Vegan Fried Catfish Sandwich Recipe (8.17.12 – Day 5) Fried Zucchini Fish Fillet Planks

42 thoughts on “Vegan Fried Catfish Sandwich Recipe (8.17.12 – Day 5) Fried Zucchini Fish Fillet Planks

  1. Girl you are so Anyway, I think I may try this! I don't think I'll cut the zucchini that thick and I may even try frying battered tofu. I was also thinking of adding corn meal to the batter to make it more "southern fried". Thanks for posting!

  2. I love watching your vids. I am from the south & I live up north. You remind me of home and of myself. You are so smart and funny! Thanks

  3. i tried vegan hot dogs today oh maa gawwd i almost puked… and even ask i had the after taste in my mouth for like 30 minutes it was horrible

  4. i can't count the number of times i laugh out loud while watching your videos! "i can prolly make a plank of something into fish!" adorable!!!

  5. I am going to need this project to end with a book– at the VERY least an ebook! Please start working on it now, so I don't have to keep bugging you later πŸ™‚

  6. Marinating the zucchini in kelp, soy milk and seasonings will give you a fish taste. You should also mix the wheat flour with corn meal to get the overall presentation right.

  7. drooling over here ! It would be so awesome for you to put out a vegan southern cuisine cookbook. Just a thought And you look gorgeous in your vids. Being vegan is a challenge at times but it does have its perks.

  8. Can u do a video with what basics one should have in there kitchen to bake and to sesson vegan food recipies to also vintners etc..,

  9. Viniger and salts oils etc.. Also for vegan chesses. . I just starated on my vegan path loving it due to all the support and help on you tube. .

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