Visiting the “Katabon” of Guangzhou – Huadiwan Fish Market | China VLOG #1

Visiting the “Katabon” of Guangzhou – Huadiwan Fish Market | China VLOG #1

Hello everyone Welcome to Aquartia Hope everyone is doing good You guys know that right now I am at Guangzhou, China I have been invited here at the China Live International Aquascaping Contest to represent Bangladesh. I will show you more details of this event in future videos In today’s episode I will take you on a journey to Huadiwan Flower & Bird Market in Guangzhou, China which is like our Katabon Come lets go and see how it is! I reached Guangzhou on the morning of last 26th September The in the afternoon, all of us went together to Huadiwan Fish Market Huadiwan Fish Market is like our Katabon Market in Guangzhou Once we entered, we could see many plants Most of them were emersed grown Automatic sprinklers were keeping the plants moist. Then we could see different types of hardscape materials Different types of rocks, stones and driftwood were available. We could see the submerged plants a bit down the way Different plants like Rotala macrandra and many more Also there were readymade driftwoods with Java Ferns already attached to them You could just buy a few of them and easily use them to make a quick scape in your tank Also there were driftwoods with moss attached to them for immediate use Many floating plants were there as well There were driftwood in different shape, size and texture Honestly, I’ve never seen so many varieties together Here you can see spiky java moss attached to the driftwood the moss looks very healthy in emersed form Some plants are made ready as wabikusa you can buy them like this and use in your tank I really liked the quality of the plants The plants were quite healthy, lush and green Even the red plants had good colors in them Then we went further inside and saw some more shops with plants They had some scaped display tanks in there They were quite amazing to see as sometimes many hobbyists don’t have tanks like these, which they have up on display Some tanks were there as already matured tanks to sell as a complete setup The tank which you are seeing now is like that This complete setup is listed for sale for RMB 5,800 which is like BDT 75,000 in Bangladeshi Taka Here you can see a godown of hardscaping materials which is filled with driftwood and rocks Then we went further ahead towards the fish stores These shops have similar layouts like what we have in our Katabon We could see different types of fishes here, like Parrots, Discus, different types of Asian Arowanas, Silver Arowanas, Oscars, etc. The Asian Arowanas seemed to be of good quality They were all kept in bar bottom tanks with good filtration Point to be noted, Asian Arowana and Koi are considered as symbols of good luck by the Chinese The Koi that you are seeing here costs between BDT 5,000 to 35,000 depending on species The comparatively cheaper fishes were kept in smaller tanks and overcrowded Then we came to the Monster Fish section of the market We could see stingrays, arowanas and other types of monster fishes The Red Chilli Arowanas were really beautiful The black diamond stingrays were really nice in color and quality These were priced at RMB 4,600 which is around BDT 60,000 Even in there stock tanks, the quality, color and health of the stingrays were amazing and the arowanas had amazing color, health, size and shape They have even stocked their display tanks quite nicely We could see many other shops selling monster fishes as we moved forward They had different types and sizes of arowanas be it 6 inches or 2 feet long were readily available for purchasing For me, as a monster fish keeper myself, it was a really amazing experience I have never seen so many different types of monster fishes together in one place The smaller and cheaper fishes were pretty much left there without much care The little kois fishes that you can see here are priced only at RMB 10 for 2, which is like only BDT 130 However the quality of these is definitely not show grade That’s why they are so cheap After that, we reached a quite interesting area of the Huadiwan market where we saw a weird thing They have painted on the shells of the baby Red Eared Slider Turtles with different types of pictures and artwork Most likely, it has got something to do with the Chinese culture Also there were some very cheap fishes with basically no care at all and many were already dead Right when we were about to leave, this sight made us quite sad but seeing these platinum gars on the way out really made us happy After spending almost 3 hours in the market, it was time for us to head back to the hotel. I hope that you all like today’s video How did you like the “Katabon” of Guangzhou? Let me know in the comments below To see many other videos like this and to learn about different things stay tuned with Aquartia Hit the SUBSCRIBE button and click on the Notification Bell Then you will get notified on any new video as soon as it is uploaded Stay well and thanks for watching!

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