What Percentage Of Gut Bacteria Are Destroyed By Antibiotics?

What Percentage Of Gut Bacteria Are Destroyed By Antibiotics?

Eric Bakker, Naturopath. What percentage of gut bacteria are destroyed
when you take a course of antibiotics? That’s a very interesting question and that
debate rages for a long time amongst many healthcare professionals. I’m going to speak now from my personal experiences
regarding people. I’m not going to speak regarding studies or
other stuff that I read, just purely on my experiences in the clinic with many thousands
of people over a long period of time. Many taking antibiotics, many not taking them. So my experience is basically are, it affects
different people differently. Some people surprise me and will go, who appear
quite healthy, will go on a round of penicillin for seven to 10 days and they never been well
since. In fact the antibiotics have linked in many
cases with irreversible damage to the microbiome where the digestive system can take such a
hammering that some people find they never, ever return back to normal.That’s a minority. But I’ve seen hundreds of cases like it. Now remember I see people who the system has
failed. They’ve either failed the system or the system
has failed them, but they’ve come to me. And antibiotics in many cases can permanently
alter the microbiome, particularly when they are taken at a young age. I really don’t like antibiotics given to young
people because they destroy the [inaudible] flora so bad. Elderly people are the same. And in many instances I’ve seen elderly people
pass away quite quickly after antibiotics were given in their advancing years. They didn’t have much microbiome left and
it was quickly destroyed and they went downhill quick.However, I have seen many other cases
where the person was quite weak and ill but had to go on antibiotics and yet they weren’t
affected anywhere near as bad as I thought they would be. And I’ve seen a small percentage of cases
where people were incredibly helped by antibiotics, where in spite of every treatment that we
tried, everything failed. I went to antibiotics and they worked. So I’m not averse antibiotics, and don’t get
me wrong, I’m not a doctor basher, okay. I really like them, but only maybe in 0.00%,
0.5% of cases I like them. Which is probably less than a quarter of a
percent, okay. They are certainly overprescribed and genuinely
given non-discriminately to a wide range of people. And many people get long term serious side
effects from antibiotic. Many people, I could open a full time clinic
and employ four or five doctors working all day just to treat people with their antibiotic
induced damage. There is so much carnage out there.In my opinion,
most of the carnage occurs because the patient was poorly prepped and they didn’t finish
off the treatment properly, meaning they weren’t instructed to go on to probiotics and also
lactic acid producing foods, cultured or fermented foods there to complete the picture and also
prebiotic foods. So if a person is going to go on an antibiotic
for say a week or 10 days, in my opinion, you could take three to six months to sort
of partially recover the gut from that week to 10 days, and a year to fully recover.Now
imagine if you’d been back to back with several courses or you’ve been on antibiotics for
a whole year. You basically destroyed your gut. It could take years, even a lifetime for a
gut to come right when you’ve been on a prolonged course of treatment. I see no benefit at all from people being
on antibiotics for six months every day. To me, that’s just madness. There’s kind of stupidity and in to years
to come, it will be seen as a dumb kind of therapy. It just doesn’t work. I’ve failed to see any case that responds
with that kind of treatment with day in, day out for months, they get put on these stupid
drugs. Short term okay, but not for six months. It’s crazy.Now what about my poor patient
who has been on antibiotics for 18 months every day, couldn’t get much worse. Those people likely never recover. They recover, but not fully. They recover partially. So what do you do? You have to go on antibiotics, you’re told
you have to go on them. You have the course as short as possible and
you make sure that particularly prior to going on antibiotics that you get your diet and
lifestyle sorted. So you’re eating very clean and healthy, you’re
getting plenty of sleep, you’re allowing your body plenty of time for recuperation during
that antibiotic treatment. When you’re taking the antibiotics, you make
absolutely sure you’re not eating lots of junk food, lots of alcohol. It’s not a good idea. When you’ve finished your course of antibiotics,
probiotics, and particularly eating the right kind of foods, which we speak a lot about
on this channel, prebiotic foods of that nature and they’ll work well for you.These are the
kinds of foods I’d like you to eat if you’ve been on antibiotics and I will have held this
piece of paper up a few times for you already. Just take a screenshot. So those are foods basically high in different
sugars that feed the bowel out. So yes, damage can occur, but also it depends
to a degree on how healthy your gut was prior to taking the antibiotics and how healthy
your lifestyle is after taking them, so you can recover your gut in some cases fully. And in some cases you can never recover your
gut. So depending on how you went into the antibiotic
treatment.So my recommendation, don’t take them unless you really have to. Follow the doctor’s recommendation. Don’t be an anti antibiotic person completely,
because sometimes they can do marvelous things, as long as you understand that there is a
price to pay, and recovery certainly will happen ranging from protracted and slow up
to really fast. It all depends on you. Thanks for tuning in. Thanks for the question.

6 thoughts on “What Percentage Of Gut Bacteria Are Destroyed By Antibiotics?

  1. I've also wondered this as I'm one who use to be given antibiotics A LOT starting as a child because I was so sick most my life, am healing now though thanks to your counsel and Lifestyle change. Another Very informative video, thank you☺️

  2. wish doctor have told me about probiotics after taking antibiotics. I never felt the same after taking a month worth of antibiotics, which I needed at the time. Probiotics from food <1 billion CFU wasn't enough. I only just started taking probiotics from supplements, which has 60 billion CFU of different strains and I noticed a huge improvement to my gut health. My stool is now clean brown sausages that are tightly packed together. It used to be soft and watery that break apart easily

  3. I saw a video of yous a while back that stated there was a supplement you could take to prevent Candida from changing forms. Could anyone tell me what that was?

  4. Thanks for the video! For those people who cannot recover (have taken antibiotics for over a year ect.), do you suggest they stay on the Candida diet for years and take heavier doses of probiotics, stool tests once in a while, ect. – or what's the best course of action for those who are not recovering since their gut had been destroyed?

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