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so pickuplines video recently reached 1 million views and I’m having a really hard time wrapping my head around that in that particular video I had shared with you different breakfast ideas and so as a celebration and as a thank-you I thought I would share with you two more of my breakfast favorites in this video I’m going to show you how to make your own homemade of vegan Nutella as well as your own a homemade jam and I guarantee that if you make this you will love it so much you will never go back to buying the store-bought varieties again you know the ones with all the added oils and added sugars and I genuinely mean it when I say that I prefer the taste of these ones so much more so the fact that they’re more wholesome and nourishing is just an added plastically so let me show you how to make these really easy recipes and I’m also going to share with you how I like to enjoy them either as breakfast or for a snack so let’s get started we start by making the homemade chocolate spread and as you can see it’s a dense pile of hazelnut and chocolate goodness in fact if you flip it upside down you’d see just how dense it really is to make this we need very few wholesome ingredients for the exact amounts that you’ll need to make this recipe see the blog post link which can be found in the description box to begin replace the raw hazelnuts on a cookie sheet and evenly distribute then roast in the oven at 350 Fahrenheit or 180 Celsius for about 10 to 12 minutes stirring once half way after the hazelnuts have cooled pick them up a handful at a time and rub them between the palms of your hands to remove the skin like so then toss the hazelnuts back and forth between both hands so that the skin falls from between your fingers and set the peeled hazelnuts aside then add the hazelnuts to a high-speed food processor and blend on high for 5 minutes stopping occasionally to scrape down the sides now you are going to want to use a food processor rather than a blender because food processors can handle the more dry mixtures that haven’t had any liquid added to it as is the case with this stage of the recipe during these five minutes you’ll see the hazelnuts go from a flower like consistency to a thick nut butter consistency and finally a thin nut butter consistency which is where you’ll want to stop it at this stage you can add the remaining ingredients such as the cocoa powder state maple syrup coconut oil plant-based milk salt and the pure vanilla extract then blend it again on high for an additional three to five minutes scraping the sides as needed until smooth and well incorporated when it’s finished you will have a mixture that looks like this and you can see that the chocolate spread is very thick and sticky which is how I personally prefer it but if you want a smoother texture just add more plant milk at this stage otherwise you just scoop it into an airtight jar to store in the fridge now there are no shortages of ways to enjoy this homemade chocolate spread but even still I’ll give you a few ideas you can use it as a dip for fresh fruit and of course nothing beats a strawberry and chocolate combo in my opinion or you can spread it onto your morning toast or make these banana tortilla wraps which can be enjoyed by both kids and adults alike of course it’ll also go well on crepes or with some breakfast pancakes too finally you can spread this homemade vegan Nutella onto some rice cakes or crackers as a quick and simple yet nourishing and insanely satisfying snack now with that being said and done let’s move on to making this homemade berry chia seed Jam this recipe calls for just four ingredients and takes only five minutes to prepare now I do recommend using frozen over fresh berries only because they release extra moisture when defrosted this is important for the chia seeds specifically which absorb this extra moisture which allow it to gel and achieve a thick Jam consistency for the amount that you’ll be needing to make this recipe just follow the link which can be found in the description box begin by adding the berries to a bowl and microwave for up to three minutes or until defrosted stopping to stir on occasion add the juice and chia seeds and mix together and here is the important part you’re going to want to mash the mixture with the back of a fork to release the extra moisture that’s being held within the berries this should take you about a minute then you want to let the mixture sit at room temperature for 30 minutes again stirring once halfway just to make sure that the chia seeds are evenly distributed after this your jam mixture should be thickened as shown here and ready to eat it’s really that simple just add it to an airtight jar to be stored in the fridge I love chia seed jams because it’s loaded with antioxidants and natural sweetness from the berries not to mention the fiber and essential omega-3 fats from the chia seeds jam has never been so healthy as for how to enjoy this I have many recommendations you can add it to your oatmeal in the morning for extra natural sweetness and flavor or you can spread it onto your toast with peanut butter as you would enjoy with any other jam and my personal favorite is on breakfast parfaits with my homemade granola and some soy yogurt you can equally enjoy this jam as a snack – just as we did with the Nutella so for example on some rice cakes or crackers to satisfy your sweet tooth with a wholesome food choice that tastes more like dessert than it does a snack and that’s it it is that easy to make your own homemade chocolate spread or your own homemade jam and you know every time I make these recipes I tell myself it’s going to last us an entire week or two but that’s not the whole truth because it tastes so good we ultimately end up finishing it way faster than that but there’s no kills associated with it anymore I mean three or four years ago I would have had an entire tub of Nutella and felt terrible about it but at least now I know they’re made with such a wholesome ingredients and so if you have any kids who like chocolate or have a sweet tooth I’m sure they love these recipes so if you give them a try let me know how it goes in the comments section and as always you can find a link to the blog post for this recipe or the recipe PDF both in the description box below so that’s it for today thanks a lot for watching I’ll see you next week [Music]

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