What makes my new SCORPION Glow in the Dark?

What makes my new SCORPION Glow in the Dark?

OMG! Have I got something that will truly blow
your mind today! Taking a break from the ants for a moment,
I’ve been caring for a certain creature, we’ve never before featured on this channel. You saw the title: a glow-in-the-dark scorpion! But how is this possible, you ask? Yes, it may look fake, but believe you me,
this huge, gorgeous nightlight of a scorpion is very much so real and you’ll be surprised
to learn more about it. No, it’s not radioactive and no I haven’t
fed it something to cause it to glow like this. AC Family, let’s delve into the amazing
world of these ancient, mind boggling arachnids, and meet our newest beast to join the Antiverse,
here on the AntsCanada Ant Channel. Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel and hit the
bell icon. Welcome to the AC Family! Enjoy! Within this terrarium lives a scorpion that
was given to me as a Christmas present, so it’s waited over 2 months to meet you all. When all the lights go off, we’ll all get
to witness and understand the real magic, how this scorpion can glow, as well as get
to see the amazing new home we’ve prepared for her, so stay tuned until the end for all
that! In the light, our new beast is still nothing
less than impressive! Huddled below the rockscape, beneath this
animal skull, lays our new Asian Forest Scorpion, Heterometrus longimanus. It’s a young female, measuring about 3.5
inches long, and still has another inch or so more to grow. Though she looks scary, her sting is similar
to that of a wasp, and her venom isn’t potent enough to kill a person, assuming they aren’t
allergic, of course. In fact, this species of scorpion is more
likely to give you a good pinch with those powerful claws, known as chelae. You’ll see her use them against me in a
little bit. Her exoskeleton is solid, she’s built like
a tank, and I personally wouldn’t want to mess with her nor touch her. She feeds primarily on insects but can accept
baby pinky mice once fully grown. But first on the agenda, guys, let us all
come as one. AC Council, it is time to give this scorpion
an official name! Please take a moment to VOTE here for her
name, based on name suggestions given by you, the AC Family. Thank you, AC Council for your input. Let’s make her name a great one! Now, something that may surprise you is that
fossil experts in the US recently revealed the remains of what they say is the first
animal that may have ever set foot on land, and turns out it was an ancient scorpion. Scorpions are known to be one of the first
prehistoric animals to have become fully land-dwelling, emerging from the primordial seas hundreds
of millions of years ago, but whether they’re the first animals to wander onto land is still
of much scientific debate. I could see it, I guess! She’s kinda lobster-ish in appearance! Now, you guys will trip out at her face! The anatomy is quite incredible! She cleans herself using her chelicerae, which
also look like a pair of claws that jut out of her mouth area. Talk about Aliens meets Predator, right? She’s cleaning up because she recently ate,
which I know because I see her cricket leftovers nearby. Now, she’s been living here for most of
her life, along with a population of springtails, beneficial mites, and even a strange colony
of ants (not sure how that happened) who all eat up her leftovers. Though she does seem happy in this enclosure,
there is a bit of a problem. She needs more space. This 10 gallon terrarium in which she came
to me has a gorgeous faux rockscape backing that, though attractive takes up a lot of
the floor room. These scorpions naturally inhabit leafy floors
of humid tropical jungles, and therefore need some good wandering room and hiding areas,
not so much vertical climbing space. And so, AC Family, as Creator of Worlds, I
have gone ahead and prepared a great sanctuary for our new beast to live in…. Here! Next to her keep is a land blanketed in a
thick mist. Twice weekly a fog rolls through these territories
to keep the sanctuary humid, perfect for a scorpion like her! The great fog shall dissipate in just a moment,
but it rolls through now in preparation for our scorpion’s grand homecoming. As the mist fades, you can see that we’ve
lushed out the lands with nerve plants, Cryptanthus, green moss, and tropical lichens. A rock cave awaits for our beast to take up
residence in its shadows. I’ve placed it up against the glass so we’ll
still be able to see our beast once she retreats within it. As you can see, this new scorpion garden offers
her much more space than her current home. By the way, if you have a name in mind for
these new scorpion lands, do leave it in the comments, and we can all vote for an official
name for this sanctuary in a future video! Let’s hope she loves her new home! Guys, it’s time to move her in! This move could get scary real fast and I
was ready to be faced with an angry scorpion. I approached the scorpion carefully. My plan was to gently guide her with tweezers
into this container and safely transport her into the new terrarium. Though her sting is said to feel like a wasp
sting, from my memory, wasp stings still hurt, plus those claws are super strong as you’re
about to see. I fixated the container below and behind her
and moved my tweezers gently in front of her. Instantly she struck with her claws, lightly
at first, but the more persistent my tweezers were at not going away, the more she would
meet them full force with a strong pinch from her claws. She wasn’t using her stinger at this point. Sure enough, with enough prodding, she submitted
and turned around walking straight into my container. I popped the lid on and presto! She was safely in. That was easier than I thought it would be. Though you couldn’t tell in the video, her
pinch on the metal tweezers felt pretty strong, and I know it would have hurt had it been
my bare skin! I placed the container into the terrarium,
then opened the lid to allow her to set foot on her new territories! She paused for a moment when she realized
she was no longer in the plain rocky terrarium she had grown used to her whole life, but
in a new place now. She didn’t know it yet, but she would soon
come to love this place and find it much more suitable to her lifestyle. It was then, that she began to stride forward
and crawl right into our rock cave that we made for her! Alright! Success! Our new beast had officially moved in. She’ll continue to burrow and customize
this cave to her liking over time, and totally make it her own. I placed a small bowl inside and filled it
up with fresh water for her to drink when needed. Alright, and now that she’s all moved in,
it’s time to witness what you’ve all patiently been waiting for. Let’s watch our scorpion glow! Turning off the terrarium lights… and voila! Wow! Isn’t that just crazy, guys?! Like a neon greenish-blue creature out of
a science fiction movie, our scorpion glows brightly, very much like a night light! But how does this happen? What’s the science behind the glow and more
importantly what’s it for? Well, the glow is called fluoresce, and scorpion
skin fluoresces once UV light reflects off a substance found in their exoskeleton. It actually happens in all scorpion species,
not just this scorpion. Pretty cool right? They fluoresce in natural moonlight, or in
this case, under a black light tube, situated just above the terrarium. Scientists aren’t exactly sure what the
benefit of having UV flourescent skin is, but there are a few theories. Some propose it helps the scorpions find each
other, others say it protects the scorpions against harmful UV light from sunlight, and
others feel it may confuse their prey once moonlight reflects off their skin, causing
a sort of deer in headlights effect! It’s also hypothesized that the fluorescence
actually helps the scorpions know how much light is outside, so they know only to come
out during the darkest of hours to avoid predators! What do you guys think the glow is for? Either way, it’s a pretty cool thing if
you ask me! Now, I tried to feed our beast so we could
all watch her eat, but every time I was around she was more preoccupied with fighting me
off, than eating, so it failed, but I did release a cricket as a housewarming gift into
her new home, and caught her finishing it off in the middle of the night. I’m happy to see she’s got a healthy appetite! As the fog machine turned on to humidify the
lands, and the mist blanketed the jungle floored territories, it was in that moment, wrapped
up in fog, that I noticed that our scorpion appeared as though she was back in her prehistoric
days, when her ancestors still lived underwater. Seeing her blanketed in the mist like this,
made it easier to envision her marine ancestors still living and feeding in the ocean, at
one point in Earth’s incredible history. It’s amazing how diverse and ever-evolving
life on Earth is, wouldn’t you say? Whether it be caring for ants or arachnids
like this scorpion, I am always humbled by the sheer brilliance, no pun intended, of
Mother Nature’s work. Thank you for watching, guys! I’ll see you all next week! It’s ant and scorpion love forever! AC Family, wasn’t that cool? So much is in store ahead in the Ant Room,
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