We went just by a local fishing store, and they gave me a fishing permit. So we can go out fishing! Furthermore, they had a small fishing department but that was it. We are heading outside to go fishing. OK! So, its around 12 O’clock, Euhm, the wind is blowing pretty fast… As I said, its blowing pretty fast. We are going to prepare ourselfs, have something to eat, and then we’re going to head out fishing! Lady’s and gentleman! Here we are, the first real bass out of America. A Smallmouth bass. We are here on a trout specimen lake, so thats why I’m fishing with a pink worm. I felt the strike, and before you know… A Smallmouth bass! I’ll put this fella right back in the water, and I’m so extremely happy! Oah! Yes, I got stumped.. You got one as well!? Yeah! I got stumped again. Ohh! You got one! Wauw! Let’s Go! You go Jim! The water is so clear over here, I still see the fish swimming to the bottom. Jim just put a salmonegg on his hook And in like well almost immidiately he got bit! And I just caught my smallmouth a vieuw minutes ago. On a Pink Worm!!! I’m so happy! The weather is amazing, the only struggle is the wind. We are currently fishing at a rocky edge, I’ll show you in a minute, We’ll keep on fishing! I just caught this beautifull rainbowtrout, he won’t really sit still Again, I caught it on the pink worm. In the middle of the water, and this fish crushed my lure. We will let her go, just took a quick picture she gets back in the water now. We are not eating them, just catching and releasing Our neighbors, they take the fish home and eat them but in our case we just put them back so they can grow even bigger! For this trout fishing style, we are using a very light rod. a 1000 series reel The rod we’re using is made by Shakespeare A Shakespeare Micro Spin, its really really light. I switched over tactics and made myself a “dropshot” rig. A little bit leaning towards “Street Fishing” in The Netherlands. With the Pink worm, this seems to work perfect! I don’t know why but even the bass is interested! bizarre, I think it’s really weird. Furthermore, I caught.. 3 Trout, and 3 came loose. Any way, I think I got most of them on film I am so happy! It doesn’t get any better than this. I’m loving this so much, I hope you guys are liking this as wel. make sure to hit the like button below the video. No! I just had one… Probably also recorded on the GoPro oah! That was crazy. There we go! I’m on! This is a better fish. There she comes, it’s really good. Yes! Look at this! A beautifull rainbow trout. again caught it on the pink worm, but the fish are so strong out here. I’m guessing this would be the biggest of the day so far. And such amazing colours. What a stunning fish! I’m looking at someone else its line in her mouth so I shall get that & my hook out of her mouth. so you will see me back in a minute This beauty can go back in the water now. This is amazing. There she goes. what a stunning fish! She just needed a bit of recovering but swims away perfectly. It is just stunning, I caught 3 trout 1 smallmouth bass. Jim also got one trout, he’s standing over there. Oah this is so crazy, I love it! just casting past that rocky edge I’m so, so, so delighted! This is fishing The United States Perfect! So Trout fishing America But we’re catching a smallmouth bass! The second one of today Guys, I’m extremely happy. I just retrieved it past those rocks, and saw lots of fish following my lure and this one took it. A smallmouth bass lady’s and gentleman, Straight out New Mexico! Perfectly hooked in the mouth, He can go back now. Super, super, super crazy really I’m so happy! You guys probably hear the wind blowing around me. But I wanted to tell you what we are mainly using today. We’re using small spinners, really small This is called “Mepp’s Anglia” with a spinnerblade size 1. A small cupper blade. Furthermore, the pink worms! those really did a good job. Also the salmoneggs were used, these are small red round shaped foamballs, Also you could use Powerbait around here but these were also used a lot and ofcourse we got a tacklebox with some lures in it spoons, Poppers, and a small jerkbait if we needed it. so we got plenty of lures! Meanwhile I’m walking back to Jim, and we’ll see if we can catch another fish somewhere. but until now its not bad at all! This trout, beautifull, can go back. It’s important with trout, that you do not keep them out of the water for to long, this is because these fish get overstressed really quickly. And that results in a dead fish. So, we have been fishing for the whole day now, across all the banks by the lake… Everywhere, I found pieces of line… and this is the end result… my whole pockets filled with line. All laying on the ground, left behind by others, who can’t clean it up themselves. But. Today, I will do it for them. So this will go in the trashcan, right with the broken rod. Furthermore, we had an amazing day We caught several trout, and even smallmouth bass! I am so happy! Jim also caught a beautiful trout. So we had a fantastic day out by the water I want to thank you guys so much for watching this video. And I will see you guys within the next video!


  1. Vet man, ben dit jaar naar Amerika geweest maar helaas geen bass gevangen, wel veel snapper en een paar haaien. Ook nog ff een video van geschoten. Vette video!
    Mocht je de video willen zien, m'n kanaal heet vdm fishing

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