Who do I Look Like?

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  1. This comment is going to be buried but like a week ago I had a dream that for some reason you and some woman were in my car and I just ended up going on a road trip with you + the dream woman and when we arrived at this natural history museum in the middle of the desert and went inside I woke up in a cold sweat thanks Alex Green go herpes

  2. You and "Kirsten" (not Kristen) actually do have similar features, like you could be cousins. I used to go to school with her. It's a complement, trust me. Coincidentally, my screenplay I'm working on producing right now about a young guy going to find his father after his father sends him a bearded dragon, I'm trying to get Jesse Eisenberg for. I met him four months ago… You don't remind me of him, with the exception of his dry witty sense of humor he's known for. (Michael Cera is also on my dream casting list.)

  3. Before I got my corn snake I was watching a ton of your videos to prepare myself and like three days before the expo I had a dream that you told me I wasn’t ready for a corn snake and it was SO STRESSFUL

  4. Haha I always found it strange how people said when they had a dream with someone in it.

    but imma embarrass myself so here.

    I was a herpetologist and I started working for you, except you lived in a big mansion. It looked like something from dolittle but with all reptiles. I started working for you and lived in your house? Then A rhino Iguana came in and i was in charge of taking care of it. My whole room was a bed, desk, and a bunch of stuff for the Iguana. We then unboxed some snakes, and there was somehow a green anaconda in the 16 x 16 boxes. You then started talking to the camera like " this is to small, dont package your snake like this. "
    I then started a corn snake breeding project, and hatched some albino tessera corn snakes. I kept them all but they were adults for some reason. And my room turned into trees and grass, with a basking spot and a sleeping bag. All the corns free roamed in my room. once every other week I would but the thawed mice on plates?

    ( I don't actually remember any of this its just written in my dream journal )

  5. Alex looks like alex to me lol he's just his own individual unique person who loves reptiles and being random 😊 i had a dram i got hired by alex and we bought this huge two story house and we even opened a new location in texas and he let me supervise it but all the reptiles we sold had wings and could talk we even had odd colors like holographic and crystals like amethyst and sapphire. Thank you to goherping for always making my day i have Tourettes, Major depression and social anxiety and have been inspired by alex to dive into the reptile community and have recently been talking with a friend i made who is a private owner with epilepsy and we're helping each other thank you alex
    – Ruby

  6. Alex, I had a dream you came to Georgia and you and I met each other and fell in love and we laid outside in the grass together and talked but it was a really weird dream considering I'm 21 and married.

  7. You said not to but I will respond to that question. Yes, you've been in one of my dreams. It was kinda weird, I was trying to give a skink medical attention because my dog clawed the hell out of it and tried to eat it before I stopped him. Then you appeared when the poor lizard died in my hands and I was about to give him a funeral. You picked the lizard up and threw it over the fence 🙁

  8. I did once have a dream and I'm going to tell you even if you don't want it. You were working at sonic and brought my order out and then brought me an entire extra bucket of chicken tenders and a pan full of freshly boiling fries, and then I broke up with my boyfriend because I wanted food guy from sonic. I've never told anyone about this dream, because I feel REAL WEIRD ABOUT IT.

  9. The first time I saw a GoHerping video I immediately thought "this guy looks like Zendaya". Good to know others agree

  10. Lol, I had a dream you were doing one-on-one video chats w/ random viewers and I was one. It was really chill and we got along. Then somehow you matched with my old best friend and it got awk. Then my ex-high school's desperate chick.. that was random. Yeah

  11. Not gonna lie, I'm kinda upset that someone thought you were Afroherpkeeper. That man shouldn't have animals. He is a hoarder and doesn't take care of the animals he keeps. He can't even provide them with the basic food and water that they need to survive.

  12. naaaaaaah you 100% look like and give off big Max from Camp Camp vibes. Watch one clip, any clip, its undeniable. I can't believe nobody told you him.

  13. yesterday i saw a clip of u while u were handling ur boa on a big channel called Top 5 Best,
    don't beleive me? check out his newsest snake video i commented and people actually replied that they were subbed to u

  14. I've never dreamed about YouTubers. I've just dreamed about fictional characters.

    Edit: Like, not in the way that might sound lol, I've just had dreams where I go on an adventure with Harry Potter or someone! 😂

  15. Alex accepting that he would still enjoy an image of a Nazi flag as long as it has his merch has made me respect him in a larger scale.

  16. i love how stan being in this video…. i got an ad for injection treatments to treat schizophrenia i found it really funny since you made a joke about stan being schizophrenic lol

  17. Once I had a dream that you lived in my city and you were pregnant with the guy from the Petco dumpster diving videos kid. I think this is my brain’s cry for help.

  18. Alex gets harassed and defends himself unsuccessfully

    "that's my man herpes"

    P.s. imma keep thanking you for providing top quality captions cause it really is a small thing that makes watching your videos so much more enjoyable

  19. Every time I see a character with curly hair, I'm going to say "There's my main man Herpes" from this day forth, so help me God.

  20. not gonna lie when the zendaya one came up i legit thought it was a picture of zendaya with alex’s face edited on for a few seconds

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