What If A Megalodon Shark Fought A Titanoboa Snake

What If A Megalodon Shark Fought A Titanoboa Snake

Have you ever wondered what would happen if
a Gigantic Snake fought a Gigantic shark? Well we have. Are you really that surprised? Today, life’s biggest questions asks, what
if a megalodon shark fought a titanoboa snake. Hello, and welcome back to life’s biggest
questions, the channel that imagines the impossible. I’m your host, charlotte dobre, and if you
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bell. And if you haven’t watched our videos on
the megalodon shark or the titanoboa snake, we highly recommend you do so. Who do you think would win in a fight? Make sure you tell us in the comments below. The megalodon shark is an extinct species
of shark that lived around 23 to 2.6 million years ago. Titanoboa is an extinct species of snake that
lived during the middle to late paleocene epoch, that lasted from 66 to 56 million years
ago. But what if these two gigantic killing machines
happened to live during the same time period, managed to cross paths and got into an epic
battle to the death? Which would win? Lets start with what we know about the megalodon
shark. Firstly, the megalodon resembled a gigantic
great white shark, probably because experts believe they are closely related. It could grow to be up to 82 feet from nose
to tail, and weighed up to 60 tons. It had a colossal jaw with huge teeth that
were up to 7 inches long and a powerful bite. I’m also going to tell you about its width,
because that will be important later. It could swim at a speed of up to 13.4 miles
per hour, and experts believed it attacked its prey from the side, rather from below
like a great white shark. Next up, lets talk about titanoboa. Titanoboa was gigantic as well, it was the
biggest snake to ever have existed. It could grow to be 42 feet long and weigh
just over a ton. Titanoboa was a powerful swimmer. It snacked on giant turtles and crocodiles,
and killed its prey by asphyxiation, like boa constrictors, where it would wrap itself
around a victim and squeeze until it died either by suffocation or cardiac arrest. Titanoboa spent most of its time in the water,
it swam in tropical waters, and if it had existed at the same time as the megalodon,
the two could have theoretically crossed paths. But would titanoboa have been able to take
on one of the biggest, deadliest predators in the history of the world? Lets get into it. In order for Titanoboah to stand a fighting
chance against a megalodon shark, it would have to get a devastating bite in as well
as find a way to wrap itself around it. Titanoboa managed to snack on gigantic crocodiles,
so why couldn’t it snack on a gigantic shark? That being said, megalodon sharks were immensely
huge, they were powerful swimmers and had a streamlined body that could perhaps escape
titanoboas grip. All it would have to do is thrash around violently
and slip through titanoboas coils. Titanoboahs weakness in this fight would be
its length. As I previously said, megalodon sharks attack
from the side. Snakes are long creatures, and its body is
essentially helpless. If a megalodon shark happened to come across
a titanoboa snake, all it would have to do is dish out a devastating bite to a central
area on its body, slicing through internal organs. And considering how big megalodon’s mouth
was, it could probably slice titanoboa clean in half with its 7 inch long teeth. Titanoboas were 3 feet thick at the thickest
part of their bodies. Megalodon’s mouth was 2 meters across. Which means, The titanoboas body could comfortably
fit inside the megalodons mouth, and there would still be plenty of room for chomp. So there you have it, the winner of this fight
would undoubtedly be the megalodon shark. Do you agree with me, do you not, write your
responses in the comments. For now, I’m charlotte dobre and you’ve
bee watching life’s biggest questions, if you enjoyed this video, you should also check
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100 thoughts on “What If A Megalodon Shark Fought A Titanoboa Snake

  1. It really depends on the situation. Today’s constrictors hunt by ambush. If the meg didn’t know the titanaboa was there, there’s a good possibility titanaboa would win. If the meg knew the titanaboa was there I don’t think the titanaboa stands a chance. The meg’s streamline body would make it really easy to swallow.

  2. I think the Titanoboa would win cuz the Titanoboa could just put it venom into the Megalodon shark in the Megalodon shark or not last long so that for that say saying that the meddler the Titanoboa would be able to take on the shark

  3. well i mean megaladons may not look like great whites for all we know they could be a giant crab LOL JK but no one knows what shark it looks like cause it has not been seen before only the teeth has been found people just imagine it as a giant great white

  4. megaladon because titaniboa is 50 feet big and the megaladon is 59 feet big and megaladon would be too big to swallow for the titaniboa and the titaniboa would be slower im pretty sure cause its a land animal and the titaniboas mouth would open up much less wide than the megaladon cause the megaladon can open his mouth really wide and what happens when the megaladon bites his body instead of biting at his face where he can bite him still cause megaladons im pretty sure are known to bite in the body of a animal so they dont get bitten now i dont know how strong the bite force is for the titaniboa but i do know that megaladon bite force is super strong

  5. well actually even tho megalodon could attack from sides Titanoboa could easily move aside and round the megs body so in my opinion, I think its a fair! meg could win or boa!?

  6. We think that the tibowa would win because if it gets into the sharks mouth it could bite and release it venem into the shaks bloodvanes. Or it could rap around the Meg

  7. Megaldon is the winner love your videos subribe to your channel best channel in the world 😀😁😐😑😚☺🙂🤗

  8. And because megalodon is bigger : there’s no way a giant snake 🐍 could fight a giant shark 🦈:

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