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  1. So i put this heater in my tank and now i have 79°C, just as you said. My fish aren't looking that good, what could be the problem? They just have to adapt to the new temperature, and they will be fine again, right?

  2. well I came here after just getting another fish today and putting them both in a lager new tank so i'm going to wait and see if they just more time to adjust.

  3. My fish was doing great every time I came up to the tank he was swimming back and forth looking at me ready to eat every time I put my hand above the tank was looking and ready and gulped it, then one day he just wasn't moving when I came up and didn't notice me at all really its like he went blind or something and isnt eating now sitting at bottom in his lil hiding spots idk what happened ph was kinda low changed water giving time to get back to how he was been a day still nothing more time im sure

  4. I think my fish needs food. But my whenever I ask my parents to go buy it food, my dad says fish don’t need food, if you feed them they’ll die!!! Idk what to do, my fish is dying and my parents don’t care!

  5. My fish was at the bottom of the water (goldfish). I noticed I havent cleaned my tank in like 5 months. I replace the tank like 3 times at different days and it didn't make him eat or swim again. Then I bought Tetra Lifeguard (All in one treatment) that attacks deseases from bacterial fungus viral and parasites. I put one tablet per day as instructed and by 3rd day my fish is energetic and eating/swimming!

  6. My fish is hella picky and does not eat the food that floats to the bottom only eats it if it is mid sinking. How do I get them to either eat it

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