What we believe at Wild Foods with Founder, Colin Stuckert

(clapping) – Hey guys Colin Stuckert here, founder and CEO Wild Foods Co. Thanks for being a Wild subscriber, thanks for following along. I want to give you a real quick video about the Wild philosophy,
why we do what we do, why we believe what we believe and how it directs everything
we do at Wild Foods, and how all of us, the
Wild tribe here in Austin, Wildlings all over the
country and the world, customers, followers and believers of these same concepts and principles. So if you’re new here I wanna welcome you, and give you an idea of
kind of what we believe and why we do what we do. Okay so, Wild Foods was started out of my own personal
obsession with finding the highest quality foods
and supplements I could find. When I got into cooking I
had a gym back in Florida, and that got me heavily into cooking, and through the pursuit
of fitness and health and just wanting to look good and live a long time and all these things, I got really heavily into ingredients. And when I started buying
better quality ingredients and I started preparing those
raw real ingredients at home, my results went through the roof. Okay that meant getting 7% body fat, it meant PR-ing on all my workouts, I was doing CrossFit at the time. It meant just sleeping
better and feeling better. Every metric that you could
possibly have as a human being. When I was eating real raw foods, as opposed to restaurant food, as opposed to packaged food, as opposed to corporations
cooking the food for me and eating it out of a can,
a tin, a pouch, whatever. When I brought those real raw ingredients that go bad to home and I
cooked them, I felt amazing. Everything was better,
my entire life was better and I’ll never go back to the other way. This is the foundation
of the Wild philosophy. Real raw ingredients prepped at home by you because you control
it and you don’t control what goes on in restaurants or in some big food processing factory. Right you have no idea what goes on. You don’t even have the information about what goes on most of the time. Even if you ask companies
they’re very vague about it. The foundation of the
Wild Foods method is you and controlling the
realest rawest ingredients that we can find, the best
quality that we can find, direct from the farms,
direct from the suppliers, have really good relationships
with these people, understand every part of the
supply chain in the process, the growing, the
manufacturing, everything, the storage, the transportation,
the shipping, everything. So that we can increase the odds that we get the cleanest,
purest, real foods in the world to our homes to your home, and then we can put it in our blender, we can put it in our soups, our stews, we can cook with it, we can
use the salt and everything. That is the fundamental
premise of what we believe and what directs us at Wild Foods, and so the Wild guarantee, if I won’t use it, I won’t sell it. Now I’m talking to you on camera, I put my face all over the brand. I can’t sell things
that I don’t believe in. And that’s why I’ve been very fortunate to stumble upon Wild
Foods, I’ve been able to live out my mission, live
out things I believe, and this is my way of helping make the world a better place because I wanna infect you with this idea
of real food ingredients, things like intermittent fasting, drink your fat, you know
all these different ideas that you can then use in your
life to get better results and that you can use to
help people around you and that you can help to
raise kids that are healthy and living in accordance with their genes. We are devolving as a
society and that’s why the Wild mission is to
help five million people live better lives through
ancestral principles of health and nutrition which basically just means that we’re getting a little bit closer back to nature. If we can eat foods as
close to nature as possible, if we can live as humans as
close to nature as possible, if we can feed our kids foods as close to nature as possible, we’re all gonna be better off for it. And then when you get the results, and you feel better, and
you’re sleeping better, and you’re thinking better
and your life is better, you’re going to share that
with people around you. Even if it’s just leading by example, they are going to pick up
and they’re going to ask you, “What’re you doing, what’s
your morning routine like?” “Oh you’re not eating
breakfast why is that?” “Oh what’s this butter
coffee drink your fat thing?” “You’re doing that?” Etc. etc. etc. And that’s how, if we
reach five million people, we can eventually reach
100 million people, and then maybe we can reach a billion, and we can really reverse the trend that is ruining the modern
health of modern Americans and really all modern industrialized societies around the world. As processed food and the Big Pharma and medical establishment
and food companies, and all the lobbying and all the nonsense that’s out there keeping you confused, sick, and addicted to their products. It was a little bit longer
than I would have liked. But as you can tell I’m
passionate about this, and I wanna reach out to you and offer you the invitation to email
us, email me, talk, you know, if you want
me to answer something, just say “Hey can you ask Colin this” or whatever and my team
will get the email to me. I respond to emails all the time. I’m usually responding to most emails within 24 hours and so if you ask for me, you know give me a day or two, and I’ll usually get back to you. We are here to help you live better, that’s what it comes down to,
that’s why we do what we do. If you never use a Wild Foods product, I want you to at least take these ideas and to make your life better and then make the lives
of people around you, your family your friends, better. That is why we do what we do and that’s gonna be the thing
that we’re gonna keep doing. That’s why we do it, it’s just
there’s nothing else to it. This is the thing, this
is why we do what we do, and as always, let us know if we can help. (gentle tech music)

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