WHAT I EAT IN A DAY (VEGAN + GF) ‣‣ Healthy Recipes for Summer

WHAT I EAT IN A DAY (VEGAN + GF) ‣‣ Healthy Recipes for Summer

(soft music) – So matcha today is
one that is very similar to one I’ve made before but it
starts with my matcha powder as well my jasmine tocos, the lion’s mane powder, pearl powder, sweetened with monk fruit extract and of course some pumpkin
spice and coconut butter to finish it off which it nice and creamy. I top the whole blender,
everything that’s in there with my hot water and then I blend it up until it’s smooth and creamy and that is my standard matcha latte, pretty much how I make
it every single morning. (soft music) Hi friends, welcome back to another What I Eat in a Day video. I am at my parents’ house
in Vermont this week and I thought I would
bring you along today because I am here for another
full week of recipe testing. This is my last one that
I’m doing for the year so I’m trying to bring out
as many recipes as I can and I thought it would be fun to bring you along for the day, show you what I’m making, show you how I kind of
like navigate a full day of recipe testing in
terms of eating my meals. And you already saw that I
went for my walk with Trevi, I did a little workout when I got back, came home and well, worked out, showered, then I came into the kitchen
and I made my matcha. Then I’ve just been answering email for the rest couple of hours and I’m going to quickly
make a little smoothie bowl and then I’m going to
hop into recipe testing. So let’s go ahead and
make the smoothie bowl and then I’ll show you what
I’m making throughout the day. Today’s smoothie bowl
was a base of spinach, duh, as well as some
Ka’Chava protein powder, some unsweetened cocoa powder as well as some cauliflower rice. You can also use regular
frozen cauliflower or zucchini if you wanted as well as some frozen blackberries. Again, swap any other frozen fruit or berry that you’d like in place of it. And then I blended it
up with coconut water. And this is the jar that I
used to have on my old blender and I kinda miss it, gotta be honest, it makes the best smoothie bowls. Once I’ve blended it up, I’ll just pour everything into my bowl. Today I topped it with
my mom’s homemade granola which is so good, I think
you guys need this recipe so I’m gonna try to have
her write it down for you. And then I finished it
with some peanut butter and that was my quick and easy
and delicious smoothie bowl. (soft music) All right, it’s just been a couple hours, I’ve done some recipe testing, I wanna show you what I’ve made so far. So in here, I have some saffron quinoa that’s going to be turned into a salad. Over here, I have some
zucchini breakfast bars which are going to be
up in a little while. And then in the freezer, I have some no bake key lime pie bars which I need to photograph and
they look and smell so good, you guys are going to be
so excited for this recipe. So I’m gonna go take
Trevi for a quick walk, gonna take her swimming
’cause it’s nice and hot and then I will be back to
finish up some more testing. I’m gonna make a salad recipe
that’s gonna be my lunch and then I’m just gonna keep on going, keep on truckin’ along for the day. (soft music) All right, so I am recipe
testing right now currently. I am about to make my salad and I wanted to show
you what I’m drinking. I’m drinking a ginger-lemon
Health-Ade kombucha and actually what I do
is I actually only drink half of these when I’m
drinking them in one sitting because these are 16 ounces
and there’s two servings per container so that’s what I do. This is the ginger-lemon one, so good, it’s really kinda spicy
but it’s delicious. And then this is the
kinda start of my salad, so I’m doing a chopped Thai-asian salad, it’s gonna have spinach, we have cilantro, red peppers, carrots,
scallions, chickpeas, zucchini, cabbage and we’re
gonna use spinach as the base. And then I’m also gonna make a dressing. The dressing components are over here, we have wheat-free tamari,
rice vinegar, peanut butter, lime juice, and I’m also
gonna do some ginger. So let’s go ahead and make
this, put it all together. Okay so in here we have the dressing, I basically just added
all those ingredients I just showed you and
whisked them all together. So that is going to be our dressing. The next step is that we have all of our salad ingredients in here and we have spinach, cabbage, red pepper, zucchini, carrot, scallion and cilantro. And I’m actually gonna use a pizza cutter to chop the salad inside this bowl. And then we will add
chickpeas and the dressing. And here is the gorgeous finished salad, it’s a chopped spinach salad, I’m gonna serve it up into little bowls and have a giant bowl of this for lunch. I take photos in little bowls just FYI ’cause it makes the foot look bigger and prettier and it’s easier to style. But either way, here is the
gorgeous chopped spinach salad, this is going to be coming
to the blog very, very soon, so keep your eyes peeled. And it smells amazing, you guys, so good. Alright, here is the finished salad that I’m gonna eat for lunch. I’m also gonna have a little
piece of toast on the side. It looks so good, doesn’t it? On my bread, I’m going to put some of this sprouted bean dip from Siete. This is the piece of toasted bread, this is from Little Northern Bakehouse, they’re a company that I’m really excited to be partnering with this year and we’ve got really
awesome sprouted bread. So more on them to come, but this is a new product from Siete, it is so awesome, tastes delicious, I’ve already opened it and
the ingredients are amazing. Okay, recipe testing is done for the day. Something that we are
gonna have for dinner I made today so I’ll explain that when I serve it for dinner. I also made tonight’s dessert which I’m gonna show you right now and I made a smoothie that
I also dropped on the floor and it exploded everywhere
so that was kind of a debacle but stuff happens. So yeah, it was a really productive day, I got through I think five recipes which I’m really excited about. One of them which I showed you, the zucchini breakfast
bars did not work out how I wanted them to I’ve
gotta do another test of those at some point, otherwise
everything else was fabulous. So let me show you the dessert that I made because it is so good, I’ve
already had a few bites and I can’t wait. Here is the peach crisp that I made, it is completely gluten free and vegan. I shot it with vanilla ice cream but we’ll probably have it
with some of our favorite coconut yogurt tonight for dessert. So simple, I think it’s less
than 10 ingredients actually and it’s perfect for summer. So this will be coming very soon as well and I will make sure to
update the description box when the post is live on the blog. Dinner prep time, while I
prep, I’m eating some pretzels. These are my favorite
gluten free pretzels, they’re from Quinn,
they’re the deli rye style, they’re really, really good,
I got them at Whole Foods. And also actually the natural market that’s up here at my parents’ house. So make sure you know what we’re doing, we’re gonna do some grilled
tofu like I told you, and right now I’m just pressing it and this is my janky setup for pressing, so let me flip you around. What I do is I put a
layer of paper towel down, put the tofu down, put
another layer of paper towel, another plate, and then something heavy. So this is our electric tea
kettle that is full of water. And I’m just going to press
this for I don’t know, maybe 10 or 15 minutes. And this helps get some of the water out and it helps dry out
the tofu a little bit, helps it be less sticky on the grill and I think from here
I just have to decide what flavor I wanna do for our sauce. I’m thinking we’ll either do buffalo or we’ll do maybe barbecue. While the tofu is pressing or whatever, I’m gonna make some greens. So I’m doing some Swiss
chard that we have leftover and then also some kale
that is starting to go bad. So what I’m gonna do is
finely, thinly slice this like into ribbons and
then finely chop this and this is leftover from
recipe testing today, I’m gonna save those for my smoothie. But anyway, so I will finely chop this up and then we’ll just probably
steam it and saute it with some lemon, some garlic, the classic stuff that I always make. And then maybe we’ll drizzle
some tahini on top at the end. (soft music) So I pressed this for about 10 minutes and look how much water is in the bottom. That’s gonna really help
us get a nice crispy, like see how much? It’s a lot. So I’m gonna slice these into steaks and then the buffalo sauce I’m using is this brand that I just
discovered at Whole Foods, it’s called Noble Made, this is like their medium
one but it’s Whole30 Approved which means it has clean ingredients. And it’s water, cayenne pepper, vinegar, olive oil, salt, tapioca
starch, and xanthan gum. And it tastes really,
really good, no sugar, everything like that. So if I find it online, I’ll
link it down below for you, but I’m going to season
these with salt and pepper and then probably put some buffalo sauce and just throw them on the grill and then keep basting them
when we flip them over. (soft music) Okay so I basically
just put barbecue sauce, I mean, buffalo sauce
on both sides of this and I’m gonna take it out and throw everything onto the grill. (soft music) So I’ve got a little olive
oil in this pan right here and all I’m gonna do is
just add all my greens and I have some onion
that I roasted last night that we’re gonna add in here too. And I’m gonna season it
with some garlic powder, salt, pepper, and pepper flakes. And then I think we’ll drizzle
some zucchini on top of them. (soft music) All right, we’re gonna flip these babies, they might stick a little bit, we’ll see. Not too bad. There we go. Gorgeous. All right, so brought some
more barbecue sauce out here. Wow, I keep saying barbecue,
it’s buffalo sauce. So I’m just gonna, a little bit of this. (soft music) Let these babies cook for
another couple minutes. All right, here we go, I think we’re done. Gorgeous buffalo tofu. (soft music) Okay so here’s the finished product. We have the kale and whatever
mixture with the tahini, grilled buffalo tofu, and that’s the quinoa
salad that I made today. It has that saffron quinoa
I showed you earlier, carrots, mint, scallions,
dates, and some seeds, and a little bit of lemon,
a little bit of maple syrup, and some olive oil. – [Mom] So you know I have
a bunch of mint down there. – [Alyssa] What do you guys think? I used it (mumbles) down there. – What’s that? – [Alyssa] What do you think? – It’s going to be fabulous, I haven’t tasted it yet.
– It’s gonna be amazing. – [Dad] I’m gonna drown in sriracha. – Dinner was fabulous,
now I am just warming up that peach cobbler that
I showed you earlier and I’m gonna serve it with a
little bit of coconut yogurt and this will be the perfect
sweet treat to end the day. Also gonna have a cup of tea, my standard cup of tea
is Egyptian Licorice Mint is my absolute favorite. And that is going to be my end of day. I actually have to end this video and immediately film it
because it’s going up tomorrow. (soft music) So yeah, like I mentioned,
all of the recipes that are today, that were in this video are going to be up on the blog
over the next couple weeks so I will make sure to
update the description box, if you have any questions for me, if you want any product
links, anything like specific, definitely make sure to
leave a comment down below. Also I will link my entire What I Eat in a Day playlist for you. So if you’re interested in watching similar videos like this, you can watch that down below. Otherwise, I think that’s
all I have for you. I hope you guys have an
awesome rest of your day, thank you so much for being
here and for watching, make sure to give it a
thumbs up before you go, don’t forget to subscribe and we’ll see you guys
in the next one, bye. (soft music)

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