Vegan Recipe: Best Breakfast Burrito | The Edgy Veg

Vegan Recipe: Best Breakfast Burrito | The Edgy Veg

[candice] mmm [candice] you should make this [candice] today on The EdgyVeg, i’m going to show you how to make a loaded BREAKFAST BURRITO. [candice] using The Vegg’s Scramble as our egg. [candice] woo! [candice] fancy. [candice] the first thing we are going to do is make our vegan egg, [candice] and today we are going to use The Vegg Scramble. [candice] it’s from the same company that makes the egg yolks that i like to use. [candice] so we are going to use some soy milk so make sure if you’re using [candice] The Vegg Scramble that you are using soy milk or almond milk. [candice] rice milk won’t work for this. [candice] and then we’re going to add The Vegg Scramble powder, [candice] and we’re just going to whisk it up. [candice] whisky, whisky, whisky. [candice] you want it to froth up with this and that’s how you know that you’ve mixed it enough. [candice] so the reason you want to use soy milk is that you need the soy protein in order to make the mixture work. [candice] and now we’re going to put this onto a frying pan. [candice] so on our hot pan, [candice] we’re just going to pour our Vegg Scramble mixture, [candice] and this is a dry pan. we’re not adding any oil or anything to it. it’s a non stick dry pan. [candice] and then we’re just going to let this sit on the pan and cook for about 10 minutes with a low heat. [candice] for the beans in our burrito, we just have some black beans here that i mixed with some taco seasoning. [candice] so i’m just going to mash them up. i don’t want them to be totally mashed but [candice] even half and half of mashed beans and whole beans. [candice] now we’re going to add the vegan egg yolk from The Vegg as well that you’ve seen me used in other videos. [candice] we’re just going to start scrambling. [candice] and then we’re going to let it sit. [candice] for a little bit longer. [candice] so just add salt and pepper or whatever spices you want. [candice] and let it sit there for another 5 minutes or so. [candice] and you can add- if you have a favourite vegan meat that you’d like to use. [candice] so just add those in there. it’s kind of like [candice] making homemade vegan bacon. [candice] except you can eat it raw. [candice] now we are going to make our BURRITO! [candice] you can add some vegan cheese, [candice] whatever vegan cheese is your favourite. [candice] then we are going to add our beans. [candice] can’t have a burrito without beans! [candice] gonna add some avocado. [candice] look how colourful and beautiful our burrito is! [candice] gonna do some salsa, [candice] we like hot sauce around here so i’m going to add some hot sauce, [candice] this is totally optional, obviously. [candice] at this point, our like egg and meat and cheese mixture [candice] is ready so add some of that. [candice] this is like a really healthy vegan breakfast if you think about it. [candice] it’s really high in protein, you have fats, you have- [candice] hot sauce! [candice] it’s all part of a complete balanced breakfast diet? [candice] anywho, we’re going to wrap this! [candice] oh so carefully, and i always put too much. let’s see if i [candice] manage to practise some self-restraint. [candice] and we’re just going to roll it over, folding in the sides. [candice] then we’re going to pop this on a hot pan. [candice] until it starts to brown on the bottom so check up on it. [candice] so make sure you flip to get the other side too cos we have cheese on both sides. [candice] and then you have delicious BREAKFAST BURRITOS! [candice] to serve to all your friends or yourself because you’re vegan and you can’t go out to eat for brunch so you make these. [candice] and they’re better. [candice] and there you have it! a delicious vegan BREAKFAST BURRITO using The Vegg Scramble. [candice] i’ll leave a link below if you’re interested in purchasing The Vegg. [candice] make sure that you subscribe if you like this video, give it a big huge thumbs up! [candice] and uhh, we’ll see you next time! [candice] mm! so good! [candice] A+ for me. [candice] bye! [candice] bye.bye. BYeeee! [candice] you know, i stand up here week after week making awesome videos. [candice] but if you weren’t watching them, i wouldn’t have a reason to make videos! [candice] so thanks so much for watching! [candice] and thank you for coming back every week! [candice] and if you haven’t subscribed, you should subscribe.

49 thoughts on “Vegan Recipe: Best Breakfast Burrito | The Edgy Veg

  1. We've done an article on where to find some of the best vegan recipes over at you can check it out here 🙂

    Feel free to give any comments/criticisms in the comments!

  2. Thank God you are here!!
    I am a mother of 5 sons and about two months ago 2 of my sons and myself chose to go vegetarian. Having to make two lots of meals ( 1 for the meateaters, and 1 for the vegetarians ) is now becoming a chore and I despaired if I would ever convince my other sons that it would be healthier for them to become vegetarians as well.
    I try to make as many meatless meals as possible each week and now I am running out of ideas.
    I accidentally came across you and I couldn't be happier.
    Now, there can be NO EXCUSES in this home to eat healthier and wiser.
    I hope that my family can continue on our journey with you as you truly are a breath of fresh air!!!

  3. Can we start some kind of petition to have more vegan products in Canada, please???? Ordering online costs way too much. Maybe we need to petition more people to become vegan…? "If you build it, they will come"… I think that quote could work both ways. BTW, love love love your channel! Xoxo

  4. If you live somewhere that allows you to have chickens, as long as the egg isn't fertilized, it is cruelty free and cruelty free + no life form = Vegan. Vegans can eat eggs.

  5. you should open a vegan brunch restaurant … in eastern PA preferably. lol please… even a food truck.. I'll invest.. haha

  6. I'm trying vegetarianism and so far I feel great! But I see this lady spending 15+ minutes on breakfast (10+ minutes cooking wanna-be eggs). That doesn't make sense… Regular chicken eggs are natural, and it doesn't hurt the chicken. Not to mention, the chicken's going to lay eggs anyways…
    My main point is that this takes way too long to make. I respect her views and this video (And the food looked good), but I don't understand why she would think it's a good idea to put so much time into that which could be so simple.

    No offense to anyone. I do still think this is a good video.

  7. I've recently just purchased the vegg as a vegan of almost five years. I'm not sure if I'm making it wrong according to the package instructions, but to me it always tastes chalky! HELPP!!!!

  8. Try using Baru Nuts, been using them since I discovered them in Brazil the taste is amazing and goes well with everything nutritionally they are out of this world.

  9. I've tried that vegg egg and did not care for the taste and it's expensive. Tofu scramble better good recipe otherwise

  10. I havn't tried to many vegan recipes but i'm trying to give more things a go, this ones on the list for sure. I was looking for something similar to this one

  11. Already have a chick pea flour egg prepped , and ready to go.. just need the beans , avocado, cheese, and tortillas. Thanks for sharing your recipes..

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