breather. Let us talk as well. Others can be easily deceived,
Hawaldar. But you too didn’t realize the truth? Like you didn’t realize
whether I am Hawaldar or Subedar.. ..I too didn’t realize. I don’t know how you
could believe in that idiot. I believed in his father
and gave him my sister. So why wouldn’t we give him the money? We will pay you back. We aren’t running
away with your money. We should first find out
what has he done with the money? What’s there to find out? I know, Makhan cannot do such a thing. That’s what I am saying. Kanta is behind this. He is responsible for everything. If feel like hanging Kanta. Watchman, take your gun with you. They will get scared. Open the door. Are you in there? Come on in.
Who is it? We are better off outside. We don’t enter cheat’s house. Ask Kanta to come out.
– Huh? Whom did you call a cheat? I mean calm down and
first tell us what’s wrong. These living souls are screaming
on top of their voices.. ..and saying that Makhan
ran away with their money. Go after Makhan if
Makhan took their money. Why are you here? Why are you troubling our boy? What does that naïve one know? Kanta used to always be with him. He must have taken the money. It was Makhan who eloped with a girl. You should feel ashamed
to say such a thing. How can he elope with a girl. He has just learnt to clean his bum. Yes.
– There it goes. No matter what you say,
I am not scared of anyone. Can’t you keep it in? Come on, brave one.
You should know when to fart. You fart whenever you feel like. Hey… Your fear is coming
out from a different source. What are you doing? Hey, why did you fire the gun? I didn’t fire it on purpose,
it just happened. How can it just happen? Just like you did, he did as well. No one care control firing, young man. You fired without a gun. So I can’t even fire from a gun? You idiots… …if you don’t
return our money in two days.. ..then I’ll teach you a lesson. We will take our money. I am warning you. Okay. So all this is because of a girl. I’ll teach you a lesson now. Come here, I want to tell you something.
– What? You know something
about Makhan and Kanta? They ran away with a girl. You do one thing…
– Yes? Go and inform everyone in the village.
– Okay. Listen, do you know
Makhan eloped with a girl? Rubbish, you don’t know anything.
You should know everything. Like you know everything. Malki, you will see, one day everyone
will talk about our love story. Like hell they will talk about it! They’ll say that there used to
be a scooter they used to travel in? They used to wander aimlessly. Don’t worry, Malki. If what I am trying, works out,
I’ll come in a big car to marry you. By the way, what are you doing? I can’t tell you that. Ew!
– I love you, Malki. What love you? Don’t make me see such
dreams if you can’t marry me. I am not making you see false dreams. I’m saying such things because
I’m the one who is going to marry you. My say doesn’t matter. Remember that we are
expecting that Canadian. “It is better if you
break all your illusions.” “How much longer shall you wait?” “Like a fool,
stop staring at the road forever.” “She stays with the angels.” “You will have to be patient.” “Sun won’t rise from west.” “Moon won’t ever come down to earth.” “It is better if you
break all your illusions.” My brother loves you like crazy. You won’t find a handsome boy like my
brother no matter how hard you search. I know. But you know how hard it
is to convince my uncle and aunt. Why do you look so sad today? Don’t be upset. It’s okay, if you can’t do it. But can’t I marry Makhan instead? What? How about some tea, my dear? What is wrong? Why did she leave? Have a seat. I was thinking… …we should get Malki
married as soon as possible. Why? What makes you say
such strange things today? Malki… She… She likes Makhan and she wants to… Have you lost your mind? I love Malki more
than my own daughter. I have fulfilled all her dreams. Get this straight. If she tries to dishonor
me then I shall be her worst enemy. You better let her know. Did you hear me? “Why do you expect the
taste of honey from salt cubes?” “Many Romeos suffered while
their Juliets stayed unaware.” “Many Romeos suffered while
their Juliets stayed unaware.” “This is what our fate
is going to be as well.” “Sun won’t rise from west.” “Moon won’t ever come down to earth.” “It is better if you
break all your illusions.” Kanta, make me a star. I want to marry Malki. You brought me here to say that? What will you do if
we don’t make the movie? You will throw me in front of a train? You will behead me? No Kanta, you are my brother. I believe in you. I know you will make me a big star. You know how much I love Malki. No, I don’t know. I didn’t tell you? No, you didn’t. Kanta, please make me a star. I want to marry Malki. Does she know you
are working in a movie? He thinks he is Ranjha. He is so eager to get married. Who do I talk do? My stomach aches. Malki…
– What? Malki? I’ll tell her.
Malki, do you know anything? There has been a catastrophe. You shouldn’t move around alone. The situation in
our village is very bad. What do you mean, Lambar? That cheat and sage
eloped with a girl. Which cheat and sage? Oh come on, tell her Tochan. Yes.
Slim waist… Don’t tell her about the girl. Tell her about Makhan and Kanta. Yes, they have eloped with a girl. Whose girl?
– We won’t know that. But the whole village
is talking ill about them. You don’t know? No Lambar, you must be mistaken.
– What? Kanta might do such a thing,
but not Makhan. Listen to me, Malki. It was our responsibility
to inform you. To explain it to you. You should go and tell
others in the village as well. So that they too should
stay away and be safe. Yes. Be careful, I say. Yes.
– Be careful. Done.
– Let’s go. Now we will have fun. Yes.
– Yes. What are you doing here? I want to sleep with you. Why?
– I am scared of the dark. Please forgive me.
But I am scared of you. Go away. Go! Kanta! Even witch skips a few houses. In your own house? I don’t know how many
houses a witch skips. But let me go.
– Tell me something… ….what mess have you
got Makhan into? I didn’t get him into any mess. Instead,
he is the one who has trapped me. One more thing,
he says that you have trapped him. What is this mess about a girl? Which girl? What mess? I don’t know anything, Malki. Everyone in the village is talking
about you two eloping with a girl. Look, tell me the truth or else I will
shout and gather all the villagers. Malki, believe me,
you are like a sister me. Makhan never has and
never will do anything wrong. I think you and I should support him. I don’t feel like believing in you. But now that you have
addressed me as sister.. ..please don’t break my trust. You know how much everyone trusts me. I won’t break your trust. We have reached aunt’s village. I’ll go and tell aunt
to cook chicken for us. As I am hungry.
– You want chicken? Don’t you know that everyone
goes vegetarian during this festival? I know, but the chicken
doesn’t know that. You are right. There is a lot of crowd gathered here. Is someone fighting?
– Not a fight. There are huge bulbs placed there. I think they are shooting a movie. Yes. Let’s go,
Yograj must be shooting here. Let’s go. She is hot. Have mercy, my Lord. He used to look dumb in the village. Makhan. Smooth. I am talking about him. I am talking about her. Come on! You are great. Cut! Cut! Who are these idiots who are getting
into the frame and ruining the scene? I’m Lambar.
Everyone knows me except you. This is great. The whole village
is trying to find you.. ..and here you are
watching a shooting. We aren’t watching a shooting,
we are making a movie. You aren’t watching, you are acting? That is great. I’ll go and
inform all the villagers right away. That you eloped with a
girl and are now shooting her. I beg to you, please don’t ruin it. Get lost from here.
Don’t beg. Don’t ask me to beg. Just give me a role in this movie. A scene where I kidnap the heroine. Then I will keep my mouth shut. Who will watch the
movie if you act in it? You or your father? Hello, Mr. Hat! You are acting strange. When Shakti Kapoor can
tease women then why can’t I? Fine, we will give you a scene.
– Yes, okay. Come here.
– Much better. Stand here.
Stand right here. Stand here. Much better.
– You stand behind him. You stand behind him, girl.
– Okay. That’s better. Wait…
– He is her brother. You will have to fight with him first. Then you can take kidnap the girl.
Okay? Okay, I’ll do a good job. Come on. Come on, let’s go for it.
– Go on. Very good.
– Get up, quickly. Very good. Get up. Go on. I want the girl. Great.
– Come on, my boy. Was the scene okay? No, no, no. How can the scene be okay? This was just a rehearsal. We will do this kind of
a rehearsal a couple of times. You will get beaten
up a couple of times. Listen to me. Hey…
Kanta, I cannot do fighting. Just make me kidnap
the girl and then… Put that scene.
– I’ll explain it to him. Don’t you understand? We are trying to say
that you cannot do this scene. You should leave.
– Why can’t I do it? Phooman-ji? Should I tell you why you can’t do it?
– I dare you to hit him now. There you go.
– No, Phooman-ji. He is with me. He is with you?
– Yes. No.
– No, Phooman-ji. Leave. Listen! I’ll make you lose your hat,
I’m warning you. You don’t know how
many contacts I have! Do your best! Get all the police that you want. Sir, please listen to me. They had kidnapped a girl. I stopped them and they attacked me. That one broke my teeth. Sir, I am an honest person.
I help everyone. They are cheats. Tell him, Tochan.
– Yes, sir. Slim waist, this tall… Not the girl,
tell him about how they hurt me. Yes, sir. They were about to kill him. Headman, what they did was wrong. Tell me girl, who kidnapped you. It is not my fault. If you want to ask, ask him. You tell me what is all this about. Actually,
we were making a movie with Makhan. In this movie… …this girl is the heroine. I brought her her. It’s nothing else.
I just don’t understand. Headman, you tell me,
what do you have to say about them? Inspector,
they are from the same village. They have said everything. If there is an issue,
I’ll handle it at the village. Headman, that means,
I won’t be getting justice here. Headman, now I will go to Prem Court. Shut up. He wants to go to Prem Court. It’s not Prem Court,
it’s Supreme Court. A court will be a court,
no matter what its name is. I want to go there.
– Enough. Forget it, Inspector. He is an idiot. I am shamed to even look at you. I am shamed to call you my son. You’ve embarrassed us in front of all
the villagers and all our relatives. You should have talked
to me before doing all this. I would have…
– Not a word. Shut up. He did what dreams you
have been doing all your life. I thought my child would be good. He is worse than you. Don’t you dare step out of the house! Go and take care of your fields now. Do you understand? Like father like son. Don’t cry. Artists and mendicants
are people closest to God. They are innocent beings. I promise… …you that I’ll… …bury the artist inside me. I shall never trouble you again. I won’t. For God’s sake… …don’t kill the artist inside Makhan. I will do as you say. Just support Makhan. You don’t know… Artists have delicate hearts. You should support him. I promise you I’ll kill the Yograj
which dwells inside me. I shall never trouble you again. I won’t.
Just give him your support. I beg to you. Support him. I’ll bury the artist in me forever. I will never trouble you again.
I won’t. How are you, Kanta? Got yourself insulted enough?
Got defamed? I am just joking, brother. You aren’t the only
one who got insulted. Phooman and I got insulted as well. I have written this story. We need to make movie. And we will keep you with us. For how long will you stay a spot boy? You should recognize your talent. Keep the passion of
doing something alive. If you need your brother even in the
middle of the night, just call out. Don’t worry at all. What is wrong, Phooman? Why aren’t you saying anything? Why are you so quiet? I lost my parents
because I loved movies. I lost my wife because
I didn’t have a job. Sadness is like a
close relative of mine. I am yearning to witness happiness. Kanta, I am yearning to witness… This… A hope had come to life
when we started making this movie. It was as if I was making
my life instead of a movie. That too has broken apart. Now I feel like… Now I feel like… What do you feel like, Phooman? I should find a big producer… Don’t worry, sir. You just found one. What? – Look, I have made
arrangements for the money. Here, you too fulfill
your dream along with Makhan. Don’t let the Yograj
that dwells inside you die. Great. But there is a problem.
– What? My father gave me the
money on one condition. What’s the condition?
– He wants a role in it. You just start the shooting,
then you can.. ..have even your maternal
and paternal family act in it. Listen to me… whenever we
meet them, let’s kill them. I’m with you. There he is, Lambar.
Let’s teach him a lesson. No don’t hit me.
– Don’t do this. – No! You can watch as many
movies as you want. No, don’t do this. Now do you want a role? He thinks he is Shakti Kapoor. Do whatever you please. Forgive me.
– Get lost. “You just wait and watch.” “Don’t you worry.” “Soon your beloved’s
movie will play on the VCR.” “Right, ants fly, and you lie.” “I doubt you’d ever be a star.” “You just wait and watch.” “Don’t you worry.” “Soon your beloved’s
movie will play on the VCR.” “Right, ants fly, and you lie.” “I doubt you’d ever be a star.” “He thinks he is some great artist.” So the scene goes like this. You are a hooligan and you are a hero. He has taken over your land. And you are here to take it back.
– Okay? I have already told you the dialogues. Okay?
– Okay? There is nothing to worry about. I am standing right here.
We will do the scene now. Okay? Is the camera ready?
– Ready. Roll camera. Sound… Take one… Okay.
Action! You have come to take
back your land all alone? You should have at least
brought a few men with you.. that I could kill
them and you could cry over them. Oh no. What are you doing, brother? Don’t do this.
Don’t feel scared. Father, you are always
possessed by Yograj. Where is your Yograj today?
– I’ll do it. I’ll do something. There should be a
rhythm in the dialogue. I mean, a dialogue
should have highs and lows. Okay.
– Do you understand? Like… Understood?
– Yes. Done.
Keep telling me and I’ll do it. This is great.
– Yes. High and low, done. Okay.
– Okay. Silence.
– No problem. Be with me, Goddess. Roll camera. Sound… Action! Father! Cut! I thought you just looked
like a music instrument.. ..and here you are,
actually playing notes. I am playing the same notes you had. Tell me, what should I do? Director, stick to one thing. Does he need to take
over the land so play music? Aunt…
I beg to you… This is a scene from a movie. In this scene he is supposed
to take over the land. He doesn’t need to
take over the instruments. Okay, I hope you understood. Let’s do it again. Okay! Roll camera… Action! If you wanted to take your land back.. ..then you should have at
least brought a few men with you.. that I could kill
them and you could cry over them. Hey! One’s land is like his mother,
Jagirdara! You don’t need an
army to save your land. That’s why I have come alone. Cut it! Very good! Well done! I did it!
I rocked it be it Jalandhar or Delhi! Well done. You were great. I can’t expect you
to do better than this. Very good. I am happy. Director! I too want a role. Look at the way you behave,
you’ll be soon rolling away. Lunch break. “Right, ants fly, and you lie.” “I doubt you’d ever be a star.” “Right, ants fly, and you lie.” “I doubt you’d ever be a star.” “You just wait and watch.” “Don’t you worry.” “Soon your beloved’s
movie will play on the VCR.” “You just wait and watch.” “Don’t you worry.” “Soon your beloved’s
movie will play on the VCR.” Doctor… Not a doctor, a director. Whatever. He has already taken
a lot of money from us. Can’t you take some more
money and feature us as well? Yes. Us? No, us.
– Okay. Kanta, it is so hot in here. Should I blow at you? Kanta, why don’t you cool me down? What do you want? Cool me down. No, thank you. Damn you. No, thank you. Kanta, we will do our next
movie in a foreign location. It is very hot in Punjab. I feel like kidnapping you, girl. But I am helpless. Have some shame,
she is old enough to be your daughter. Shut up, I am memorizing my dialogues. Come on… You look beautiful.
– So… Listen carefully, everyone. When I say action… You will have to shoot
and make the sound bang! When he will shoot at you,
he will say bang.. ..and then you will fall down. Shot is ready. Sound… What is this monkey up to? No one will disturb us.
Silence. Roll camera… Hey… What are you looking at? Stand here.
– What is he doing? Why are you standing like this?
So weakly? Didn’t you have
anything to eat at home? Now you have become stiff as a board. Normal. Yes, like this. You have a gun in your hand. Hold it. Anger on your face. Are you angry or are you crying? Show anger on your face. Pop your eyeball out. Yes. Like this.
You are about to shoot him. At least let me say action first. You fell even before he shot you. He didn’t shoot?
– Wait for me to say action. Okay.
Sound… Roll camera… Take… Who asked you to clap? Come here. Shot is ready. Camera… Roll camera… Sound… Take two… Act… Won’t you let me complete? Okay. Scene is ready. Sound… Camera… Take two… Action! Bang! Fall down already, uncle.
The bullet has gone past Taran Taaran. Brother… Yes?
– You have been shot at… not possessed. So, everything ready?
– Yes. Okay then. Roll camera… Sound… Action! Bang! Cut! Cut! You shall now march past now. March past! Hey you… Where are you going? Huh? Did I ask you to come here? Here, take this gun. Stand here. So… Point the gun at him. Now he will shoot and you will die. Sound… Roll camera… Take three… Action! Did you kill him? Father? What happened? Father? Get up!
– Uncle? – Huh? Uncle?
– Get up! Are you live?
Hello, father? Say something.
– Father? What is wrong? He is alive. You scared us. He was joking. Come with me. No, Kanta. I’ll lose Malki if
anything goes wrong. You are anyway going to… I mean, you’ll get it.
Come on. Look over there. Look at it. Look in front of you.
Your posters everywhere. Damn you! You…! Wonderful. Damn! Very good! Amazing! Very good movie. It was very good. Malki! Malki! You know what happened
at the cinema hall today? I don’t know. Tell me,
why did you ask me to come here? Malki, Kanta indeed
fulfilled my dream. I have become a star today. That’s okay but what about our dream? Our dream? What was that? If you don’t know then let it be. That foreigner is coming
over day after tomorrow. You are invited for my wedding. Now only Kanta can help me out. Have all the arrangements
been made properly? We shouldn’t fall short of anything. Hello, sister.
– Hello Sister, please don’t
do anything that.. ..embarrasses me in front of
all my relatives and the villagers. Headman I am not here to ruin the
atmosphere or to cause any trouble. I am here for the sake
of Makhan and Malki’s happiness. Sister, Malki’s happiness
isn’t different from ours. Uncle… Whatever I am, it is because of Malki. If Malki hadn’t told
me to be someone.. ..then I wouldn’t have become a star. What will I do with all the
fame if Malki doesn’t stay in my life. Sister, we are happy that a boy
from our village has become a star. But you should understand
our helplessness as well. Let’s go and eat something there. This man… He looks familiar. Isn’t he the one who
made the movie Vada Kalakar? It’s him. What is he doing here? Malkhan… And Malki…
everyone in the village knows. They are like this. Hey hero… I saw your movie Vada Kalakar. You did an okay job in it. I am getting engaged to Malki today. Make sure you have
something before you leave. Your movie was okay… But I didn’t like the heroine. Shall I suggest a heroine
for your next movie? What do you mean, brother?
I didn’t get you. It won’t take long to understand. Look over there. There’s your heroine. Go Makhan,
live your life to the fullest. There’s your Malki. Go on. Couldn’t you wait for me? What was the hurry? Why should I wait for you? Didn’t your elope with a girl already? Stupid, I didn’t
run away with any girl. She was the heroine of our movie. If I had to elope with someone
then wouldn’t I elope with you? Anyway, the values my mother
has taught me don’t allow me to elope. Really?
– I always wanted… …to respectfully get married to you
following all customs and traditions. And now I shall get married to you. Kanta…
Bro, I too want to become a star. I can see the passion required
to be a star inside you. Please help me. What business do you have? I have truck transport business. By chance, if you’ll have to sell a
truck or two, will that be a problem? I don’t understand. Well… I mean, don’t worry. I’ll make you a star.
– Really? I can shoot your movie overseas. “Don’t get so cozy.” “He thinks he’s a star.” “He keeps loitering around,
doing nothing.” “And he claims he has many offers.” “He keeps loitering around,
doing nothing.” “And he claims he has many offers.” “Amitabh, Dharmendra, Shatru,
Jitendra, they are the real stars.” “You just wait and watch.” “Don’t you worry.” “Soon your beloved’s
movie will play on the VCR.” “You just wait and watch.” “Don’t you worry.” “Soon your beloved’s
movie will play on the VCR.” “I never waste any time…” “You can see how well
I do in the movies of mine.” “I never waste any time…” “You can see how well
I do in the movies of mine.” “Yograj, Guggu Gill,
everyone will quiver…” “Even Hema Malini will
want to be my lover.” “Right, ants fly, and you lie.” “I doubt you’d ever be a star.” “Right, ants fly, and you lie.” “I doubt you’d ever be a star.” “Don’t try to compete with them.” “It is not right to dream big.” “Don’t try to compete with them.” “It is not right to dream big.” “Don’t try to fool me.” “Use your brains.” “You should rather
concentrate on your business.” “You just wait and watch.” “Don’t you worry.” “Soon your beloved’s
movie will play on the VCR.” “You just wait and watch.” “Don’t you worry.” “Soon your beloved’s
movie will play on the VCR.” “Now fusion, baby.” “Every dog has his day.” “Don’t worry, I am not bluffing.” “Every dog has his day.” “Don’t worry, I am not bluffing.” “Stop it!” “What will you gain
from this lousy work?” “My pride is at stake.” “I am addicted to acting.” “Everyone admires a superstar.” “You just wait and watch.” “Don’t you worry.” “Soon your beloved’s
movie will play on the VCR.” “Right, ants fly, and you lie.” “I doubt you’d ever be a star.” “You just wait and watch.” “Don’t you worry.” “Soon your beloved’s
movie will play on the VCR.” “Right, ants fly, and you lie.” “I doubt you’d ever be a star.” “He thinks he is some great artist.”

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