Van McCann on Catfish and the Bottlemen, his life & British colloquialisms || Baeble Music

Van McCann on Catfish and the Bottlemen, his life & British colloquialisms || Baeble Music

♪ I got misled, mistook, discard.
Anything that I said ♪ ♪ I’m not the type to call you up drunk,
But I’ve got some lies to tell. ♪ ♪ She hates her work but loves to flirt.
It’s a shame, she don’t work with me. ♪ – I wouldn’t even bother to talk about my
music if it was interesting, we even talked about this the other day. I would
not even bother, I’d just lick his face then squeeze his ass and then lick it out.
There was a documentary when we got in and like the way he talks about his songs
like he’s almost like the voice-over guy for theater trailers and he’s like “I
wrote this song about my partner, I was really down and out” and you know like it
got all this music in the background and it’d be cheesier with anybody else but the
fact that you could probably kick anybody’s ass saves him so. ♪ But I only ever put out for you,
You know it’s obvious you don’t try. ♪ ♪ [music] ♪ I got spotted in like Subway, you got
Subway over here, oh, you started it, yeah, well, I got spotted in Subway the
other day which is weird, oh, getting there. Our gigs were getting spotted
because people were coming to see us so you know they noticed so it’s not like
everyday life, it’s like if we’re playing a gig in say like Manchester and we’re
like walking around and people know us because they go into the gig that night
you know so it’s still kind of small really but it’s just really exciting, it’s
really, really cool and people are just going a bit nuts and that’s just, it’s
just great to kind of have people believe in us and stuff like
that you know and they would respond to our music
so well really. ♪ But, I only ever put out for you,
You know Its obvious you don’t try ♪ – Well, in England I don’t know about over
here but if you leather something like if you leather a football you’d proper like
kick it as hard as you can do you know what I mean so like you belt it or if
you’re in a fight and you leather someone, it’s like a horrible expression but it’s
like you’d beaten them down. – That is just like leather I just thought
of quite a cool, like battle me with your lips do you know what I mean? I have
always like write good songs so that’s a good right one cause everyone’s saying our
songs aren’t good enough so. ♪ You give me problems
And made me give in to you ♪ ♪ Her dealer hates me you know
He used to see her but she sold ♪ – Like cause and you know we’re a band
before and anybody who had heard of us in the U.K. so it’s like we gigged for 5
years before people even knew us so like when people are saying to us now, “You’re
just blowing up out of nowhere!” It’s like the complete opposite, we have been like
grafting it for ages so like to come, we come straight off like a U. K. tour which
was like all sold out and it was amazing and then come over here and then like we
played in D.C. to like 20 people I guess but it was great, it was like, it was kind
of like knowing something that everybody else didn’t because it was like starting
again but with all the knowledge of being together for ages do you know what I mean
so it’s like to other people, it’s like starting again but we feel like we’re
ahead of the game because we know what we’re doing now, do you
know what I mean? ♪ You can leather me
with your lips ♪ – We have played in Scotland the other
week and we got put up in this dead nice hotel and like we’re from kind of nowhere
like that so like when we turned up with all these guys that had suits on them,
they’re like “Come in” and they went into my room and they had like Mr. McCann on TV
and it was playing like Jazz music and stuff and added a swimming pool in it was
just like mental and there was all these people like, I think girls went in there
like in dresses, you know like dressed really nice to hopefully like to meet a
celebrity or something like Kingslayer stayed in the same hotel and like I went
into my room and I was just like “Fuck, this is amazing!” and like I could hear my
mate in other room like going “Oh my God!” like screaming, I was in this room just
going crazy and then we went downstairs and we met some other bands and we were
like you know “How good is this place?” and they were like “It’s all right” and I
was like “You don’t even know what it’s like” because we worked so hard like from
nowhere, we used to like steal everything and sleep in the van and like proper bums
life and then to have that, it was just crazy and we ordered room service and he
came up with a big trolley and I thought he was going to assassinate us just like a
James Bond film just fucking ace, that was my most, that was my proudest moment
because it felt like, it felt like to be able to do that again you know just from
playing tunes and stuff, to never have had something like that and then to get it,
like earn it you know, it’s crazy so we just stayed up all night and just drank
cocktails and pretended we were rock stars for a bit then Kingslayer came in and we
went to bed. ♪ When you say that you don’t need me
And you are nothing without me ♪ ♪ But Babe
You know I’ve tried and failed ♪ ♪ But you just don’t know
how it feels to lose ♪ ♪ something you never had
and never will ♪ – I think that’s a good note to end on.
You mind doing a quick, little bumper? – Not at all, what’s a bumper? Like drugs?
You’re trying to sell me drugs like a bum? – This is Van from Catfish and the
Bottlemen you’re watching Baeble Music or some variation of that to
which this camera right here. – This is Van from Catfish and the
Bottlemen and this is my bumper for Baeble Music, sup man?

39 thoughts on “Van McCann on Catfish and the Bottlemen, his life & British colloquialisms || Baeble Music

  1. yeah, that's not what "leather me with your lips " means. I think he wrote something he didn't understand (though if you look at the line before, maybe he did understand and is being all coy now).

  2. I wouldve loved to be in that group on 20 people in DC. <3 <3 <3 I will be your biggest fan out here in Richmond Virginia in June!

  3. My first memory of the bottlemen was in a little pub paddy's bar in london, van had text me to see if I could get him a dvd of a band called Milburn. It was my first bottlemen gig too, you just knew they were going to make it! I went home buzzing that night, Absolutely blown away!
    I never missed a gig after whenever they played in london….

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