Why I Love This Women’s Multivitamin and Fish Oil

so Dr. Davis introduced our the Phyzix
MD line last year and it has been a life changer for me especially adjusted for
her product I have always battled the PMS a hormonal imbalance that a lot of
women struggle with and since starting that Just for Her
I have significantly noticed the changes and just being balanced and my hormones
not all over the place and being at the age I’m at and going starting and kind of
beginning that next chapter and going through all those changes it’s really
taken the edge off it’s allowed me to be more comfortable alot it’s allowed me to
sleep better I don’t have the moods and severe mood swings the hot flashes I
can’t imagine going through these changes without Just for Her the
significant I think point to the Omega Max in the Phyzix MD lines is the fact
that you do not have that aftertaste I I have tried several in the past Omega
lines different you know different types different brands
I have tried freezing them I’ve tried taking them at night and I could never
do it because I would always be left with that horrible aftertaste and I just
so I gave up on them I thought I’m not taking the Omega I’ll try something else
well when Dr. Davis introduced the Omega Max to us I gave it a chance because he had said
you know what if you are having that that aftertaste most likely the fish oil
that is being put into the product is rancid and I thought well that’s a disgusting thought
you know so I can assure you that no matter when you take it you take it on
an empty stomach take it on a full stomach it doesn’t matter I have never
once had any type of aftertaste and that to me says a lot and his just
obviously works I love it I would highly recommend it
he’s given up on omega supplements to try Omega Max

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