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I started writing my new book to explore the connection between the health of oceans and our own health– especially, I have to admit, my health. The kid who loved to fish is now a middle-aged man. I’ve got slightly elevated blood pressure, I’ve got cholesterol issues, I have depression issues, I have sleep issues, and I don’t like it. In fact, I hate it. So I started to listen to the soft purr of the omega-3 industry. This is everything they’re supposed to fix. They say it’s what makes your joints more youthful, your brain quicker, your heart more resilient. A kind of elixir, if you believe in that sort of thing. But I’m not sure what I believe. So I thought, “What if I did a study of one and ate only fish, every meal every day, for a year? What would happen?” We’re Jewish, right? Somebody was asking me, like, do we believe in Heaven? Not really, right?>>Well, I’m, yeah…>>GREENBERG: We don’t have to go into it. But all I’m saying is, is that this omega thing to me feels a little bit like the promise of the afterlife, like, you won’t know it till you’re there.>>Yeah.>>GREENBERG: And we won’t know about the omega-3 thing till we’re…>>Well, 50% of people don’t know they have heart disease until they suddenly die.>>GREENBERG: You want to hear the first line of the book?>>Yeah.>>GREENBERG: Here, I’ll tell you. “A little while back, I learned from an…” Sorry, “A little while back, I learned from an eminent cardiologist that half of all patients first report heart disease to their doctors by dropping dead.”>>You’re right, yeah.>>GREENBERG: I have no intention of doing that. So I began my year of eating fish. Sometimes Esther and Luke would join me. But mostly I’d be on my fishy own. Tonight, it’s tomato anchovy sauce over pasta.>>Ooh, it’s hot.>>GREENBERG: And some little snapper blues Luke and I just caught. There are some of the oiliest fish around, rich in omega-3s.>>Yeah, it looks really good. I’m really excited about the snappers.>>GREENBERG: Over the weeks and months to come, I’d keep at it every meal. (phone camera clicking) A smoked mackerel on a bagel. Wild sockeye from Alaska. Grilled yellowfin Niçoise. Teriyaki farmed salmon. A new kind of shrimp, grown indoors in a warehouse upstate. All of them tell a story, where they came from and how they ended up on my plate.

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