Why Eating Fat Won’t Make You Gain Weight

Why Eating Fat Won’t Make You Gain Weight

– [Narrator] Maybe you’ve
been pouring skim milk on your cereal and
spritzing non-fat dressing on your salads for years,
but as it turns out, eating fat won’t make you fat. In fact, research shows that low-fat diets don’t seem to aid in weight loss or in reducing risk of disease
compared to high-fat diets and all those refined carbs
that you’ve been eating to replace that fat
might be the real issue. To understand how fat can be healthy, it’s helpful to first
understand what’s going on with carbs in your body. When you eat a simple carbohydrate,
like a slice of bread, enzymes in your saliva immediately start breaking that food down into sugar. That surge of sugar triggers
a hormone called insulin, which tells your body to
store available energy in the bloodstream, in fat
tissue and in other forms and the later surge crash
makes you feel hungry, encouraging you to eat more,
but fats are another story. Fat isn’t processed the same way as carbs. It can’t be broken down with saliva, or fully digested by stomach acid. Instead, your small intestines, with the aid of bile secreted
by your liver, break it down. This happens much later
in the digestive process, so fat digestion is much slower. The different fats
interact with your hormones in complex ways that, unlike carbs, don’t cause a massive spike in insulin and good fats are really important for your body to function properly. Monounsaturated fats can be
found in olive oil and avocados. This good fat helps reduce inflammation and levels of LDL, or bad
cholesterol, in the blood. Polyunsaturated fats in
foods like sunflower seeds, walnuts and fish, also have
significant health benefits. Fish oil, for example,
consists of one type of polyunsaturated fat
called Omega-3 fatty acids, which have been found to
decrease blood pressure, increase HDL, or good cholesterol, and may also protect
against heart disease, but saturated fats, found
in red meat and dairy, are a different story. An extensive study found that replacing a small percentage of calories coming in from saturated fats with
calories from unsaturated fats, reduce the risk of death, heart disease, and a number of
neurodegenerative diseases. At the same time, studies
show that full-fat dairy is healthier than reduced-fat diary. One recent study found that
drinking full-fat dairy was associated with a
lower risk of diabetes, so while unsaturated fats are better, saturated fats aren’t entirely useless. Not only are unsaturated
fats essential for your body, avoiding them in the name of weight loss isn’t actually a helpful
way to shed unwanted pounds. A study by the Women’s Health Initiative assigned women to low-fat
diets for eight years. They found the participants
didn’t seem to gain protection against breast cancer, colorectal cancer, or cardiovascular disease. And in the carb versus fat debate, an extensive 2017 study
found no association between dietary fat and heart disease. In fact, the researchers
found that high carb diets were linked to a higher risk of death. So, if studies show that
fat doesn’t make us fat or doesn’t increase our
risk of heart disease and carbs make us hungry and are linked to a higher risk of death, should we all just ditch carbs altogether? Probably not. Recent research seems to advocate a balanced diet that
includes a combination of healthy fats and complex carbs. Researchers found that diets high in fiber and low in refined
grains, meat and sugars, resulted in less weight gain. So what should you eat? The good news is you can find healthy fats and complex carbs in a
variety of tasty foods. You can find unsaturated fats in fish, olives, nuts and seeds
and still have a place on your plate for so-called good carbs. Although you should probably avoid eating lots of refined carbs,
like white bread and rice. Foods like sweet potatoes, raw apples and legumes are a different story. These foods don’t cause the
same sudden peaks in blood sugar and, like healthy fats, they contribute to a balanced diet to keep your body running. So go forth and toss
some oil on that salad. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “Why Eating Fat Won’t Make You Gain Weight

  1. I'm completely convinced it's sugar and bad carbs making people fat also lack of physical activity. The thing with me is that I get some what strong sugar cravings also I'm in a bad habit of drinking a full cream milk cappuccino.

  2. I eat all the food I want to eat, and I keep getting thinner and continuously build muscle. I love being plant-based.

  3. this video ALMOST got it, but there is still some missinformation about fat sources and saturated fat

    plant based polyinsaturated fat has close to no omega 3s, and olive oil is still a processed oil rather you like or not

    you DONT NEED to replace animal fat with plant based monoinsaturated fat, because animal fat already has PERFECT fat ratio profile

    breast milk, the "perfect human food" fat content:
    about 50% saturated fat, 40% monoinsaturated fat and 10% polyinsaturated fat that including high DHA/EPA

    beef tallow (not grain fed)
    50% saturated fat, 45% monoinsaturated and 5% polyinsaturated, have K2 and other nutrients

    pork fat about the same as tallow, but higher in vitamin D3

    nuts and seeds are too high in omega 6 and close to no omega 3, and extremely high in antinutrients, you will be getting close to no vitamins, minerals and protein from them, only inflamatory nutrients

    avocado and coconut MEAT (not cream or oil) should be fine, but still no omega 3s and still carry some anti nutrients

    olive oil is still processed oil, no nutrients like K2 or D3 present like in rendered animal fat, goes rancid extremely easy, also the body cant assimilate processed oil due to the low saturated fat content

  4. there is a man that ate only potatoes for a year lost weight protein causes just as much as an Insulin response then sugar pure white sugar

  5. I just watched "My 600lb Life". The lady was shopping for sugary foods and fatty foods. I now wonder how she gained all of that weight. 90% of the comments are saying its a lie. If you know, please reply. Anyways, I doubt I will ever do this.

  6. You should mension that when the question "whats healthier, sugar or fat" rose up, the sugar companies paid millions of dollars to manipulate market and media into showing fat as a bad thing, thus making sugar more attractive
    Yet sugar is as addictive as cocaine, and almost just as unhealthy
    So the whole fat hate from before is still present today and people dont understand that fat is the healthy thing to eat

  7. You need to post links to the studies. You can't just make claims about studies without linking to them. It's egregious and irresponsible.

  8. Having a good diet and EXERCISE is extremely important for your healthy. Do some cardio people. It’ll help you lose weight.

  9. Only Nutella makes me fat. Ate Nutella b-ready everyday = I gained 5KG in a week
    Eat steak with fat everyday = Same weight

  10. Vegetable oil is not good for you and saturated fats are really good for you. Your research team should do a tad bit more research.

  11. Fossils show that the introduction of agriculture brought a loss in height and an increase in teeth cavities.

    High carb diets are unhealthy in the long term. People is fat because they abuse of grains and rice.

    If you are active carbs are much less damaging, but still will start slowly building insune resistance

  12. I eat rice a lot its the country recipe in fact everyone has ate rice in the country you see I live Cambodia so I always eat it

  13. When you're lactose intolerant and the video says that drinking whole fat milk is better for you.

    I also take a fish oil capsule every morning and every night.

  14. Gave up rice, noodles, and sugar for the second months now. Loose a lot of weight. Feeling energetic. Improved sleeping quality.

  15. We demonized fat for decades but now its ok and we demonize carbs instead hmmmmm……… Are we looking for a scapegoat to pass the blame?

  16. Essentially the only culprit that make you fat is simple sugars (e.g all those sweet stuff) and saturated fats. Complex carb is needed and unsaturated fat is important.

  17. Rice for breakfast > Rice for lunch > Rice for snacks > Rice for dinner. ASEAN and East Asian this is da way for thousands of years

  18. I have been eating 3 times the recommended daily fat intake each day because the foods I usually eat are very greasy ( peanut butter, pork, oil and so on). And I have to say I am fit and pretty healthy.

  19. Sugar makes you fat. Low-fat foods with no sugar usually taste like cardboard, so they add higher amounts of sugar. High fat foods don't need added sugar because the fat already provides the flavor. this is all due to the USDA suggesting a low-fat diet in 1977 due to a popular bias "scientist" who cherry-picked evidence to favor companies with products that mainly have sugar.

  20. Fat and high amounts of carbs is what makes you fat, not the fat alone. "Don't blame the butter for what the bread did"

  21. Polyunsaturated fat has been shown to slow down your production of t3 which will make it much easier to get fat.

  22. The problem is high fat is always high calorie. Its easy to go overboard with fat and in that regard, it hinders weight loss.

    Calories in vs calories out is how you lose weight. If you have too many calories its going to store and you'll gain weight .

    People eating low fat and still struggling is because they are getting calories elsewhere.
    The worst of all: sugar

  23. It doesn’t matter what you eat as much as regulating the amount and variety (look it up)— consistency is key. And low fat usually means less calories if you’re consuming the same amount in terms of carbs of course that’s not good. I hate how news nowadays changes the subject and tries to manipulate information to make you more conscious about things that done really matter.

  24. Note processed carbs like rice have a high gi but it can get lower with a veggi or a salad


    Asian people eat rice all the time and look at the obesity rate

  25. you wrong dude , fat is the most dense in calories than other stuff you eat out there. i had to left keto diet because i almost got hi triglycerides and almost prediabetic. tha same happened with protein diet. No way ill get to a diet wich put some one at health risk lot quicker that being overweight.

  26. I'm a bodybuilder. Whenever I need to bulk up, I eat lots of carbs and when I need to get shredded I cut all carbs out of my diet. When I'm maintaining my weight I balance both of them but avoid the refined foods. I don't even track calories or macros at all.
    Add carbs =weight gain
    Remove carbs= weight loss
    Intermittent fasting helps a bunch too.

  27. i have been eating Pasta and Rice since when i was 9 years old and now i am 106 KG of 20 in age. Nothing i eat except this two and Milk Tea

  28. Bunk. Eating too much avocado will make you fat. The name of the game is energy balance. If you overeat you will gain fat.

  29. carbs and sugar triggers the hormone called insulin.
    however fiber is a carb that doesn't break down in the body so these are okay!
    proteins triggers insulin but way less then carbs.
    fat trigger insulin very little.

    I've been eating ham with mayo and mix nuts with a multivitamin and fiber supplements5.
    and I feel amazing! I only weight 125 pounds

  30. All the information you provided are useless… the only thing that work is counting calories… if you eat less calories than you burn you will definitely lose weight..its as simple as that

  31. Insulin keeps adipose tissue in place, and enlarges it. As long as what you eat induces little to no insulin response, you can lose weight eating it. Some people can have high insulin, and still be lean because their fat burns it instead of storing it (see Brown Adipose Tissue). Other people are lean with low insulin. But no one is fat on low insulin.

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