Vince Gill – Tryin’ To Get Over You (Official Music Video)

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  1. For those that don't know, that beautiful guitar work is ALL Vince Gill.
    One of the best players in the business, to this day.

  2. By far the greatest voice in country music seen him in concrete twice no one anyyime came move a adiance like this man

  3. 😐 dude sounds awful hes no jason aldean or kenny chesney and hes damn sure no george strait dudes voice is flat 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾

  4. Vince gill one of the greatest in the world of country music been a fan of. His ever since I heard him perform August 2019 and for ever he's that good

  5. I miss my wife she was the best I live in a small town and we made it the best we could I miss my wife I still wear my ring and still what for her to come back to me and I know I messed up

  6. I never want to love anyone ever again.. I can't move past my past.
    It's killing me.. I'm scared to ever let anyone get near my heart or head again..The first cut was the deepest and this last one really did me in… There is not one song i can think of to show my hurt, my pain, my emptiness.. I pray everyday for it to go away.. And it doesn't… I never thought I'd end up alone.. And yet here i am… I'm tired of acting like everthings ok.. It's not.. I wish so bad I had someone to talk to.. But really nobody wants to hear hurt and pain.. So I put on my smile grit my teeth and pretend I'm ok when I'm actually dying inside.. There's no answers.. There's no easy way out I've tried.. I don't trust anymore.. I am leary of the intentions of others.. I know I've got to unchain my heart but how ? I've got to try and find away… Otherwise I'll wither away and die.. I'm not looking for pity I give myself enough of that already.. I'm just wanting so bad to voice my hurt.. I'm stuck in a vicious cycle of hardship and heartache.. I'm tired of being strong.. I just want to cry and cry and release it all.. My stomach hurts, my head hurts, my heart hurts.. I'm stressed to the Max.. I'll figure a way out… Right now I'm just needing to vent I guess..

  7. I'm what you would call A Hard Rock enthusiast.. I met this lovely woman from Arkansas I live in Arizona and she listened to Country exclusively I dabbled but not exclusively.. I fell head over heels for her.. this was the first song she played when she invited me over to her house.. what a beautiful song for a beautiful memory..
    WHAT AN OMEN THIS SONG WAS! all is well with me and my heart.. nuttinbuttathang

  8. Awww Vince youre the best country and guitar player ever, never be another Vince !!!! Never get over a love that really is closed to me, he's gone to heaven and he'll never be forgiven RIP My Love !!

  9. Get over me you're never answer me to be honest so there should not be much to get over. does this mean you're going to make sure you don't know anything and everything I do in and out of my life cuz I would really like you to get the f**** out of it


    Just once again soft fleeting breeze
    Please sing your gentle song
    And take me back one yesterday
    Before the winds were wrong
    Calm the tempests gathering rage
    Please make the storm depart
    And let your soothing melody
    sustain my dying heart
    Just once again bring back to me
    those days her love was true
    Bright days my baby cared for me
    When first the Wind Song blew
    Please make the hands of time revert
    For just a little while
    So I can hear her laugh again
    And see her gentle smile
    Oh let your song remain with her
    Please guide my one true love
    and take her safely home one day
    Somewhere past skies above
    Give me courage to face the storm
    Please let me say goodbye
    And hold her in my arms again
    just once before I die

  11. Hey 👋 if you are reading this then know that you are going to be ok, you are going to make it through just like the rest of us, there is not a single person in this world who hasn’t had their heart broken, at least once or twice , you are going to feel good again n happy , time heals n new love heals old wounds

  12. premier Tenor in all of modern music history….. & ferocious guitarist as well. Stellah am listening with you . tears in my eyes

  13. Aw c,mon janka51…… u really need to listen to Vince, and totally appreciate his beautiful voice! If u don’t know, what a true artist, VInce GIll, actually is…..then, please don’t comment!….sad git!!

  14. I buried 2 daughters, a grandson and my mother these last 2 years. Then my husband of 27 years left me for my daughter in law. And I am still grieving. I still miss and love him .?????

  15. …after many years have passed i am now listening to this song again. I heard this song over VOA on radio and I recalled the reception that evening wasn't that good that I had to turn the radio in all directions just to keep up with the weak signals. But I was able to listen it more or less completely. Those 90s years gone by so easily.

  16. They always treat us men like we are incapable of love or having hearts, and were just dogs by nature.. Guess what ladies?! This is a perfect example of how much us men can just love one women so much it would only take death to get over you! That's the true heart of a man and this song shall speak the truth of men's hearts always.. So when you have a love and a man like this recognize them and hold them dear! 💯.. The one women I lost this is for you till my dying day.. Love always💙

  17. I just want to this person win in life just once sometimes she thinks she winning but never just win baby I'm not being funny

  18. I have tried n tried to get over you.. I have failed each and every time.. This song is 100% True when he says it'll take Dying to get it done.
    I've battled and defeated the demons that pushed your love out of my life.. Refound and Improved the Man you Fell in Love with and hesitated to give up on.. I Have Prayed to God Daily for the past 14 months that you will see what he's done for me, the strength he gave me to accomplish the promise I made to You and Our Kids that I would change.. Be the 1st to give me that Big 2nd Chance, not just for me.. but for the sake of our family.. take what's broken and Fix it and make it better… I'm Sorry I lost my way and was too stubborn to change before it was too late…
    I Love You Victoria Fawn.. I always will.. 😔😔💔💔

  19. Nearly 4 years now since the love of my life decided she didn't love me anymore and filed for a divorce.
    Though I continue to try, life just doesn't have any purpose or meaning to me.
    65 yrs old, in poor health and alone w/nothing more than faded memories of the love we once shared.
    Many sleepless nights I find myself listening to this song over n over. The lyrics of the song pull at my heart w/every verse and though it was written & released years ago, I often think that it was written about my marriage.
    Pretty sure that I'll never get over this – the pain of my broken heart is often unbearable.
    I continue to pray for God to intervene w/a miracle and that someday my wife of nearly 40 years will come back to me.
    Until that day, I will continue to hope and from time to time listen to this song as a reminder of what true pain of the heart represents…
    Randy Wilson

  20. Me to ,,,Trying To Get over ,this is hard on a women ,,Trying To Get over You ,,Beautiful voice Vince Gill ,Good Looking To ,,,,

  21. Listening to this song again, over n over – no other song can express the pain that my heart endures everyday w/out you…
    Praying that someday your heart will once again beat for me…
    I love you Mary and won't ever be able to get you out of my heart.
    Like the song says " It'll take dyin' to get it done"…

  22. I first heard Vince in 80 with a band Called Pure Prairie League. Had several hits they where a pop band . Vince had long hair and that sweet face so young.

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