Why Sharks Weren’t Added to Minecraft

Why Sharks Weren’t Added to Minecraft

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100 thoughts on “Why Sharks Weren’t Added to Minecraft

  1. Ok ok ok i hate nerds so much they just act like smarty pants plus 1 like 8 fish slaps for thw nerd

  2. Well sharks aren't really killers they mistake humans for food or how suffers lay down on the board to relax they look like a seal and sharks go after seals because that is there food and since suffers look like that sharks think LUNCH so yeah…. I see why they didn't twant to add them so people wouldn't go out and kill sharks because there aggrieve in minecraft but there not in minecraft so yeah and anybody who read this all now you know why sharks go after people…

  3. One thing I noticed sharks weren't added cuz if u punch a dolphin it will attack u with its friends 🙂

  4. My problem with this
    Mojang: so here’s the thing we don’t wanna encourage people to be near sharks and kill them they are endangered

  5. The second reason sharks weren't added was because they are gonna end up singing baby shark and get a copyright claimed xD
    (It's a treory)

  6. Their reasons to not add sharks are completely stupid : why then in Minecraft we have wolves, polar bears and pandas ?!

  7. Mojang is stupid do they not realize they have other endangered species like the polar bear the panda and wolves. Do u not know ur shit Mojang

  8. Wow!…… even notch is afraid but when something doesn't exist in minecraft how do you make a video with sharks so confusing but totally liked it so much thanks for your vids I can even subscribe it even I close my eyes!!!

  9. NO THAT IS NOT WHY THEY DID NOT ADD SHARKS! they did not add sharks because… they would probably attack you. and then in real life you would try to hurt sharks, and you would not want to get next to a shark.

  10. The Original Reason Mojang
    Didnot Added Sharks Is
    Sharks Is A Mamal And Indanger Species The Exact meaning
    Is Mojang Didnot Want To
    Make Some Addons Like Flying Sharks.That Is Why They
    Did Not Added

  11. Mojang is cool I have a game
    called minecraft it is made by
    Mojang live a like for Mojang
    pl. thak you🐕🐩🦄🦓🐴🐎🦌

  12. WOW! That Stupid Nerd Noob Gonna blow off my mind what a hater! you suck you nerd! Orepros is a legend! i'm gonna smash your face and turn into an ant and squish you!

  13. this glases eye are more stupid.why shark don add ain minecarft.THE MOST TRUE.watch #cubey to find out why shark not add in minecraft.

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