What If There Were No Sharks?

What If There Were No Sharks?

[SCARY MUSIC] Why are sharks so scary?! Bloodthirsty beasts
just waiting out there in the waves to feast on human flesh. If only we could get rid of
these guys our vacations would be so much safer, nothing to worry about while we’re
surfing and frolicking out there in the ocean. Except that’s not the case. We don’t have
anything to fear from sharks in the ocean, no more than I have to fear in this swimming
pool. Really, it’s sharks who should be scared of us. [MUSIC] There’s more than 400 species of sharks on
Earth, and they’ve owned the ocean for 400 million years, since before the dinosaurs!
Yet thanks to a combination of fear and neglect, we humans might just wipe them out in a few
hundred… That bites. Why care about sharks? You might think a few
less sharp teeth in the sea would make for a better world, but that’s not true. Let’s
imagine, just for a minute, what would happen if we let that fear and neglect win, if we
ignore what scientists and nature are telling us. What if there were no sharks? By and large, sharks are big fish. And one
of Mother Nature’s simplest rules is: Big fish eat smaller fish, which eat even smaller
fish. And some of those smallest fish eat… algae? If we kill that biggest fish, those
sharks? Then instead of coral reefs we could have… this… yuck. Or take my friend Ray. Ray likes to eat scallops,
and this shark likes to eat Ray and his friends. No shark, and it’s an all-you-can eat scallop
ray buffet. That’s exactly what’s happened off the coast of North Carolina when sharks
were overfished, and now there’s no more scallops there. That’s bad for Ray, and
bad for us, because I happen to love scallops. Without sharks, the sick and injured fish
that they usually eat could throw schools into chaos. And it’s not always about what
sharks eat, sometimes their mere presence can change the way marine animals feed and
behave. Most food webs are much more complicated than
big fish eating little fish, which makes it hard to predict precisely what would happen
in a shark-free ocean, but that doesn’t mean it’s a risk we should be willing to
take. How ‘bout this: If you kill a shark, you
pay for it. If you’re in Palau, that’ll cost you $2 million a piece. Research into
the value of sharks to tourism show us that a living shark is worth way more than a dead
one. Sharks keep ecosystems in balance, and that
balance is the product of thousands, sometimes millions of years of evolution and adaptation.
We don’t know how, or even IF, the oceans can respond to such sudden changes, because
sharks are slow-growing species that don’t breed often, and that makes them extra-vulnerable. The ecosystems that sharks help manage cover
two-thirds of our planet, they provide us with more than half the oxygen we breathe,
and 3 billion people rely on them for food and their livelihood. Whatever might happen in a world without sharks,
it’s not good for us. You’ve probably noticed that number getting
bigger. That’s how many sharks were killed while you watched this video. Every year,
humans kill more than 100 million sharks, 70% for their fins, which are made into soup,
the rest by habitat destruction, or thrown away as bycatch from fishing. How many people
do sharks kill? Not many. Come on in here, let’s have some #realtalk.
Time after time in movies, and during certain week-long specials on cable TV, sharks are
portrayed as these dangerous monsters, toothy terrors of the deep that are just out to get
us. But if movies have taught us anything, it’s that the scariest monsters are the
ones we don’t see, the ones that remain mysterious. All this week, a bunch of our favorite YouTube
channels have teamed up to bring you awesome shark science, so go check ‘em out. Remember, the more you know, the less you’ll
fear. Stay curious.

100 thoughts on “What If There Were No Sharks?

  1. hi, can i use your video for my presentation and dub it in native language. I am a researcher and trying to build a programme to educate the masses, your video will be of immense help

  2. if the sharks was to go extinct what will stop the next species of aquatic life on the food chain to adapt to this knew shark free world /ocean . and we should understand if we keep looking after the creatures they will adapt to be completely independent on us and wont even try to adapt to there knew ever changing environment .#staysmart

  3. ,, Its sharks, who should be scared of us" yeah try to tell him that when he bite off your leg in ocean. XDDDDD

  4. Sharks. Apex predators, sure – But they are one of the worst predators to exist on this planet. At least, for example, Lions kill quickly and painlessly even when provoked; While sharks want to chew one limb until they get enough of you due to their "curiousity". Trust me, I'm a carnivore and am not a fan of vegans, but sharks are surely one of the worst predators to exist.

  5. One reason. I don't like Asia's everything i like they eat not try to be rude just saying stop Eating shark please Hope you don't hate me

  6. I think eating shark fin is very cruel, and we have to protect our earth, you said shark eat ray fish ,and ray fish r
    Eat scallops, i love too eat scallops too, so shark keeps our ecosystem balance, so I am Finished with Fin, good bye shark fin soup, no more

  7. Im a marine biologist, i swam with several species of sharks, they dont care about humans guys seriously

  8. The real dangerous,most fearfull among everything and controls everything that there are billions of them living in Earth. That they keep killing anything including these things. It's us. Humans

  9. Not saying we should kill all the sharks, but getting rid of a few of them would cut down on shark attacks and bring the price of seafood down a bit 😛

  10. Well, a guy I worked with was eaten by a shark so his family probably begs to differ on the whole we have nothing to fear front.

  11. Kill the sharks!!! Not all, only the species dangerous to humans, there will be still plenty of them left for you "food chain wooried" bunch, and there will be more fish left for us to eat.

  12. Eating shark fin soup is not good for our health, because shark fin is poisonous ,and shark fin soup has no nutrients the way to getting shark fin is very cruel and scary shark keep our ecosystem balance, and the fact that is Hong Kong observatory don't want global warming to be more serious Hong Kong observatory concert about the climate change and they don't want shark to be extinct, Hong Kong observatory care our environment with heart ,therefore I don't eat shark fin soup anymore, thanks to Hong Kong observatory, by the way I am from Hong Kong

  13. What if people nearly eliminated sharks and then fished for their prey? Might that prevent some drastic ecological catastrophe, reduce the risk of shark attacks and create a larger job market with the increased necessity to fish?

  14. I’m pro killing all the sharks that have attacked people, and fish the fish they were eating.
    You know why sharks don’t eat us. It’s because we kill them where they could.
    You know why people don’t get attacked by bears and wolves it because we killed the ones that did.

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  16. Imagine if shark got social media. All of them will start texting don't swim to China
    Chad Great white : nah bro I ain't scared


  18. You actually have a better chance of being killed by an overturning vending machine or even winning the power ball jackpot, than being killed by a shark. Peter Benchley, the author of the "Jaws" novel, which spawned the movie, felt so guilty about the way his novel and the movie painted sharks as ruthless maneating villians, that he dedicated the rest of his life to shark conservation and protection. They really are beautiful and mysterious animals that should be respected, rather than feared.

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