What Is The Best Cooking Oil? coconut oil vs avocado oil vs olive oil vs vegetable oil vs butter

What Is The Best Cooking Oil? coconut oil vs avocado oil vs olive oil vs vegetable oil vs butter

Hello and welcome to shopping with Dr.
Ekberg. I’m just going to talk a little bit about oils today. So for the last 50
years all we have ever heard is that saturated fats are bad and all the
unsaturated fats are good. Well it’s not quite that simple. The other thing we’ve
heard is that vegetable fats are good and animal fats are bad, and that’s not
true either. What is true is natural fats are good for you and processed fats are
bad for you. Another distinction we want to make when it comes to oils is the
ratio of omega-3 to omega-6s. Omega-3 oils are truly vegetable oils. Those are
anti-inflammatory whereas omega-6 oils are pro-inflammatory and all the oils that we typically call vegetable oils are actually not vegetable oils. They’re seed oils and grain oils such as soy, corn, and canola.
Those are not vegetables they are omega-6 oils and therefore pro-inflammatory.
So we want to base our consumption on vegetable which means
things like avocado and olive. Another great choice is a coconut oil because
even though it is saturated it is extremely healthy. It contains, a very
large, as much as 60% of short chain fatty acids that are excellent sources
of energy and that create no inflammation at all. So this would be the
worst of the worst this is what they call a vegetable but it’s actually made
from beans and then it’s shortening which means that they have had hydrogenated it. This is pure poison it is right up there with pesticides and heavy
metals in terms of toxicity. It screws up your cell membranes interfering with everything in your body. Then we have the second worst which is
extremely cheap highly processed soybean oil. We want to definitely stay away the
pro-inflammatory and they’re not really good for anything. Same thing with corn oil extremely highly processed. Corn oil has to be
extracted with solvents. It tastes terrible so they have to bleach it and
take every form of nutrients and flavor out of it before they can use it. And
that’s why these things are so cheap. Then we have something called vegetable
oil and then when we look what it is we see soybeans so again it’s not a vegetable oil. It’s a from a legume. And canola same
thing it’s not the vegetable oil it’s an omega-6 oil.
Now here we come to one of my marginal oils this is what I use to make mayonnaise
and I make my own mayonnaise because I want something that is light
and flavor but that’s not an omega-6 oil. So even though this is not the best I
wouldn’t consider it a super healthy it’s also not a terrible choice. It is an
omega-3 oil but it is also processed to some degree. That’s why I use it in
moderation but I wouldn’t consider it for cooking or eating on a regular basis. And then we get to the good stuff
so here is extra virgin olive oil. This is a good choice, and the only thing that
we want that is better is to make sure that it’s organic. And you will spend a
couple of dollars more for organic but this is still an incredibly inexpensive
foods. You get thousands of calories. You have 15,000 calories approximately in
one of these bottles for $15 so it’s not going to break your budget. So you want
to spend a few dollars more on getting a high-quality oil because toxins and
pesticides and hormones are fat soluble, so anything that you eat a concentrated
source of fat is also going to have a concentrated source of toxins. So get the
purest you can spend a little bit more and again this is still very very inexpensive. And here we go with coconut oil which is
the most heat stable healthy oil there is. So for all your cooking as much as
possible You want to use coconut oil. It’s an
excellent choice cook your vegetables in it use coconut oil. And what we don’t
see here is the other good fat is butter. But you want to make sure that it is
grass-fed because if the cows have that grass they have a healthy ratio between
omega-3s and omega-6s. Whereas if they’re corn-fed like most of them are then
they’re gonna have a much higher ratio of omega-6 S which is pro-inflammatory. So I hope this health… hope this helps check out our future videos and our
other videos on fat, and we will talk more about these things

100 thoughts on “What Is The Best Cooking Oil? coconut oil vs avocado oil vs olive oil vs vegetable oil vs butter

  1. The honest science indicates that coconut oil is almost as bad as butter regarding the effect on our arteries. The dairy industry and the coconut oil industry both have very active, well funded marketing.

  2. Hi Doctor, My parents are using Rice Bran Oil in India and I am really concerned about it. Is Rice Bran Oil safe to use? It is fortified with Vit A and D. What exactly does it mean?

  3. Does this guy know that you cannot cook much with extra virgin? Its flashpoint is much lower than standard olive oil.

  4. Avocado Oil, EV Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and Irish butter is my go to choices.

    Sesame seed for stir fries but avocado and coconut oil are my top two but my normally coat the food I’m going to cook with olive oil.

  5. Isn't something like 90% of extra virgin organic olive oil laced with other oils? Didn't investigations prove this?

  6. Another super informative video. Thank you. Your thoughts on Ghee? Assuming it fits into the Grass Fed Butter but is Ghee even better than butter given the dairy component is removed? Keep up the amazing work, your time and knowledge is appreciated.

  7. I think the smoke point temperatures that are shown with text on the video are actually the correct numbers in celsius degrees and not fahrenheit. Otherwise a good video.

  8. If you please sir. Can I use avocado oil for deep fried? If it is .witch one I will use (the cold pressed virgin one or what) sorry for my English.

  9. You would really trust Kirkland olive oil after showing their other poison offerings. Research bogus olive oil…buy certified like California Ranch Olive Oil. Like 70% of olive oil has bad oils blended in…like all the bad honey out there. Industrialized food is killing us…

  10. That olive oil is not even pure it maybe mixed with canola or vegetable oil, who knows but I’m sure it’s not pure.

  11. Dr, where do you aquire your pasturized eggs for homemade mayonaise or do you feel unpasturized organic eggs are safe? I can't find them anywhere. Olive Oil can't be used for cooking though. Have been using Avacado oil to fry only becuse it has such low smoke point. Think it can be heated to about 500 degrees. Even hotter than Coconut oil for when I need really hot grease to sear something quickly. Just not thrilled with the taste. Please let me know about the eggs, I am desparate. Love yer videos, keep then coming. ty

  12. Is it OK to buy Coconut oil in plastic? I generally get it in glass. If plastic didn't leach into the coconut oil, I'd happily buy it in plastic container..What do you think?

  13. What about ”rybs or raps” oils doesn’t seem to exist in the english speaking world but highly popular in the nordic countries. (Brassica rapa ssp. oleifera, Brassica napus ssp. napus)

    AVOCADO OIL. ? ! ?

  15. Virgin coconut oil has been my spread and stir frying oil for 12 years now. I also took 4 spoon of VCO when my BP went up because it can improve your HDL they say. I even made VCO back home.

  16. So which oil is best for deep frying? I've been using cold pressed coconut oil, but a friend told me that it's not good for frying.

  17. Please I really need help!
    I live in an olive farm, so we make our own olive olive.
    I only have access to canola oil or olive oil here.
    I use olive oil everyday in my cooking, is that a good choice even is not good in high temperature?

  18. Who do I listen to now? I just watched a video where the woman stated that we should use olive oil for cooking buy not virgin olive oil because it is highly processed.

  19. Organic high quality avocado oil has a burn temp of 500 deg Fahrenheit, which makes it better than EVOO for cooking in high heat

  20. Also watch out for the so called butters from supermarkets that actually contain a large amount of vegetable oils! As well as olive oil spreads which also contain veg oils!

  21. Dr. Ekberg has anything changed with this list? Any new science, etc. Or can I go ahead and use these oils as you say. Should coconut oil still be the dominant cooking oil? I was mistaken and using avocado oil for most of my cooking. I'm glad to learn this because honestly I didn't like the flavor. I prefer olive and coconut.

  22. No cooking oil or isolated fat is good to eat. It is even more unhealthy when heated especially above 200f and used in frying. The whole question is the wrong question since avoiding all refined oils is the way to go and by definition an oil is a processed/refined product. Eat whole schredded coconut or perhaps pureed whole coconut manna with the fibre retained.

  23. Informative thank you. I like the fact you give the smoking temperatures. Many people do not realise that when oil smokes it breaks down its structure and can become harmful. I use several oils for different applications. I need a truthful chart to compare all oils to find the healthy ones.
    I've recently ditched rape seed oil or canola. I use coconut oil, peanut/groundnut oil p as high temp (wok) cooking oil, sesame in small quantities for Chinese dishes, goose fat for roast potatoes. I've ditched grape seed, sunflower seed and vegetable oil. I also use tall cut from shoulder joints. Olive oil for salads. But….

    I save the best till last – Dolphin oil is sublime!

    Just joking!

  24. What about sunflower seed and peanut oils. I know it is a seed oil but I know all you have to do is crush them to get the oils out of them (I generally use them for higher temperature cooking)(deep frying)

  25. I like popcorn so I always use corn oil. I will give a try on Coconut oil. I have tried Canola oil and it tastes terrible on popcorn, more like well used motor oil.

  26. Virgin coconut oil has smoke point at 350°F or 171°C. Going higher than smoke point damages the oil. Ghee, Avocado oil have much higher smoke points.

    Then why people say coconut oil is best for high temperature cooking?

  27. Thank you so much for this information. .it is really a great help for us and I learned a lot from you doctor..very well explained and no exaggeration .thank you do much we love you here in the Philippines. .☺☺☺☺☺

  28. But then again, there are lots of videos saying stay away from coconut oil. 🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  29. How can you be sure that the product is organic? Is known that lots of products pass for organic but in reality they are not…

  30. Great video doc, what about nut oils ie: pecan hazelnut walnut sunflower seed & pistachio oils are they good for the body, I use these oils to make salad dressings, I also use olive oil as well

  31. Have you every tested your EVOO or Avocado oils for pureness? There are lots of fake oils I'm learning. I just returned bottles that were labeled "organic" even certified organic…but when I did the refrigerator 24 hour test, in a small amount. It was still liquid. Not happy camper.

  32. Hi Dr!
    So recently I started to track macros, but I add MCT coconut oil to shakes to meet my daily fat intake, but notice that the saturated fat is a bit high. Should I stop and use avocado oil instead?

  33. What about cold pressed mustard oil. Understand it's banned in US for consumption, but its the primary oil for 🍳 NG in my family since ages. Also, it's not cheap, the information that is passed through generations is that it's healthy. Other oil we use is Ghee (clarified butter).

    Ahh. .it's mustard oil which is banned.. and we do use it everyday in cooking.

  34. Dr.Eckberg hello you are the best your voice is calming and relaxing when explaining the different oils..you look fantastic…I enjoy your teachings and i practise it..it works well for me…thank you…aww keep looking great!

  35. What about Lord like we used to use you can make good biscuits and traps and chicken and how bad is that for you

  36. What is your view on MCT oil. Was told that it is alright to use for intermittent fasting, but very processed?

  37. Grass-fed ghee.
    Organic, cold pressed olive oil.
    Actual avocados.
    Extra virgin coconut oil.

    I’ll just call those my Big Four.

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