Vegan Recipes That I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

Vegan Recipes That I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

– What’s up you guys? A lot of you have been asking how my vegan plant-based
journey has been going, and it has been awesome. You’ve asked what I eat. Well today I’m gonna show you three of my favorite vegan recipes, can’t wait to share them with you. The recipes and everything
I mention will be listed in the description below, so check it out. (upbeat music) When I first went on this journey
of vegan, plant-based diet I knew that I didn’t want
it just to be a diet, I wanted it to be a lifestyle. So I was like okay, what are the things that I know I can’t live without? So we’re gonna start with breakfast, the main thing was pancakes. How do you live without pancakes? ‘Cause remember, it’s not
a diet, it’s a lifestyle. Key thing is when you are baking, this is like a baker’s tip, you always mix your wet and
your dry ingredients separately and then you bring them together. I am starting with applesauce,
this is going to be the base. That in there, make sure that
we measure things correctly. Again you guys, all the
measurements and the exact recipe is in the description so you
can check that out, boom. Now we are adding some
almond milk to our batter. I don’t know about you guys, but whatever the ingredients say, I always add just a little
bit more ’cause I feel like I don’t want dry pancakes,
I like a good moist pancake. So I just made sure that was
filled to the very, very top. And now moving right
along, mix this together, whip this together, I
usually do this with a fork, but I’ve got a spoon here so that’ll work. Now moving right along
to the dry ingredients, organic oat flour, gluten free preferably, you’re gonna need some baking powder, some coconut sugar, which
I’m such a huge fan of ’cause it definitely has
the same effect of sugar and adds that sweetness,
but it’s coconut sugar so that’s a whole other thing
that I’ve been learning about. Organic ingredients are best. It might cost a little bit
more, but hey, health is wealth. So we’re gonna start with
the organic oat flour. I love learning about why
these ingredients are, you know, better for you,
better for your system. I know that a lot of people
are affected by gluten. I’m not particularly allergic to gluten, but I do realize a difference
when I don’t eat gluten. I just feel like my digestion is better. Throwing that in there, then from there we are
moving on to coconut sugar. I love anything coconut. I wanna hear what some of you guys, if any of you are plant-based or if you’re trying to be plant-based, what are some of your favorite recipes? I’d love for you to share them with me. I follow some pretty
cool Instagram accounts that have great vegan recipes. My favorite is the Medical Medium. He’s actually where I
got this recipe from. There’s also Vegan Sazon,
’cause I know a lot of you guys are like hold on, I’m Latina, how am I gonna live this vegan life with all the foods that I like to eat. So she’s super dope. It’s a Cuban girl who recreates
all of our favorite things from platanos to, she
just makes incredible, incredible Latino dishes but vegan style. Okay, so some cinnamon
there, I love cinnamon. Then we’re also gonna do some nutmeg, just a little bit of that, add a little kick to the situation. And then I’m gonna end it
off with some baking powder. And now that we’ve got
all this mixed together, we’re now gonna mix our dry
and our wet ingredients. Going to pour this in, and
it literally should feel exactly like normal pancake batter. So I’m just gonna get my dry and my wet to kinda come together here. Then I will whip it in just a little bit. And this looks exactly like
how pancake batter would look. Why does that already smell so good? It’s the applesauce, the
cinnamon mixture, the nutmeg, that coconut sugar, all good. So guys, if you’re
wondering why this is vegan, obviously you notice that we
no longer have eggs in the mix. We also don’t have
traditional milk in the mix, we’re using almond milk. And what is replacing the
eggs is the applesauce. So now that I’ve got my bumps out of this, we’re gonna head on over to the stove. My husband actually swears that I make the best pancakes ever and I’m about to give
you the tip as to why, it’s a major secret, well
now he’ll know the secret. But the key is butter. Now we all know that butter is not vegan, but now they do have vegan butter. My personal favorite is Earth Balance. I recently saw a meme that said, “Adulting is having a favorite
burner on your stove.” That is real life. Does anybody have a favorite one? This right here, my favorite burner. So do you see how much
butter that is there? That is the key to creating
crispy rims on your pancakes. I like to know exactly the
size by using a tablespoon and then I’m going to
just delicately place it in the sizzling butter so that you can get the
crispy rim around it. So the only thing is
the consistency of this might be a little bit different where like it doesn’t just
drip right off of your spoon. And like original pancakes, how you know when you’re supposed to flip
them is that you actually see the little bubbles that appear on top, you won’t get that with this, so you kinda have to pay close attention and know when it is time
to flip your pancakes. So while my pancakes are cooking, I’m going to show you my apple pie compote that I made over here. Guys it’s so simple. Literally I chopped up some apples, put it in a bowl with some water, added all my spices, nutmeg,
cinnamon, coconut sugar, and kinda just let it work in there. I’m gonna stir them around
and when we’re done, this is gonna be what is the topper for our apple pie pancakes. Boom, now do you guys
see that crispy edge? That is buttery, crispy
Jesus on the edge of that. And that my friends is what my
husband fall in love with me, among other things, naturally. What I like about these, it
almost tastes like a fritter. The consistency is a little bit different from the fluffiness of a pancake, but you guys I know this is gonna sound like such a traitor in life, I low key like my apple pie
pancakes, my vegan pancakes, better than the original
ones that I grew up eating. (gasping)
Momma’s not gonna enjoy hearing this, but we are
going on vacation as a family and I know that I am going to be making these apple pie pancakes for
my family while in Hawaii, and I can’t wait for them to try them and be like you right, you
right, they’re delicious. All right, so we’re
adding the apples on top. So I’m just gonna kinda
drape them across like so. And I can’t wait for all of you to try it. And when you try it, make
sure that you comment and let me know what you thought about the apple pie pancakes. I’ve seen it done with blueberries before, and I feel like somebody
did raspberry as well, but I’m definitely more of an apple fan. There’s also a little
bit of drippings in here. I have always hated syrup
since I was a little girl, I don’t eat my pancakes with syrup. If you wanna add some maple syrup, you could drizzle that on top, that makes it look even prettier. ‘Cause this is for me, I do not eat syrup. Let me know in the comments
if anybody else is like me. I just think it makes it way too sweet and like slimy in my mouth
and I’m more of a butter girl. So moving right along to
lunch, one of the things that I swore I could not live without, being a vegan, was sushi. I was like how am I gonna do this. So I found this amazing
recipe for vegetable sushi. Most sushi restaurants that
I’ve been to with my husband actually do serve a vegetable roll, so you do have an option when
you go to a sushi restaurant, you can order a vegetable roll. So that’s kinda what we’re
gonna create right now. We’re starting with cauliflower rice, which I think is so awesome. ‘Cause again if you’re
doing low carb as well as a lifestyle this works perfectly. My husband and I are obsessed
with cauliflower rice. We normally do that with
a head of cauliflower in our food processor. I let my husband do that. I like to do it the easy way,
which is buy cauliflower rice in a bag from the grocery store. They have it everywhere
now from Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Ralph’s, everyone has it. So I bring it home, and
guys I just microwave it in the microwave for like four minutes so that it gets more of
like a sticky consistency so that it feels more like rice. All right, so we’re gonna
take our cauliflower rice and that is gonna be the
base of our sushi roll. We’re just pretty much going to. You’re only gonna put it on actually half of the seaweed paper. I know a lot of you are
like well where the heck am I gonna get the seaweed paper from. A lot of grocery stores now have it, you might find it in the Asian section. Or just Google like where your nearest Asian grocery store is. So you’re gonna wanna make sure that you push your seaweed down a bit and that it’s more toward
the end of your seaweed that’s facing you so that you have this space to roll on top. All right now we’re gonna add our fillings which are going to be
peppers, which I love. And again, you’re gonna
place that in the middle, not on the sides ’cause
when you roll it up you want it to be in the middle. So I’m gonna put some peppers, one of each color just
’cause that looks pretty. We’re gonna add some cucumber, I’m gonna put a really
thin slice of cucumber. A little bit of carrot strings, what are these called, shredded carrots? You wanna make sure that you
go all the way across, like so. So I’m gonna do the same
thing on the other side, so that I don’t just have filling on one side of my sushi roll. I like to make life simple, especially when it comes to cooking. You’re hungry, there’s
nothing worse than feeling like this is gonna take me forever to do and by the time I’m finished I might not even be hungry anymore. So another thing that I
add to it is avocado guys. I’m avocado obsessed. Am I the only one that could
eat just a straight up avocado in it’s shell with a spoon? Let me know in the comments below if you like avocados like that. I love avocados, they’re my favorite. Doing that all the way across. Now I’m gonna add some
sesame seeds to the mix, I like that in there just
like that, sprinkle it. I like a lot of sesame seeds. I also feel like this
is a really sexy thing to do together as a couple. Yeah, I’m pretty much referring to the “Sex and the City” movie where Samantha covered herself in sushi. With that being said, I feel like this would be a sexy thing
to do together as a couple, like both of you set up, and you’re like okay babe, and
you instruct him through it. It’s like a good vegan
date night situation. Moving right along, I
personally love Sriracha mayo, so I would actually wanna put
some Sriracha mayo in this mix so I’m gonna do that
right now, hold please. I have my Sriracha, I have
my vegan mayo, aka Vegenaise. So I’m gonna put it in
this little bowl here, a dollop of Vegenaise, and then again you don’t
have to do Sriracha, it can be anything from either
like a sweet chili sauce, which I love, guys I just
found out about this, it is called coconut aminos garlic sauce, and it is like a vegan version,
and a gluten free version of soy sauce, so I’m all
about this life, it’s amazing. Only two carbs, that works
lovely, so I love this. So this’ll be my soy sauce,
but again you also can do it with a Thai sweet chili sauce. That is amazing, but yeah, I’m making my Sriracha mayo over here. Open that
(sauce gurgles) that was a pleasant sound. I swear these things only happen to me. Mix that up, guys I use
Sriracha mayo for everything. I do it in my sandwiches, it’s life. So I know a lot of you guys
have been to sushi restaurants where they just call it
spicy mayo, same concept. So I am going to layer
that in here like so, a little bit on the ends so when I take my first
bite it’s gonna be amazing. And now it’s time to roll it up. So you’re gonna start at the end, like so. So you’re gonna fold over like so, and fold over again, this
is a nice, big roll people. This is a nice, thick roll. Then you’re gonna add
some water at the end so that your seaweed will stick, even though my cauliflower
was nice and moist enough to make it all just fall apart. You get the point. No one said I was a, oh that’s actually, that’s actually not bad. So for dinner we’ve got
sweet potato crust pizza. You guys I was so
heartbroken when I found out that cauliflower pizza still has, like the cauliflower crust
that you buy from Trader Joe’s or all those places that are frozen, has eggs and milk in it. So I stopped eating that,
and now I make my own sweet potato crust pizza at home. Again, this is something
so fun to do as a couple or even with children, if you have kids they can get involved in
this, this is super easy. Got some sweet potatoes,
cut it up, boiled it, here it is, now I’m gonna mash it up. So this is how we make the crust. Once you’ve got that
mashed up pretty well, you’re then going to
add some coconut flour, which we used while making
our apple pie pancakes. So once you start a vegan lifestyle, you actually start using a
lot of the same ingredients that are replacements for
the normal stuff that we use. I also love the fact
that because we’re using a sweet potato crust, it will
have a slight sweetness to it. I don’t know about you,
but I am a huge fan of sweet and salty, you already know this. Have you seen my weird food video? Add the fri-kel to the goat cheese. ♪ Ah ♪
Hallelujah. Now we’re gonna also add
arrowroot starch flour, and most of your grocery
stores, like Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Sprouts, those kinda places, definitely have these ingredients. So now that you’ve got
your mixture combined, you’re now gonna add your seasoning, things that you would normally
find in pizza seasonings, which would be like oregano and basil. So we’re gonna add a little
bit of that in there, a little bit of this,
and mix it some more. This is pretty legit over here. So now that I’ve mixed my sweet
potato dough for my crust, I’m gonna place it in the
middle of a cooking pan, a baking pan like so. And now we’re gonna transfer
our dough to the center of it. Let’s get our hands
involved in this situation. All of your dough, I feel like we’re about to make ourselves a
little personal pan pizza. So at this point you guys, you should have your oven
being preheated at 400 degrees. And what I love so much about
doing personal pan pizzas is it allows the whole
family to get involved. My husband and I do this all
the time with our friends. And it also allows you to
create your own toppings, and it feels very personal, get it. Voila, so you’re gonna
pop this baby in the oven at 400 degrees for 20 minutes
until the top gets hard. Here we go.
(whooshing) Now comes the fun part, we are about to start
adding our toppings to this. Now a lot of you know that for
all the crazy things I eat, same way I love, love, love things, I hate, hate, hate tomatoes. So I personally do not like
tomato sauce on my pizza so instead of actually do pesto sauce, and another sauce that I absolutely love, pardon the name, this is
literally the name of the sauce, it’s called Heat Bitchin’ Sauce. It is a dip, a spread, or a smother on your favorite savory
foods, and I love it. It actually is vegan, of course, and it’s actually like an almond dip, that sounds really gross, but I swear to you it tastes delicious. My husband loves tomato sauce,
so he does his with tomato. It’s actually pretty spicy, but I love it. And again you can do
whatever you want on yours. I’ve even seen people
now use chimichurri sauce or like a fake ricotta. So now that we’ve got my sauce down, now we’re moving on to my pesto. Now a lot of pesto sauces are not vegan, so you wanna make sure that it says vegan, dairy free on top and all that good stuff. Power of Plants, I like this brand. A lot of you may ask yourself,
okay I don’t have time to do this, I wanna be a vegan, I wanna live a plant-based lifestyle, but I don’t have the time to do it. I promise it to you, it is so worth it to actually create your own food at home. Because even when you
go to vegan restaurants, you don’t actually know what
they’re putting in the foods. So there’s just great
confidence in what you’re eating when you’ve created it yourself and you know exactly what’s
going into your meals. So I actually have been cooking a lot more since becoming vegan. Lord help us, oh there we go,
now we’re coming, there we go. There’s a little oil in there, but I’m gonna pour some of
that oil off to the side, and now we shall add the pesto. Oh, I love a good pesto-based
pizza, pesto is everything. I also like to add pine nuts to my pesto. I don’t have that with me
now, but that’s just bomb. Moving right along, now we’re
gonna move on to nut cheese, which is a fake mozzarella
cheese that’s actually made from cashew milk, crazy right, okay. Sprinkle that on top,
I love a lotta cheese, love, love, love, love cheese. Also if you want, if you
still have cravings for meat, which sometimes I do have, I am obsessed with like
Beyond Meat Crumbles and those kind of crumbles, you can find that in your grocery store, and I’ve got some right
here called Smart Ground and it’s by Lightlife. This guys, you guys, it literally, it low key tastes better than meat. I love arugula, gonna add a little bit of that on top of here and I’m going back in with
some more pesto, people. I’ve got all these veggies
here, but it’s really up to you, whatever it is that you wanna add. I love onions, I love peppers, so that’s what I’m gonna add to mine. We’ve got tomatoes here, hate tomatoes, but if that’s your thing, rock out people. We are going to pop this
baby back into the oven so that my cheese can melt perfectly. When I first started eating plant-based, I was like how am I gonna
live without cheese, I’m like I’m just too French to be vegan. So with that being said, I
have kind of become a cheese, a vegan cheese connoisseur. Some of the cheeses do not melt,
and some of them are awful, and others are really great. So don’t get discouraged,
you just gotta go on the hunt for the right one that you love that actually has the cheesy,
ooey, gooey consistency. This one, which is called Alged Nutcheese is definitely one of the
best ones for the mozzarella, but I also do love Daiya, you just gotta let it
melt for long enough. It has to get hot enough or else it will have a weird consistency. So I hope that this helped you guys see kinda the things that I eat, the things that I create for myself, my favorite vegan recipes. All the recipes and all
the ingredients that I used are in the description below so make sure that you click the link. To get all the info on this. Love you guys! Don’t forget to subscribe. See you next week. (smooches)

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