What is the best aquarium fish food?

What is the best aquarium fish food?

Feeding your fish correctly is very important
to their health and the health of the fish. There are many types of fish food and my video
explains what types are commonly available to buy. How often should I feed my fish and how much? This is dependent on the type of fish you
are keeping of course. Generally though in a mixed community tank I recommend feeding
once every day or every other day (in a tank with heavy stocking), with only enough food
to be eaten within two minutes of entering the water. Putting to much food in or feeding
to frequently will cause your tank to get covered in algae, lead to poor water quality
and also is bad for your fishes health. For larger fish, mainly predatory types, such
as oscars or puffer fish etc, feeding can be cut to around once or twice a week as this
is more natural for them and will also reduce the waste load on your aquarium. Many fish food packets will tell you to feed
three times a day and your fish WILL beg you for food. Ignore both of these and follow
my advice and your fish will live long and healthy lives. What should I feed my fish? Understand your fishes natural diet and feeding
habits. Are they predators, algae eaters, scavengers or herbivores? Do they eat from
the top of the water, middle of the tank or grub on the bottom? Do they eat better at
night such as some catfish? For top feeding fish use flakes or pellets
which remain on the surface for a long time. For mid swimming fish use slow sinking feeds
such as pellets or fish crisps. Bottom feeders require sinking pellets or tablets which lay
on the bottom. Give your fish the correct diet. If they are
a predatory fish give them food which is higher in protein or supplement them with frozen
or live feeds. Scavenging fish will eat anything, but keep their diet varied and make sure it
gets to the bottom of the tank. Herbivores and algae eaters require special foods which
contain a lot of plant matter such as algae wafers or algae crisps/flakes. Herbivores
can be given fresh blanched vegetables or fruit such as squash, cucumber or courgette
and they really enjoy it. Remember to remove uneaten vegetables within
24 hours. Make sure that the food you are providing is of the correct size for your
fish. Match the feed to their mouth size. Giving large fish small flakes or small fish
large pellets will increase the amount of uneaten food and create waste in your aquarium. Always buy the best quality food you can.
Cheaper foods may seem like a good deal but unfortunately they are usually poorly produced
and contain few beneficial nutrients for your fish. Cheaper foods usually do not get digested
completely and will increase the waste given off by your fish reducing water quality.

8 thoughts on “What is the best aquarium fish food?

  1. im guessing you are are in england and i was wondering what are the pet stores that sell fish because i just moved here and was wondering where you get your fish? also if you get it from a website tell me which website

  2. There are many shops in the UK. The best chain store is generally maidenhead aquatics the worst IMHO is pets at home

  3. Lots of info. thanks!

    Not sure if this was covered. But I find people forget about the expiry dates. I try to check the dates when buying food, buy small containers so am getting new food every 1-2 months. And I keep the food in an appropriate place so it dose not spoil.

  4. whats the best food for neon tetra? i have new life spectrum small fish and it drops completely the neons are mid dwelling and it doesnt go to bottom and eat…so im thinking of flakes..will that work?

  5. I'm gonna get a community tank, what food should I get if I'm getting danios, platies, and Cory cats? Also, what brand is good?

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