Vegan Fried Chicken Recipe – Southern Vegetarian Fried Chicken – Vegan Soul Food

Vegan Fried Chicken Recipe – Southern Vegetarian Fried Chicken – Vegan Soul Food

Vegan Fried Chicken Recipe Hey my Sweet V’s, it’s The sweetest Vegan here. Today on the show, we will be making vegan southern fried chicken. I loved fried chicken growing up. It is like entrenched in my soul. So today on the show we will be fixing
that southern girl crave. Here we go. We are going to start this recipe my heating canola
oil over medium high heat in a large skillet And then in a shallow bowl or pan, I
am going to add all purpose flour and some salt free seasoning blend. I am using fat free, because it is already enough fat
in vegan fried chicken, or mock chicken, from the oil and you have enough salt in the marinated vegan chicken already Then I am going to add nutritional yeast for some extra flavor Then I am going to mix together my wet ingredients.
I am add ing mustard to a bowl then diluting that with water. I am going to give that a good stir until is it all dissolved. Then I am going to add some of that flour
that we just mixed together into the wet ingredients. This is just going to thicken it up. Have you ever
made fried chicken and dredged it in egg first. That is what this mixture in kind of like. Then back to my flour mixture. I didn’t want to add baking powder to
the egg like mixture, but I am going to add it now. For our mock vegan chicken, I am using Gardein chicken breast. You do not have to use the Tuscan breast. It
is just all my Whole Foods at the time. It is just some marinara on the side, so you can
just ignore that and save it for some pasta later. We are just going to use the mock vegan chicken breast We are going to dip the vegan chicken
breast in the mustard egg dredging and then dip the vegan chicken breast into the flour. You want to make sure it is fully covered because that is
where your crispy crunchy crust is going to come from that I love so much from fried chicken So make sure it is full covered, not too much excess,
but you want to make sure it is fully coated. And then into the fryer it goes. This was such an exciting project for me. I honestly have
not been in the south or had fried chicken since I have been vegan, of course, because it’s meat I haven’t had vegan fried chicken either, because I
don’t eat at that many vegan restaurants So this was an excellent thing for me to do for myself at home. And I was just amazed that the crust got this crispy. That is my favorite part about fried chicken That is my favorite part about fried chicken Honestly, I don’t crave that much meat anymore, so I
don’t eat that much tofu or faux meat But just to have that crispy crunchy fried
crust just made my dreams come true. That’s it for today guys, Bye. Vegan Fried Chicken Recipe – Vegetarian Fried Chicken Recipe

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  1. Love your spirit it is so cheerful. When I became vegetarian it was a process for me. I am vegan now but people asked me how I became like this. Your channel is great for the person who needs help with their transition to vegetarianism and also just for some tasty vegetarian food. Many blessings to you and great success.

  2. Theirs is no wrong way to veganism. People focus on animals and lack humility for human life, go figure. Myself Vegan to stay off medication which works and I will enjoy this recipe. Several Vegan doctors are totally against eating tree nuts because of fat content. It's about moderation and little individualism.

  3. well just as she stated if you choose to eat it or not that's your choice, but vegan are truly suppose to stick to fruits veggies beans some organic things such as seasoning or black or brown rice but really no processed foods but if you're just starting off congrats! and do whatever works best for you but I think adding vegan chicken to your diet is a bad idea, I never tried it but it looks too much like the real thing,& try coconut flour vs all purposes flour!

  4. Wow. Thank you for the yummy looking recipe. I'm changing to a plant based diet and this will definitely help me through my Sunday fried chicken craving days. Perhaps that will keep me from falling off the wagon so much. 🙂 You have some of the yummiest looking vegan recipes I've seen around the web and in cookbooks. You make eating vegan look tasty.

  5. Wow! being vegan myself I just had to try this and I've found that using British "lard" seems to make it much crispier and gives it an almost meatier taste? Lovely food as always Tasha! keep it up

  6. I love southern vegan girls soo cute

    I took the vegan sean to far ones sandwich vegan my familie are posole fat whith Budweiser resipe

  7. Great recipe, but it has nothing about being "vegan"!!
    Meaning of vegan is: noun a person who does not eat or use animal products.

  8. I don't have anything against being vegan but I'm not a fan of the recipes that try to pose as though they are recipes with meat. I'm sure this meal is good but it is NOT fried chicken and in a lot of ways I think it could shine more if it wasn't trying to pretend to be fried chicken. For another example, I don't need my faux meat burger patties to try extra hard to convince me that they are beef patties both because it's never going to happen AND there are a lot of ways to make a veggie or tofu burger taste even better than traditional hamburgers in their own way if the cook accepts what they are. Also, the desire to imitate what one can't have really shows a lack of commitment to the diet and lifestyle, anyway.

  9. I've just made the decision to be a vegan this year. Thank you so much for your videos! You have all the things that I can make for my little indulgences from time to time ;P

  10. You are sooo…ignorant coming on here being negatuve thats alot coming from someone with a nsme called makingnewnameisdumb sweetie you must be a really young child

  11. You act as if we eat this everyday idiot and she just said that she doesn't eat alot of pho meat most vegans rsrely eat this everyday we all have our cravings and sometim people request videos

  12. For you "Vegans with a Cause," would you PAH-LEEZE stop clicking on faux meat videos and ranting about semantics (i.e., "vegetarian fried chicken").  We KNOW it's not chicken, mmmkay???  But there are LOTS of people (like me) who enjoy the taste of meat, but are transitioning from eating it for a number of reasons, so we are looking for recipes that are familiar to us.  People become vegetarians and vegans for many different reasons, and many don't have socio-political reasons why, so please SAVE IT!  Don't click on the video if you don't want FRIED CHICKEN!!!  As for me?  This looks darned tasty!

  13. I literally JUST finished making this per YOUR recipe. AMAZING! I want to upload pictures. It's just too pretty so be so good! Thanks!! I'm not vegan but I'm thinking about it. I told myself that if I tried this, and liked it, I would try other things, too. Went grocery shopping earlier–got a whole 'buncha stuff. I am so excited. GIRL.

  14. Tried this today and it was especially great because my husband who loves fried chicken LOVED this! Vegan dinner including the fried corn, cabbage, green beans and cornbread. Seasoned the veggies with garlic & onion salt free season blend and smoked paprika. 

  15. glad you can buy these imitation meat items at your local grocery stores .
    THIS Is NOT real Chicken Breast PEOPLE / LoL : ]

  16. come on girl, how can you deny yourself fried chicken? you said it yourself, it's in your southern soul, think about those bbq ribs you're missing too.

  17. Not into processed foods myself, to many things in the ingredients.  I have learned to eat cleaner and make 98% of my chick'n (fried, baked, bar-be-qued, etc.)  from seitan.  I also make my own sausage, roasts, and "ground" crumbles too.  I love knowing and being able to explain my finished yummy products and boy do I save money try it!

  18. What is gardein breast chicken breast, exactly? I'd prefer not to have buy speciality foods, if I don't have to, or can't find it at my local grocery.

  19. Looks good , love the tang of the mustard dredge! Thanks for sharing , my son and his family are Vegetarians and I always like to share recipes with them!

  20. Excited to try this (and I LOVE gardein! great meat substitute) — and this is probably a dumb question, but did you thaw the gardein, or throw it in still frozen?  It seems like thawing it first might overcook it before the batter it totally done, but on the other hand, I don't want to wind up with cold, mushy centers in my delicious fried chick'n.

  21. I think that It's important for non vegans to understand, that some if us don't miss meat per SE, it's a texture issue. We'd like a variety if texture and crunch in our food. Recipes like this offer that variety that most crave in their meals.

  22. I think that It's important for non vegans to understand, that some if us don't miss meat per SE, it's a texture issue. We'd like a variety if texture and crunch in our food. Recipes like this offer that variety that most crave in their meals.

  23. THANKS! really.. haha it was a simple receipt but it was good i actually kinda changed it i put salt paprika powder or something some pepper and some garlic powder in. and some salt in the mustard flower mixture it was AMAZING and i had some left overs from the flower and mixture so i fried spinach.. it sounds weird but it actually tastes so GOOD! but thanks again.

  24. I just made this with tofu and it's so delicious!! Here is what I did differently:

    1. Squeezed tofu and freezed it.
    2.Unfreezed tofu and squeezed the water out.
    3. I didn't have baking powder so I did a combo of baking soda+vinegar
    4. Added panko bread crumbs to the dry flour mixture along with some of my favorite seasonings.

    Thank you tons! Loved this recipe and will be using it often ! 🙂

  25. Girl, just showing your glowing face and enthusiasm when preparing the mock-chicken makes me going to my kitchen again… shame you're not giving the recipe for the non-chicken breasts. I don't have access to the supermarket product you've showed…

  26. No Canola OIL!!! Or if you must use Canola Oil please use expeller-pressed Canola Oil not the crap shown in this video. And an even better alternative is Coconut Oil ( although it is very expensive)

  27. This is great. I want to share my Eastern Cherokee culture and food with vegan friends, and fried chicken is a big part of our church dinners. Thank you so much!

  28. i'm so excited to try this! i've missed the crust of fried chicken for so long and love gardein, so this should be awesome!!!

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