WHAT HAPPENED TO FRANK!?! My pet aquarium fish

WHAT HAPPENED TO FRANK!?! My pet aquarium fish

oh Where’s Frank is Frank dead r.i.p? Frank Frank Frank Frank We want to see frank give us Frank show us Frank in your next video proof Frank is still alive This is what I’ve been dealing with for the last few days hundreds if not thousands of comments Just like that so in today’s video We’re going to talk about Frank You see it’s clear to me that there’s a bit of confusion lately with this aquarium and its inhabitants Mostly my flowerhorn Frank who’s behind the wood right now. We’re going to get to that in a minute however it is apparent that a lot of people simply don’t like something they don’t understand and That is largely my fault for not being clear or concise with a lot of the information I’m providing about the flowerhorn and its situation in this aquarium, but in my defense There’s a tremendous amount going on out here in the gallery in every video Cannot be dedicated to a single fish but for those that are not familiar with this fish Frank is a flower horn that I purchased on impulse mostly I seen him at my local fish store one fish two fish And I just had to have him he wasn’t the best looking flower worm that they had offered nor was he exhibiting the best traits that you would look for in a flower horn, but he had a whole lot of Personality I figured why not grab this fish will temporarily housed him in a smaller aquarium And then eventually the plan unbeknownst to you guys, and I never talked about it But I knew he would end up in the two thousand gallon aquarium eventually why? while warren get big very big anywhere from like eight to twelve inches which is because of the Combination of fish that a flower horn is made up of which is primarily the Cichlid oma Tri maculatum Where the Tri Mac Cichlid a big? posterous Aggressive Cichlid which is arguably the number one fish in this hybrid when I got him home? I added him into a small fifteen gallon where I’m eventually putting him into a thirty gallon aquarium now Flowerhorn tend to do a lot better in smaller more enclosed spaces their bottom no decorations so we maintain pristine water quality, and he can’t get injured on the Decorations I’ve gone over bare bottoms and why decorations are good. They’re not good in certain situations with certain fish in the past We’re not going to cover that and of course I got mixed reviews about how I was housing him but we have to understand that I have experience with flour warns and Stingrays N2 arowana and all of the different types of fish that I’ve kept so this wasn’t necessarily a negative Impulse buy it was more. So I’ve kept this fish before here’s an opportunity to buy a you know pretty great fish I’m going to go ahead and get him people were saying he needs decorations. He needs other tank mates He needs a bigger tank, Etc, Etc, ETc, but like I said Fly Warren at first when they’re smaller feel more secure in a smaller tank at first, but there’s kind of a CatcH-22 here You see flower warrant exhibits this extreme personality of being a personable fish in a tank with no Decorations no other fish and in a smaller aquarium, why it has no real other choice but to Interact with you because it’s lacking that in its own environment however if we were to put it in a larger tank with other fish And decorations and scaped those traits are slowly lost now That’s not the case with every flower horn but it does happen and in the end of the day flower horn are a Cichlid Sic would do a number of things including being territorial? they like to create homes they like to claim certain portions of the aquarium now the goal was to add him to the 2000 gallon Aquarium when it was set up and the other fish was added there was some worries I was worried that the flower horn would attack the rays and/or attack the Asian, Arowana This is an extremely expensive fish the Arowana costing Thousands of Dollars the rays are extremely expensive as well, whereas the flower horn is only like 100 $200 fish while The cost of a fish isn’t what’s important to me clearly we have to you know take it into consideration Now some I think will be a rare Awana doesn’t get along with other fish. That’s not entirely true You see when I first got him. He was in a tank with Stingray and a school of discus discus being arguably one of the most sensitive and least aggressive Cichlids in the Hobby I have had difficulties with him getting along with other fish But it’s mostly them nipping at him in a much smaller. Tank. This is 2,000 gallons of water We’re playing with a whole new ball game here though So initially upon adding the flower horn frank acted at like Frank would he was very interactive, and he got along for the first 24 to 48 hours after that frank discovered hey I’m in a really big tank that scape, and I can truly make this my home The marijuana and Frank didn’t get along But it goes both ways what you guys are concentrating and focusing on is the fact that The Arowana went after Frank once but frank goes after the Arowana far more Often you see Frank has made himself a home behind the rock pile here in fact There’s a bit of a dig out where he’s you know primarily stays at however his real Territory is about 20 square feet in the tank Basically where all of the wood is at is his if the arowana goes behind there Brian chases him out frank really only comes out nowadays To get food and or sometimes he comes out when he sees me but it’s not as often as it used to be or as interactive as it used to be in a 15 or 30 gallon aquarium go figure this tank is literally almost a thousand times figure of course The fish are going to interact a lot differently but like I said Frank is a Cichlid and given the types of cichlids that have been combined to create this hybrid those tend to be? large aggressive fish now I added frank in at a relatively small size to get used to the inhabitants because one day He’s going to be a big massive colorful. Fish, but they’ve only been in the tank for a couple of weeks We still have to account for the fact that I’m going to plant this tank within the week we’re going to cover the wood in a lot of plants which is going to change the dynamic of this tank and create a Number of more visual blocks, I’m also going to be adding in a school of bigger fish now Bigger fish are basically a fish set you know defuse the aggression in certain fish Mainly the Arowana And the flower horde, and this is why a school of discus worked while a flower horn Perceivably is not working it is working We just don’t talk about it enough But why is everybody so protective over? Frank and you know some people are getting frustrated with the arowana the Erawan has been with me for years and the Arowana and rays are arguably why this tank exists and even more so why this channel exists in the first place? Franklin we’ve been here for a few months people really enjoyed the fact that when he was in a smaller tank He was extremely personable extremely active and he exhibited traits like a little puppy dog which of course would happen in a smaller Bear aquarium Then we gave him a name we humanized him with the name Frank which is proven to create a stronger bond with animals The Arowana all you guys know is that he’s been around for a while. He doesn’t really have a name I’ve had some problems with him You know he’s aggressive towards me But you know at the end of the day This guy is my favorite fish of all time right now and while I love the flower horn I got to say I’m getting a little jealous of the love that the flower horn is getting but the little air want to hear He’s getting no love and let me put this thing into a different type of perspective marijuana isn’t A Territorial fish he believes the whole Aquarium is his in fact he believes that not only the aquarium is his but everything outside the aquarium is his as well So when I come by or when I come near the tank, I’m in his territory perset and he doesn’t want me in it or maybe he’s just Curious and enjoys my presence with that said when I’m not around the aquarium And I monitor it through web cameras or I just set the camera up and leave it frank comes out and they do just Fine together it’s when I come around and you know I’m here with the camera or I’m sitting here He doesn’t want anybody to come near me. I’m his and you know kind of opened my eyes to him thinking He doesn’t necessarily not like me. He knows that. I’m his owner and we have a symbiotic Relationship where you know we both appreciate each other and I think he’s just being protective of me But you know him being in this much larger tank And getting to see him swimmer more freely and do his own thing is truly open my eyes to you know the true Relationship and bond that I have with this fish, you know he’s not a skittish fish I can do whatever I want and he’s not going to freak out or anything like that unlike a lot of other fish He just simply enjoys you know and an unsaid bond that we have Or maybe I’m completely wrong and you know I’m delusional because I spend too much time with fish with all of this said of course Frank is going to Act differently in a fifteen gallon aquarium and a 2,000 gallon Aquarium let’s give them time to Adjust but I can say that frank is eating more than he ever has he’s putting on some size He loves the entire wood structure That’s his that covers about 20 square feet, and you know some people say oh That’s cruel whoo Frank showed me another flower horn. That has a surface area of 20 square feet to call Their own He’s living the life in here And he absolutely loves it and again once we add some plants and some other fish things will change in this aquarium And I’m simply excited just to see all of the different Interaction that I’m going to be able to have with a lot of these fish and so forth but on the topic of fish changing the rays when they were first added weren’t as Active as they once were now that they’re in here though. They’re eating twice as much They’re twice as active and they’re always out swimming around Know what the summarize everybody in this tank is doing just fine if I had to you know tell if I had to you know kind of Narrow down who is the most aggressive and who’s causing the most problems. It’s frank the Erawan is not allowed to go back there He attacks the arowana ten times more than the arowana choose him off the arowana hasn’t even touched him in only once Just to kind of you know establish who’s who and I think he was just mouthing him out And you know curious and seeing what he was all about? But the flowerhorn is a territorial fish he is going to get quite massive and adding him at a relatively small size Into the aquarium early is going to enable me even far higher chances of success long-term But these are the problems you face with big? Fish and big tank sometimes things work out sometimes you have to get creative And how you’re going to help them work out and so forth and in my opinion That’s one of the most interesting aspects of the aquarium Hobby is because a lot of us mix fish that do not come from same locales or locations in the hobby yet we enjoy them and we want them to get along and sometimes it just doesn’t work a Lot of the times it does I should also quickly address the fact that many of you guys said Give Frank one of the 120s and here’s how that would play out first and foremost I wouldn’t be able to escape the tank because he would destroy it They’d have a background and that would be it It wouldn’t look that great second thing is if I put other fish in there with him He’s going to kill them eventually again this guy’s going to get pretty big and to the point of most likely outgrowing that tank Eventually and me having no place to put him Ultimately, we just need to give these fish some time to adjust to the tank. You know and will it eventually work Absolutely, you know sometimes when you move fish for example the arowana sometimes he takes weeks if not a couple months to adjust he won’t Even eat the rays didn’t eat for you know a day or two crack it right away He’s completely comfortable and adjusted to the tank if he was You’d always see him peeking out at me I think it’s hilarious, but you know if I go over to that side of the tank he’ll come out and see me, but Throughout the day if the Arowana is out here and I’m out here He doesn’t want to come out because the arowana like I said, I think he’s jealous And he doesn’t want frank to get the attention and me to be looking at him He wants me to almost like cuddle with mice like he wants me to take him out of the tank and cover with them But what he doesn’t know is that I already has a little arowana I cuddle with that night so ultimately all as well as this aquarium Frank is doing wonderfully he loves the tank I don’t think I’d ever move him just because he enjoys it so much And you know he gets to you know exhibit some cichlid traits, and you know truly enjoy the tank? I think things will change once we plant it. I think things will change even more once we add more fish I’m not sure what to other fish I want to add though But I do know I want some relatively Larger fish that can school together or at least add a splash of color or at least maybe some iridescent That do not eat plants I’m not going to plant this tank just to have a give a fish a smorgasbord of food in there for them to eat So I don’t know if you guys have any suggestions on some fish that I could add let me know in the comment section below but to give you an idea of where my head is at I’ve thought about some tinfoil barb’s which would Probably eat the plants. I thought of different types of species of silver dollars which would probably eat the plants and But I do need a fish that can you know grow to a relatively large size? That will be an omnivorous fish meaning that it will probably eat whatever
I offer the tank because I’m the type that feeds the tank one type of food And the fish all eat that same food, and that’s one of my strategies to keeping a tank simple and easier to take care of But let me know what your thoughts are in the comment section below also the arowana just celebrated his five year birthday Two days ago, and I never did anything for it However, I hope to be able to make a video about him and give you guys an idea where he came from is time with me in the Hobby and how he got to the size he is and you know some of the things he’s gone through as Well as reveal what his name is soon, so if any of this Interests you and you’re not subscribed to this channel yet I highly suggest you do because I’ve got a lot of really interesting videos coming out shortly I have been making more videos than is typical for the last few months I’ve been making three videos a week, but every what’s a while I’m pumping out a bonus video making a 44 videos a week, and I am really enjoying Simply showing you guys what I’m most interested in and excited about at the time, and I hope you guys are as well

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