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Greetings and salutations denizens of YouTube
land. It is J-Wro, your resident vegan chef extraordinaire. How are
you guys doing? Welcome to the J-Wro Show. We’re going to be rocking a great
vegan superfood recipe once again for you here today. What do I got for
you? I got a quinoa tempeh salad, super high protein,
super fooded out to the max, great taste, with a little bit of curry,
a little bit of lettuce, tomato. Fennel is up in this house. I think
we got to do this, so shamon with me, and I’m going to show you how it’s
done. I’m done. Let’s begin. All right. So the first
thing that you want to do is, obviously, pre-prep all of your fresh
vegetables, so we’ve pre-diced our tomato, our cucumber, our fennel, and
our carrot. So while we have our lovely organic vegetables just chillin’ like
villains, what I want to do is actually work on the tempeh part of this before
I start assembling my salad. This is tempeh. Some of you may not be familiar
with tempeh. What this is is a super high protein, probiotic soy product.
This one is made from non- GMO organic soybeans, and the benefits of
tempeh are, obviously, a great plant-based assemblable protein source, but
also this is cultured soybean, so you’re getting all the great probiotic
benefits of a cultured product. So on my cutting board, just take a standard
chef’s knife, and cut this into maybe 1-inch by 1-inch cubes or so. So
this is about the size we’re going for here, you guys. And the reason I’m
cutting these so small, about 1 by 1, is because I want this to have a nice
mouth feel. This is going in a salad, right, and there’s a lot of crunchy,
really amazing fresh raw ingredients, so, again, I want to this match
kind of the size and composition of the rest of my ingredients
in the salad. You don’t want big, huge honking pieces of tempeh in here. You
could strips. You could even do tempeh bacon, but in this case, yeah, we can
lube by the cubes, baby. So now let’s go over to our skillet. I’m going
to heat up some coconut oil over a medium flame, and we’re going to saute
these with a little bit of curry and oil for about five to eight minutes
until they’re golden brown. Now, while the tempeh’s cooking, you might
want to add a little bit more oil just to get that nice golden brown color
we’re going for, and what I like to do is add a splash of Coconut Aminos.
This tempeh’s going to be terrific. So a few pinches of curry. All right.
So the tempeh is ready to tango, so in an extra, extra large mixing
bowl, because I ran out of mediums, we’re going to add this curry tempeh
to the mix first. All right. In the deep end you go. In the deep end you
go. Now, the other half of our protein powerhouse
in this recipe is, as I mentioned, quinoa. Let’s add maybe a full
cup of cooked quinoa to the mix. Next up, we’ve got a full large to medium
diced tomato, tomate, toomeatoo. Whatever you call it, it’s going in the bowl.
We’ve got about 3/4 cup of fresh diced cucumber. Add it right to the
bowl. One whole chopped carrot. We’ve got fennel, you guys. Quarter cup or
so of fennel will do. And then one of my top three favorite foods of all
time, avocado. Let’s add the whole darn thing. Let’s just go whole hog
here. Now next up, you can add a splash of raw oil.
You could do whatever you like. You can do hempseed oil. You can do
avocado oil. You can do olive oil. In this case, I’m going to rock a little
bit of the exoticness, some Sacha Inchi oil, which contains heart-healthy
omega-3, omega-6, and the very rare omega-9 fatty acid, so you’re getting
full spectrum essential fatty acids with the Sacha Inchi. Next up, I’m going to be adding a splash of
our SunWarrior Liquid Vitamin Mineral Rush, which is great as a marinade.
You can use it in place of vinegar in a vinaigrette dressing. In this
case, we’re going to splash it over our salad just to add some extra essential
minerals and to give it a nice flavor, too. So next up, let’s add a big pinch of our Himalayan
crystal salt, a little bit of fresh ground black pepper, and then
let’s squeeze a little bit of fresh wine juice just to keep it zesty. Now
we’ve got to mix it up and get ready to put it on a red leaf lettuce. So things are looking really nice and balanced.
Now let’s get our red leaf lettuce and plate this quinoa tempeh terrificness
up. Do it. Let’s take the red leaf lettuce, which we’ve gently shredded,
and add it to our fancy smancy plating bowl here. So to our bed of
red, let’s go ahead and add some heaping spoonfuls of our tempeh quinoa salad.
And now it’s time to take it to the face without (?). Mm. Mm. So guys, if you dug my quinoa tempeh salad
here, give me a thumbs up on this recipe video and leave me a comment below.
What is one of your favorite quick go-to salads or travel meals?
Like I said, you take it on a plane, you take it on a road trip, easy to
make, maybe a favorite lunch recipe you take to work and eat in the office
on your job. Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear your
thoughts and what you guys are whipping up in the kitchen currently. Guys, thank you so much for joining me. This
is Jason Andrew Wrobel here on the J-Wro Show, giving you guys vibrant vegan
recipes and healthy everyday living tips. I also want to thank SunWarrior
for hooking us up with the awesome Liquid Vitamin Mineral Rush and all
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me. And if you haven’t done so already, please subscribe and thrive here
on the J-Wro Show. So I’m out of here, you guys. I’m going to
enjoy this amazing and delicious quinoa tempeh salad for dinner here. It’s
getting kind of late here in L.A. on a Saturday night, and I need some goodness
in my belly. Ooh, yes, another Saturday night, and I got tempeh salad.
I don’t mind, ‘cuz I just got paid. A little right there for you, guys.
I don’t know what else I want to say. Oh, yeah. Yeah, guys, if you do meet
me, much like the Incredible Hulk, don’t make me angry, ‘cuz I got a mean
tempeh. See you guys soon.

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