What Kind Of Omega 3 Oil Do I Take? Best Choice – Hands Down!

What Kind Of Omega 3 Oil Do I Take? Best Choice – Hands Down!

Alright FitLifer, Drew Canole, it’s another
exciting episode of this week’s Saturday Strategy, I’m glad you’re in my kitchen, at the end
of this video, we’re going to be giving away a four hundred dollar Jay Kordich Powergrind
Pro, I’m going to tell you how to get that. And next week, we actually have something
planned, when you leave a comment below this video, we’re giving you something really really
cool, something that I take every single day that you need to be taking as well so you’re
going to believe it, by the end of this video, so let’s get all of this. As you know FitLifer,
I absolutely love juicing, one of the reasons is because it’s loaded with phytonutrients,
enzymes, amino acids, minerals that you don’t normally get, so there’s very few supplements
that I actually need to take except for this one and I take it every single day just because
my body doesn’t produce it on its own. So, I encourage you to watch this whole entire
video. At the end of the video I’m going to share with you exactly what this supplement
is, you’re going to understand why you probably aren’t getting enough and probably why you
are getting it in the wrong form. So bear with me. Why is it important? Well, it’s something
that has to do with the advice I got from my father a long time ago. He is a car guy.
And I would drive around and he would tell me he’s like ‘Son,’ he goes ‘make sure you
put air in your tires.’ And me being the 16 year old that I was, 17 year old, I didn’t
really listen to him. So what happened? Well, I got bad gas mileage, low performance on
my car and one day my car tire blew out completely and unfortunately I had to spend my whole
summer savings on brand new tires. Well, this nutrient is kind of like the same way. You
have to keep your tank perfectly full with the right amount of nutrients and the right
amount of air. Before I tell you what this nutrient is. First, let me tell you what this
nutrient can do for you but only if you get the right amount in the right form. You can
actually increase lean muscle mass and decrease fat mass without any dietary changes whatsoever.
And I know it sounds absolutely crazy. How can you do this? But, something was studied
in the International Society of Sports Nutrition it will only work if you get the right amount
in the right form. It’s actually true brain food in the right dose. So, when you get enough
nutrients it helps you with cognitive function. And this helps with thinking ability, mental
sharpness; it is your recall would be a lot faster as well, age related memory loss. So
if you’re getting to that age, it’s going to help with that. It’s also been shown to
help with absent-mindedness. So if you kind of forget things along or you don’t remember
what you did 3 weekends ago whatever maybe it’s going to help. Now why does it do that?
Well because it helps with optimal blood flow to the brain. Heart health and cardiovascular
function in the right amounts as well but you have to have the right dose. I’ve checked
out a lot of the research on it. The American Heart Association, the Australian National
Heart Foundation and the International World Organization actually given a big thumbs up
as well. Now why would they do this? Well because Harvard, my friends over there did
a little study and what they found is that actually reduced heart-related deaths by 37%.
But finally, this nutrient simply makes you happier. So if you’re feeling depressed, if
you’re feeling a little anxiety this could actually help improve your mood. One really
interesting thing that you’re partner is probably going to enjoy about this as well is if you
don’t get enough and you don’t get it in the right dose. It can actually make you meaner.
Once you start putting the right dose in your bloodstream, it can make you a nicer person.
What I’m talking about, can you guess what it is? What I’m talking about is Omega-3 fatty
acids. Now before you say to yourself, I take fish oil, I take chia seed oil, I take krill
oil or I eat a lot of fish. You need to know something really important. There is something
called the Omega-3 index and what this tells you is this simple explanation. And now, there’s
different levels of Omega-3’s. Now this is important because there is DHA and there’s
EPA as percent of fatty acids in your bloodstream. And these simple results are with low Omega-3
percentages which is under 4% that means trouble. Ok? Now the opposite are the benefits above.
But when you start getting your Omega-3 levels higher than 78% this is when the benefits
actually start to appear. So, the question is how do you really get those Omega-3’s up
to the most effective dose possible? You can do what I do every single day and take the
right amount. I call it the Omega-3 delivery system. And I do it every day. But first,
let us talk about why you’re probably not getting the right amount in the right form
of Omega-3 fatty acids. Fish oil. If you think you’re covered by normal fish oil, think again.
Most fish oil you find in the store are in the esterform. See what this companies have
to do is they have to purify. Because of the sad state that the oceans are in. And when
you purify, you have to concentrate it. Ok? They esterfy the oil. And I don’t want to
get too sciency but basically, what you have to do is mix the fish oil with what’s called
ethanol. If you know what ethanol is it’s alcohol. Pretty disgusting right? And the
result is the glycerol backbone of the fish oil is replaced with ethanol. What matters
to you is that this form is 70% less absorbable than the natural form which I take called
Triglyceride. It has also been shown to be 50 times more resistive to digestive enzymes
than the triglyceride form. 33% less stable meaning they get rancid faster and that’s
one of the biggest problems. You have to eat it with a fatty meal. This is why it’s essential
that you take fish oil in the triglyceride form to get the most effective and efficient
omega-3 delivery that you know you need. Also, very few fish oils actually give you the right
amount of omega-3 fatty acids, per dose. If you want to get all the benefits mentioned
earlier like fat loss, better brain, cardiovascular health and what you want 2.4 grams of Omega-3
fatty acids a day not just fish oil but the Omega-3’s themselves this is also why the
concentration is so important and I’ll get in to that in a second. But first, let’s talk
about krill oil. I know there’s tons of advocates online I see this blog post popping-up all
over the place saying krill oil is the best thing ever and you got to be taking this for
your own omega-3 delivery system. And I’ve tried it. You know I’ve done krill oil but
I absolutely don’t have the benefits that I’m looking for or I feel it. Ok? I’m very
sensitive to that stuff. And the problem with krill oil is the highest dose I’ve seen anywhere
is 420 milligrams of Omega-3 fatty acids. And if you remember correctly, that’s not
enough. Remember what happened when I didn’t put enough air in my tires? Guess what this
costs Ok? To get 2.4 grams of omega-3 fatty acids with krill I added it up. You’re going
to be completely blown away $9.51 a day. That’s 270 dollars a month and the bestselling brand
the one that’s others paying for the expensive one is $14.66 a day over 300 bucks a month.
Four, what is it, 400 dollars something. Crazy. As you will see later, the kind that I recommend
is about $1.63 a day. Maximum. It’s less thing you pay for a cup of coffee at Starbucks and
a lot better for your health. Now, flax seeds, chia seeds and other vegetarian sources if
you’re like me you sometimes add chia and flax to your juices. And I think that’s awesome.
You know, keep doing it like chia seeds are one of the most amazing things ever. But the
form of Omega-3’s from this vegetarian sources are broken down as ALA and in your body you
have to turn that into EPA and DHA to get the benefits. Remember what I talked about
earlier? And sadly enough, a very small percentage of about 20% is converted to EPA and less
than 9% is converted to DHA. So like I said, I love chia seeds nothing against my whole
meals but you’re not getting enough Omega-3’s which is why I take Real Dose triglyceride
form fish oil. I take it every single day and this is the ultimate Omega-3 fatty acid
delivery system. That gives me 2.4 grams of actual Omega-3 fatty acids in the most absorbable
form possible. So first, this fish oil pill simply make me feel better than any of the
fish oil that I was taking before. I’ve tried them all. In liquid form, fermented fish oil,
all these other things. Second, they are the natural triglyceride form. Meaning there’s
no alcohol backbone so they are more absorbable and I can take them on an empty stomach. Like
eating a fatty meal with my fish oil every morning. Third, they provide the daily dose
of 2.4 grams of Omega-3 fatty acids. What I need to keep it up on my blood levels. Remember
what we talked about earlier? Fourth the concentration, 80% of the fish oil gets absorbed. So, it
takes 3 grams of fish oil to get 2.4 grams. This means no horse pills. There’s no current
provider of the triglyceride form with this level of concentration. Fifth, this one of
my favorite things is that you know sometimes when we take fish oil and you get the fish
burps. Some people are sensitive digestion so they end up with an upset stomach as well.
I don’t get that with this. There’s a special enteric coding on this pill as well that bypasses
your stomach and goes straight into your small intestine. So this is great for sensitive
stomach and that further increases the absorbability. Now, the sixth reason I love Real Dose is
because its purity and also environmentally sound. And I know you’re into that as well
FitLifer. It’s environmentally sound because they don’t use chemicals to abstract the fish
oil. They use a process that’s called supercritical. So instead of using chemicals to separate
the valuable Omega-3’s from other contaminants. They use the result that is beyond purity
its higher than pharmaceutical grade. What’s even better about Real Dose is they get the
oil from small anchovies of the waters of Peru. And the waters there are really pristine.
So it’s very clean ok? And they do it in a way that doesn’t impact the environment. So
a lot of fish oil companies they take as much fish as possible and they don’t let it replenish
the environment, the ecosystem and that’s another reason why I love this stuff. Alright
FitLifer, if you’re not convinced buy now to really move forward and get this things,
I don’t know what to tell you. I think they’re great. I’ve been taking them for a long time.
I’ve done a lot of research as you can tell. I mean this isn’t my normal video, I don’t
give you guys all this content as usual but I’m really passionate about this stuff and
I wanted you to hear the facts. So, these are the facts. I’ve spoke to my friends over
at Real Dose they put together a nice little package, little bit of discount for you starting
out when you click the link below. You’ll get this stuff there. And let me know how
it goes, you know. Start taking this. Send me an email couple of months out let me know
if it’s improved. Maybe you’ve lost weight [for better]. You’re cognitive function has
gone up. Maybe you just feel like you’re in a better mood. Whatever it is, click the link
below and get yourselves []. Also, to the winner of the juicer is posted below this
video so hats off to you. We’re awarding you a juicer because you’ve made an impact on
the FitLife community and that’s where it’s all about. Drew Canole. Remember, we’re all
in this together. I’ll see you soon.

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