[lauren] this is a keeper. [lauren] well, here we are, once again [lauren] it’s lauren from hot for food blog and i’ve decided to do another [lauren] RECIPE?! video [lauren] where i see what’s in the fridge, [lauren] and we come up with an idea [lauren] and we make something we’ve never made before [lauren] it’s kind of like, the recipe development stage [lauren] in the flesh [lauren] i don’t know what’s gonna happen at the end, [lauren] the recipe might totally suck [lauren] or as it had worked out better than worse, [lauren] uh, we might end up with something brilliant at the end. [lauren] that actually is a real recipe you can make. [lauren] soo, let’s give it a go! [lauren] i have these two.. [lauren] john. [lauren] we’re shooting hot for food. [lauren] snickle’s not gonna help. [lauren] what? [lauren] cos we have these two random potatoes, [lauren] a white potato and a russet potato, [lauren] that i’d like to use. [lauren] let’s start with this as the inspiration. [lauren] i have.. onion’s always good with potatoes. [lauren] i have these cashews that have been soaking for about five days. [lauren] that i need to use up. [lauren] we’ve done baked potatoes with cashew sour cream before. [lauren] cream potatoes, like a casserole? [lauren] like, oh scalloped potatoes is like a potato casserole/ [lauren] so maybe scalloped potatoes. [lauren] i’ve never made those before. [lauren] so the point of these RECIPE?! videos [lauren] is that people always like writing RECIPE?! at the bottom of our photos that we post on Instagram [lauren] and sometimes, there ain’t no recipe. [lauren] sometimes i just made something and it actually turned out really good, [lauren] so i took a picture of it and i put it on Instagram. [lauren] and then somehow, i’m penalised for not sharing a recipe with you [lauren] so really, this is meant to inspire you to get cooking [lauren] and to not be scared in the kitchen. [lauren] and to take things that you have and make something out of nothing [lauren] like sometimes you don’t need to follow someone’s recipe, [lauren] because you are a brilliant cook, [lauren] you just have to let it out inside of you. [lauren] this is not a good mandolin, this mandolin is pretty crappy actually. [lauren] okay, you put the rubber side down to hold it [lauren] and then, you go like this. [lauren] be careful not to slice your wrists open. [lauren] so these are pretty thin, they should bake [lauren] properly, right? [lauren] i’m gonna put some onion in it, why not? [lauren] i’m just gonna cut these into thin little strips. [lauren] so this is just the cashews i had soaking in a jar [lauren] or leftover from something else, [lauren] now you need a high powered blender to blend the cashews, [lauren] you can’t do it in a regular blender. [lauren] if you go to hot for food [lauren] you’ll see we have a recipe for lasagna, [lauren] for mac and cheese, [lauren] all of which have some kind of cheesy sauce. [lauren] and cheese sauce can be made from [lauren] cashews, milk, you need lemon juice, miso, [lauren] uh, nutritional yeast [lauren] you could sometimes use tahini, [lauren] just to give it a creamy, nutty, cheese like flavour and texture so [lauren] i generally know how to make a cheese sauce, [lauren] so we’ve got half a cup of cashews. [lauren] add some liquid, we need almond milk, soy milk [lauren] you could use water, but i think scalloped potatoes are really creamy, [lauren] so we should use creamy ingredients. [lauren] i’m gonna do, um, a quarter cup of milk to start, [lauren] half of a lemon is generally about two tablespoons of lemon juice, just so you know. [lauren] but i don’t think we need two tablespoons in here. [lauren] i’m gonna go two teaspoons, i think. [lauren] i have garlic powder always lying around. [lauren] so let’s do half a teaspoon of garlic powder, [lauren] i’m gonna say like, a teaspoon of tahini just to start [lauren] okay, nutritional yeast. [lauren] one tablespoon. [lauren] arrowroot flour. i’m gonna do a whole teaspoon [lauren] i don’t think that’s enough sauce for the amount of potatoes we have. [lauren] you know what? [lauren] i’m gonna add unsoaked cashews for this purpose [lauren] however, you should soak a whole cup of cashews. [lauren] when you soak cashews, they expand a little bit [lauren] so when you measure out half a cup, [lauren] and then you soak it, it’s gonna be slightly more than half a cup. [lauren] you should be measuring the soaked cashews. [lauren] i have to add more liquid. [lauren] so another quarter. [lauren] still, quarter teaspoon salt. [lauren] white pepper is just, like pepper, but it doesn’t make it look brown. [lauren] let’s do quarter teaspoon. [lauren] let’s melt a quarter cup of butter. [lauren] melt it however you want. microwave, over the stove, i’m gonna put this in the oven. [lauren] so dump that in there. [lauren] and the reason i’m using butter is just because [lauren] scalloped potatoes are pretty rich, [lauren] tasting an oil, like i think the butter will just be better in there. [lauren] let’s taste what we got here. [lauren] so we need more lemon juice, [lauren] so now we’re at three teaspoons. [lauren] i’m gonna go four teaspoons. [lauren] i think we should be adding miso. [lauren] so i’m gonna do [lauren] a teaspoon of miso. [lauren] that’s gonna give it more of that cheesy flavour [lauren] but you wanna be careful cos too much then makes it taste like soy sauce. [lauren] now see, i know how much to use of things [lauren] kind of, cos i’ve been cooking for a long time [lauren] which is why you guys need to start cooking, [lauren] if you’re afraid of it cos then you’ll start [lauren] getting used to “oh, this needs this to balance out that flavour, ” [lauren] and you’ll start getting a better intuition of what works. [lauren] so now, let’s blend this up. [lauren] keep in mind that the arrowroot flour’s gonna thicken it [lauren] as it bakes, i think that this is too thick. [lauren] so i’m gonna add, let’s do three quarters of a cup [lauren] alright, i think we’re good after this. [lauren] okay, so we’re gonna pour a little bit of sauce at the bottom of the dish, [lauren] then we’re gonna layer potatoes and onion, [lauren] and some thyme, [lauren] maybe, a little bit more salt and pepper [lauren] and then we’er gonna do more sauce, [lauren] another layer and pour sauce on the top. [lauren] so i’m just putting daiya on top, [lauren] like a quarter of a cup, [lauren] i’m gonna add a little bit of um, [lauren] smoked paprika on top [lauren] like, a very little pinch . [lauren] and i would say bake it at 400F in your oven [lauren] preheated [lauren] they’re definitely ready and they smell cheesy [lauren] whaat!!! [lauren] VEGAN SCALLOPED POTATOES [lauren] this is a keeper. [lauren] it tastes exactly like, [lauren] scalloped potatoes i had when i was a kid, [lauren] my god, we actually did it! [lauren] the full recipe will be listed in the comments below, [lauren] we’ll be back next wedneday with another video for you, [lauren] and please leave comments, share this if you like it, [lauren] and get cooking in your kitchen and have fun! [lauren] starting from scratch, starting from nothing.

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  1. we're a vegan channel… I don't know why we need to keep clarifying that we're OBVIOUSLY using VEGAN BUTTER :/

  2. Thank you SO much for this! I've been vegetarian for 3 years and just turned vegan and I thought I'd never have scalloped potatoes again hahaha.

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  4. ok…i apologize in advance cuz I know my question(s) is/are going to be long…here's the deal. My hubby and mostly eat vegan. We want to go vegan completely but the occasional meat (which wouldn't be that hard to give up once I can find a solution for cheese. That's the only thing I have not found a satisfactory vegan option for. I have tried daiya and HATED it.

    First question….what's the purpose of soaking cashews to make a cheese sauce?
    #2…we don't have a high powered blender…so is there an alternative ingredient we can use?
    #3…I don't want to buy several ingredients we have never used before(which I have already done for a few recipes and then they went bad cuz we never used them again) if we will never use them again…so, as a vegan what are ur most used "staple" ingredients you keep on hand?

    Thanks so much for ur help. I absolutely love ur videos!

  5. I love this! I am totally struggling with what to make for Thanksgiving as I am the only vegan in my family (my husband is pescatarian) and hosting non-vegans places a lot of pressure to make something similar to the normal Thanksgiving foods but vegan and just as tasty if not tastier!

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    Also, is arrowroot flour necessary??All it does is thicken the sause right?

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  21. you definitely don't want to use water when making scalloped potatoes because what happens is when it bakes nothing thickens so it's a little bit more like soup or stew.

  22. Hii I was just wondering if you feed your cat plant based foods?? I know some vegans feed their animals vegan also, just wondering what your opinion is on it 🙂

  23. I absolutely love these RECIPE?! videos.
    You really inspired me and I went and cleaned out random items to make a wonderful brussel sprouts pasta with a cheesy tomato sauce (all vegan). Thank you! I was having a pretty crappy day and this gave me the boost I needed 🙂

  24. I'm constantly afraid that I'm eating too many starchy veggies and not enough greens or whatever.. So I would probably totally ruin this dish by putting like random veg in there. Only been vegan like 6 months but have totally gained like 10 pounds. :/

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    I'm addicted to your channel!
    Love, from Italy ^^

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  29. Great vid. Some of my old friends are afraid of my food now a days even though I am a much better cook from practice. New friend and room mate say I'm a good cook. Hilarious though because I'm sure I have tortured past people with ridiculous food, though always vegan and even gluten free. I must say my specialities remain tart soups and spiced cookies. Much love~

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  33. I made this using a cup of tofu instead of cashews, and it worked great! although I would say to probably use firm tofu to get a thicker sauce, I used silken thinking it would be creamier but I think it was too thin. but still good!

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  36. Hiiii! this is hands down my favorite dish of yours along with the creamy mac n peas 🙂 i've been doing them regularly for over a year now 🙂
    One question: my boyfriend just decided stock up with cashew butter, could we use it at a replacement for regular cashews in this recipe and how? or wouldn't we get the same creamy texture?

  37. I'm a recovery recipe addict, and became accustomed to following everything to the letter, which is the worst way to get comfortable in the kitchen. You've inspired me to use my intuition more often, especially since I'm a pretty experienced cook already. You are awesome.

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    Ps.. you sound so annoyed at the naggers! 😂 love it💗
    Pps.. you're amazing! Keep being you boo

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