What I Ate In A Day VEGAN #28 // Japanese-inspired Vegan Recipes

What I Ate In A Day VEGAN #28 // Japanese-inspired Vegan Recipes

Hi guys, Welcome to a Japanese cuisine inspired edition
of What I Ate Wednesday. I had been craving Japanese food for a while
but didn’t want to go out and spend money. But on this morning I thought, why wait? Let’s
start with miso soup. It’s so easy and you’ve seen me make this
before. I also made some rice the night before so
I had some of that to fill out this breakfast. The topping was inspired by Furikake but uses
nutritional yeast for the savory flavour so there is no need for the MSG crystals commonly
found in commercial blends and of course, no fish. I had this outside as even though this doesn’t
look like the most beautiful day, the grey skies and barely there rain reminds me of
home, or my past home rather, in Vancouver BC. During the day, I snacked on cut apples. When
they are cut up small like this, I feel like I’m having candy. Like nature’s skittles. For lunch, I made some sushi. But before I
show you what kind I made, let me show you some sushi that you guys sent in! Beachamberlain and Soddingsociety on Instagram
both made tomato maki. Tomato is not a very common maki ingredient but it’s seriously
good. Especially with fresh heirloom tomatoes. Sushi can be easy to make and you can really
put anything that you like in there. Soddingsociety also recently posted this spread of avocado
maki and seitan nigiri. How awesome does that seitan look? hristinasimone even put baked spicy peanut
tofu into sushi! I haven’t tried that combination before and now I really want to. I bet it
was delicious. For myself, I’m using up leftovers. First, one avocado and cucumber roll. Next, a more unusual roll. I’ve got some leftover beans dressed up with
homemade teriyaki sauce. There’s sweet sauteed onion and carrots in there too. Whenever I
have beans or other iron rich foods, I make sure to have other foods with plenty of vitamin
C too to help with iron absorbtion. It’s just for myself so I’m just doing quick
rolls with the rice on the inside. If you want to learn the rice on the outside or uramaki
method, check out my vegan california roll video. For dinner, I started with making some negi-tofu
filling which is my take on negitoro which used to be my first or second favourite type
of maki. For this, I have chopped firm tofu but soft
or medium tofu would also be good. Then toss with a few tablespoons of double
strength vegetable broth and chopped green onion, just the dark green parts. I’m adding a few drops of roasted sesame oil
to give a fatty flavour and the pleasant aroma of roasted sesame. Toro is a fatty cut of
fish so this helps to create the mouthfeel of the original sushi roll while we leave
our fishy friends in the ocean. And I covered the bowl and let it rest for
a few minutes so the flavours could mingle and do their thing. It was then that I remembered I had some cabbage
in the fridge that was begining to turn color. Gross. So I cut away the dark bits and the
rest was good. I didn’t really know what to do with it as
I had no plan so I went to my default and started with sauteing some ginger and garlic. After a few seconds over high heat, I added
sliced onions. Then, the sliced cabbage and a pinch of sea
salt. It only takes a few minutes to cook. We just
want the onions to turn sweet and the cabbage to be cooked through but not overcooked. Because
that’s gross. At least in a dish like this. So since I had this hot food, I decided to
go for a decontructed sushi plate. Sort of. I’ve got some warm sushi rice, the chilled
negi-tofu, and the hot savory onions and cabbage. This was so good, guys. Simple, nutritious,
satisfying and just plain tasty. So that was my food day, how was yours? What
kind of Japanese inspired vegan eats do you guys like? I’d love to hear your ideas too. As always thanks so much for watching this
video and thanks especially to those who take the time to like and leave a thoughtful comment.
As you might guess, these videos do require a lot of work and recipe testing does also
tests my grocery budget. I am making it work but I have to admit, it’s not easy. If you
want to help out, please consider becoming a patron on patreon. No pressure, just if
you want to help that’s where you can. If you want. Thanks again, guys and I’ll see ya again for
Friday’s easy vegan recipe video. Bye for now.

69 thoughts on “What I Ate In A Day VEGAN #28 // Japanese-inspired Vegan Recipes

  1. I'm not big on seaweed…but I find when the rolls are made with the rice on the outside, I really enjoy it. One day I will brave making my own. I really love the simplicity of avocado & cucumber rolls.

  2. Hi Mary, I became a Patreon ๐Ÿ™‚ I can't give much because I'm a student supporting myself with 2 Jobs but I hope to give 3 $ a month. I love your channel and I hope you can fulfill your dream <3 ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Thank you for all the amazing yummyย ideas, time and effort you put into making your videos Mary, You've inspired me to go Japanese today and after living there for 7 years. I'm so excited to experiment on some delish veganย ideas. :-)x

  4. i have been very much into japanese food lately too and have been making it for the past two days! on tuesday i made teriyaki tofu, sesame/miso green beans, broccoli with gomashio (ground up roasted sesame seeds with salt – i added some maple syrup too), raw silken tofu with a tamari/maple/roasted sesame oil glaze with scallions, raw ginger and more roasted sesame seeds and rice of course. so yummy! yesterday was a bit more simple as i was tired after coming home from work late – i made some mapo doufu (kind of a fusion between the chinese version and the japanese, but added my own twist by adding chinese-five-spice to the mix). i used sake, mirin, miso, roasted sesame oil, maple sugar and indonesian sambal oelek chili paste (as i didn't haveย tobanjan) for the sauce and used tvp instead of the ground beef and japanese silken tofu. very satisfying indeed! miso soup for breakfast sounds great, Mary – i love your addition of beans! also for the sushi rolls – i have to try both ๐Ÿ™‚ i am always so excited when you post a new video! keep up the good work as usual!

  5. Yum! Looks delicious. I got so excited when i saw you uploaded a video because i really didn't know what i was going to make for dinner.. hehe now i know! Thanks for posting ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I really love the way you make your videos!! ย It always gives me great ideas for dinner… ย And I also love the fact that you use whatever you have in your fridge to make something new. ย So thank you!

  7. I absolutely love the way you explain every extricate detail about what you're eating, you're very good at it. MUCH LOVE XX

  8. Your sushi looks amazing! Have you ever been to beyond sushi in NYC or LA? It's all vegan sushi and it's THE BEST.

  9. Another awesome video Mary! I have to admit I am yet to try sushi because I'm slightly scared and I don't really like seaweed, but those sushi roles looked very tempting! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. all those instagram shot were fab.ย  look at the influence are having.ย  my approach to food has improved from viewing your channel.

  11. oh wow, I love your channel so much <3 I've been a vegetarian for 7 years but just for the past year or two started to get more into cooking and discovering more ways of cooking. Thank you for making this!

  12. i`ve tried your beet seitan recipe,and it`s my fav now.I make it at least once a week,i was wondering what if i put nori sheets in the seitan and fish spices-i bet it will taste like fish!))))))

  13. Teriyaki beans sound so.. interesting. I can't remember if you said what kind of beans you used for this?

  14. Thanks for posting, Mary.ย  I like that you experiment with different temperatures for serving foods together; at this time of year, with the weather going, "Hot!ย  No, Warm!ย  No, Chilly! No, Hot!" it's a good tack to take with meals. : )

  15. I just fell in love with your deconstructed sushi plate! That's one way I could finally get close to sushi (since I can't stand the fishy smell of the seaweed, unfortunately).
    Thank you for providing so much inspiration XOXO

  16. Are you using sushi rice for the rolls? When I make them the rice is all over my hands and so sticky. Love the beans idea!

  17. Keep going Mary! You have one of the best vegan recipe channels and I know someday you will be one of the most popular too. You do such an amazing job and inspire me so much ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. omg this looks so good. I'm gonna go get some miso paste tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜€ thanks for the inspiration!

  19. I love Japanese food and love your ideas to make it vegan. What do you mix together to make your own furikake ?

  20. Yummy! Really want to try this love the Japanese cuisine really love the vegan touch on itโœจ๐Ÿ’œgood food for the mind and soul ๐Ÿ˜€ thank you for sharing this!

  21. I can't wait to try this but lmfao, idk why but when you called chopped apples "nature's skittles" I started cracking up. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I love your channel btw, subscribed. โœŠโค

  22. All of this looks soooo insanely delicious, omg. Though, what caught my attention the most was that bean teriyaki maki sushi you had for lunch.. My goodness, my mouth is drooling of jealousy and awe. I very much enjoy putting together a delectable deconstructed sushi plate for dinner too! Keep it up with the stellar content!

  23. ใŠๅ‘ณๅ™Œๆฑใซใ‚ณใƒผใƒณใŒๅ…ฅใฃใฆใ‚‹ใฎใฃใฆ็ใ—ใ„ใงใ™ใญ(^-^)

  24. i found your channel today while i was stuck in bed with the flu. you have some amazing recipes that i cannot wait to try and make! literally cracked out on your videos today!

  25. Really like your videos! but just want to inform you that Nutritional yeast has a common main compound as msg which makes it toxic for your brain and that is glutamic acid. So even though youre avoiding the sodium from commercial MSG crystals, youre still getting the toxins from glutamic acid in nutritional yeast which is terrible for your brain.

  26. love both ur channels Mary! Asian food is my fave…I make avocado ginger maki, sweet potatoe maki and loooove sushi bowls with Kimchi too, love. all ur recipes Mary, thank you for sharing your time and passion xo

  27. Thank you for sharing what you ate and all of your good tips ๐Ÿ™‚ Sitting here trying to decide between miso soup with natto or ramen or agedashi tofu for dinner.

  28. you can make vegan smoke salmon rolls by making fake salmon by using carrots that's what I do its super delicious

  29. My tummy wants to send u a special thank u in advance because I'm definitely making this tomorrow.Thanks Love ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’–

  30. Toro is fish belly actually certain tuna belly and it is wildly expensive! I've had it once at Morimoto in New York. Now I no longer indulge but I find vegan Sushi very satisfying. ๐Ÿ™‚

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