Vince Gill – Go Rest High On That Mountain (Official Music Video)

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  1. JAMMING OUT AT 6:17AM NOVEMBER 17 , 2019 SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN,CANADA Missing my Grandpa and Grandma! Lawrence and Christine!

  2. Back in September I lost an aunty she was just like another mom to me she was my mom sister I sang this song to her in the hospital room after the doctor pronounced her tod after my family left the room I didn't know that a couple of nurses was in there and they was all teared up I love you so much I did all I can wen you was here on earth now you are free to fly in heaven

  3. We played this at my grandma's funeral. That woman meant the world to me and basically rasied me because of an abusive mother. This song brings a tear to my eye five years later.

  4. Who’s here because of the Voice’s Mary Beth Bryd’s rendition of one the best songs by Vince Gill! Captivating performance! 👍

  5. 4 yrs ago december 29th I lost my 24 yr old little brother David Cowgill to diabetes my parents found him dead in his room and this song helps me cope… so thank you vince gill for helping me express my loss of my brother.

  6. My baby went to heaven stayed there for 3 years n saw us with our adopted baby, I think he got jealous of the huggies n kisses so he decided to come back on his death anniversary

  7. Blessed be to all the fallen as we are all one no matter what we look like, act like, or how we love. Let us all as one race the human race send our fallen the power to get to heaven

  8. My partner just passed away last month, this song perfectly described his whole life. Dear Sir Charles, go rest high on that mountain, I'll miss u forever.

  9. This song is beautiful. I lost my wife of 12 years on Wednesday and I'm drawn to listen to this song. Even though it hurts to watch, it just feels right. ❤️RIP❤️

  10. The genius of the lyrics though. "Oh how we cried" followed by what seems like should be "the day you died". Instead it was "the day you left us". Brilliant.

  11. This song gives me comfort. I lost my son going on 4 years ago at the age of 30 to brain Cancer when I’m feeling the pain of my loss it comforts me.

  12. Still here listening in 2019 and feeling so encouraged to be a better person. And Vince Gill voice is beautiful & I could listen to him any day

  13. My grandmother passed away this morning at the age of 96. This was her favorite song and will be played at her funeral. She will be buried next to her husband, parents, siblings and other family on a mountaintop in Kentucky. You'll be on the mountain soon Nana, resting with your family and the Lord you believed in so much.

  14. This song should remind everyone when we lose someone, if they have accepted Christ it may be sad day for us but a celebration in heaven.

  15. I lost my pawpaw on September 6th and this is the first time I have been able to listen to this song since his funeral. He was my saving grace. He taught me from the time I could walk who Jesus was. I will forever miss his sweet smile but I’ll never forget him telling me how he knew where he would be when he passed. He was healthy and it was such a shock when I lost him. Please say a prayer for my family this thanksgiving his passing has brought me even closer to God. I would give anything for him to still be here with me.

  16. first time i heard this song was in jan 2005 the day they closed the top of my dads casket i will never forget that day song still brings tears to my eyes even in nov 2019

  17. My brother, sister and I sang this song at my dad's funeral over 20 years ago.. I still love and miss you so much daddy.

  18. This song to me is actually about my momma! I relate it to my mom. She was so vibrant and strong it was unexpected! #Shocked my heart!!😥 She was all about her kids, grandchildren & great grandchildren such a committed family woman! I love you mom❤

  19. I cry too, i miss my mom and dad so much and i had a friend that was murdered by his and a friend that killed his self right in front of me and my bff was murdered as well this song goes out to them Bob?, Wayne and Jerry i miss you all so much

  20. A year ago today I lost my world. My best friend and mother. Dementia claimed her body, but praise God claimed her soul. I have cried many tears, but would not ask you to come back. You are no longer suffering and you are with Jesus

  21. My sister was murder 2 years ago i play this song makes me cry i hope he riots in prison what he did forever over something stupid

  22. Played this at my dads funeral. He never got to meet his grandson at the time cause I thought he would have more time if I only knew then he would have passed away three days later I would have took my son to the hospital. Now he has two grandsons that he will never meet but I will keep his memory alive for them

  23. I lost my dad earlier this year, this song reminds me of him and how much I miss him, until we meet again. Peace and love to all and thanks to Vince Gill and his beautiful healing voice and songs. Be Blessed.

  24. Miss you so much my dear uncle Willie. You have looked after us you and uncle Sandy. May you and uncle Sandy rest in peace miss you both

  25. My husband loved this song. We played it for his going home to be with the Lord celebration. Always brings tears to my eyes.

  26. In 1992 I loss my mom at 18 yrs old she didnt even see me graduate from high school, in 2013 my dad pass away he didnt see my get my BA from college, now til this day I miss them so much..not a day goes by I forget about them😢

  27. I lost my oldest son at age 22 in 1995 and it doesn't get easy still especially around his birthday and holidays. We played this song at his funeral.

  28. Thank you Vince Gill for this song. It speakes to me, and the love I have for my son who lost his life at 41 He left a wife of under 2 years and a 2 month baby.

  29. Chief Abigail Arias passed in November at age 7. A video of her funeral procession was posted with this song. She was made honorary chief at Freeport, Tx, and touched so many people.

  30. This was played 22 years ago at my dad's and recently at my mom's. She came to visit me in sc and died here my heart is broken

  31. My grandfather is at death's door. It will be a matter of days before he's gone. I was asked to sing this at his funeral. It's going to be difficult, I'm not going to lie, but he loved this kind of music and we want to honor him through his love of country hymns.

  32. This is a beautiful song which makes u remember all the loved ones gone to be with GOD and Jesus Christ but never forgotten. The problem with USA and this world is society has took GOD out of society and replaced it with materialistic things. Even those who call themselves Christians are at fault too. The day we give this nation and world back to GOD is the day life will get better. If not it will get better when we see sweet Jesus's face in Heaven and all our troubles are gone. It will always hurt to lose people we love but their spirit will always look after us. Let those who read this understand that we need to give this world back to God and let GOD be 1st in our lives. Love…not hate…resolves matters. God bless everyone.

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