Will These BFFs Be Destroyed When The Truth Comes Out? | MTV’s Ghosted

Will These BFFs Be Destroyed When The Truth Comes Out? | MTV’s Ghosted

– That’s what happened, that’s the true… Call him. Get him on the phone. – I can’t call him–
– Call him. Why? Why can’t you call him? – Because he’s in jail. (dramatic drum) – [Brittney] Oh. – [Announcer] On this episode
of Ghosted, Love Gone Missing, Travis and Rachel help Brittney figure out why her best friend, Shay,
blocked her from her life with no warning. – So tell us what’s going on? – I, I just, I need my best friend back. I miss her so much. – Give us a little background about like, when you guys met, how you met. – We met like four years ago in
the VIP section of a club. We started hanging out,
we’d have girl days. Then people started to ask us, “Ooh, you’re best friends,” so we took it and we ran with it. ♪ I’d be crazy ♪ ♪ If I let you walk through this door ♪ We’ve been best friends ever since. We just clicked, we did
everything together. She was like my long lost sister. Shay was my ride or die. – [Announcer] But then on a seemingly normal day, everything changed. – So can you tell us about
the day that Shay ghosted you? – It was actually March 19 of last year. We was out, we was at a dinner. You wouldn’t think nothing about it. Like we out enjoying
ourself and then later, Shay gone, she disappeared. – So you texted her that
night or the next day? – Actually, I called that night. I went to voicemail. Then I went to go look on social media, I was blocked. – That same night? – That same night, yeah. – Oh, wow. – I even tried to go past
her house two weeks later and she moved. – So you don’t even know
if she’s in the city? – No. – [Announcer] Brittney has one theory for why Shay ghosted. – Were you all talking about anything at the dinner that may have like– – I mean, I was talking
(bleep) about her friend Beck. – [Rachel] Beck, that’s the name? – Yeah. (Rachel laughs) – Your face.
– Your face. – It says it all, we don’t even– – I just don’t care for the girl. – Yeah, what’s the history with that? – I don’t like new people. They hang out a lot, they
used to leave me out of it and I used to always wonder like why? It was always us two. We didn’t need nobody else. It was like Beck was stealing
my best friend away from me. – Was Beck at the dinner? – No, Beck wasn’t at no dinner. – [Announcer] She also
mentions another possibility but seems unconvinced by it. – Is there anything else you can think of? – Um, well, she got pregnant by Greg. He’s a very nice guy. He used to come to my job. Like you wouldn’t think nothing
about it like, we friends. He was nice.
– And she knew that? – [Brittney] Yeah. – [Travis] So Greg used to
come here and the two of you used to talk? Did that ever make Shay jealous? – Maybe she got jealous ’cause
I didn’t think nothing of it ’cause she was talking
to other guys at the time so when she got pregnant,
I was happy for her. – So you don’t think
Greg is an issue at all? – Well, I still don’t think so. She knows I’m loyal, we don’t do that. – [Announcer] With two
theories to investigate, the trio first stop to
chat with another member of Brittney’s clique, Crystal. – What’s your opinion of Shay? – Well, she’s not really a good friend. – Have you ever told Brittney before how you felt about Shay? – Yes. Brittney knows, I tell her the real real. She’s like, jealous of Brittney. Brittney is a beautiful girl,
she gets a lot of attention from guys and she’s dealt
with her friend’s boyfriend. – Wait, wait, wait, wait. Shay’s dealt with like– – No, no.
– Like your boyfriend? – No, no. No, I don’t think Shay’s– – You’re so red. Please. – I never heard it. – So you don’t think that she would like, deal with somebody you’re– – [Brittney] No, I don’t think so. She wouldn’t do that. – So now Shay has a baby with Greg. Do you know if Greg
has dated any other one in the friend group? – Not that I know of. Mmhmm. – [Announcer] Later,
Travis and Rachel meet up with Shay’s friend, Beck, hoping she can provide more insight. – I’m just gonna ask it, are you the reason why
Shay ghosted Brittney? (suspenseful music) – Absolutely not. – But you don’t like Brittney, right? – I can’t stand her. But I don’t have anything to do with her. – But why? – Well I think that Brittney’s
just a little possessive. Like, she doesn’t want Shay
to have like, other friends. But she has a million friends. So– – You think it’s a double standard? – Yeah, like it’s like, don’t do this but I can do it. So it just didn’t– like I don’t like her. – Well then do you know
why Shay ghosted Brittney? – I do but I just don’t wanna
speak on like, their personal. – [Announcer] Finally, after
avoiding Travis and Rachel for days, Shay agrees
to talk on the phone. – Brittney reached out to us because she really, really wants her
friendship back with you. – [Shay On The Phone]
Brittney knows what she did. I don’t want any more drama. – If you don’t want any more drama, isn’t it good to just
like, sit in front of her, tell her why you ghosted,
get it all out there and then after that, you can
decide what you wanna do. But then y’all both can have
the closure that you need. – [Shay On The Phone] Yeah, I
don’t know if I’m interested in doing anything like that. I have my son now so I
don’t have the energy to entertain any unnecessary
drama and Brittney is drama. – Brittney really,
really wants to be a part of your son’s life. I know she says she was supposed to be the godmother, the aunt. I mean, I feel like if you
guys can just see each other and just talk. – [Shay On The Phone] If I agree to come and tell you why I ghosted her, is it okay if you guys are there? ‘Cause I don’t wanna be
alone with her by myself. – [Rachel] Oh yeah, no, no, no, no, no. We wouldn’t put you in
that kinda situation– – [Announcer] So Shay is on board, it’s time for these three former– – [Shay On The Phone] I will
tell her why I ghosted her. – [Announcer] Since Shay is on board, it’s time for these former best
friends to come face to face a year after the ghosting. (dramatic music) – So I’ma sit down. I done missed a year like, out of your life and I just miss our relationship,
everything we had I tried to find in other
people, I couldn’t find it. It’s hard right here,
being right here right now. Shay, you’re my family, you’re my sister. I just wish that we can
repair our relationship, that we can get everything
back that we have. I done missed your whole pregnancy. All of a sudden, it was gone
and that really hurt me so bad. You even have a son now, that’s my supposed to be godson, like I missed so much out of
his life, I missed so much out of yours. I just want it all back and
if I did anything to you, I don’t even know what I
did, I just wanna apologize. I don’t know what happened but Beck talking (bleep) about me. Is you and Beck best friends now? Did Greg have something to do with it? Did he tell you to stop hanging around me? Shay, why did you ghost me? (suspenseful music) – I am glad that they
called me to come here today because I do miss you. We had a lotta fun times together, we used to do everything together. But, I don’t have time for drama anymore, I don’t
have time for bickering. The whole talking (bleep) about Beck. Beck’s my friend so at the end of the day,
everyone has to respect her. We’re all too old for the
petty, catty bull(bleep). It was never that I was
trying to replace you, it was more I thought
that I was able to have other friends, too like you
were able to have other friends. Beck didn’t do anything
to you that you ever– – Well we don’t like new people. I’m gonna straight say that. We don’t like new people. But you gotta– – And that’s fine, but I do. – I don’t have to– it don’t have to be three people. It was always us. (suspenseful music) – Beck’s not the real
reason why I ghosted you. I think you know why I ghosted you. You tried to go after my man. Greg. – I what? (suspenseful music) No, he (bleep) up, he went after me first. – That’s not what the text messages say. – Did you read all the text messages? – I read them. – Shay, what was Brittney
saying in the text messages? – What are you doing? Come see me at work tonight. – Shay, if you would’ve
read all the text message, you would’ve seen that nothing happened. I’m not even that type of person. – Brittney, I went through Greg’s phone. And I seen this picture. – Shay, can we see the picture? – [Shay] Sure. (suspenseful music) Her in her bra. – I sent the picture,
Shay, but nothing happened. – I never thought you would
do anything like that to me. I didn’t have any suspic– – You know me better than that. You know I wouldn’t do that to you. – Shay, were you pregnant at the time? – Yes, I was. I was pregnant with Greg’s child. What was the purpose of you
sending Greg that picture? – Shay– – If you knew that we were
dealing with each other? – No, Shay, you’re a secretive. In the beginning, you was
talking to other guys. Didn’t nobody think nothing
that y’all was serious. – Brittney, did Greg tell
you that he was with Shay? – No, he did not. And you should know me to not go for a guy that you deal with. You should know that. Soon as I found out, I
stopped it, I end it. Like that’s what
happened, that’s the true. Call him. Get him out on the phone. – I can’t call him.
– Why? Why can’t you call him? – Because he’s in jail. – Oh. I’m so sorry that you going through that. The text messages wasn’t,
they wasn’t nothing. And I’m here for you. I’m here for you. – [Announcer] After
laying it all out there, Brittney and Shay will have to decide if they wanna make out or ghost. (suspenseful music) (cell phone dings) – Kay, Brittney, what did she decide? – I decided to make-up because Shay, I miss you so much. I missed out on a lot of your life. I wanna be there for you. You’re going through this
situation with Greg and I know this is a tough part on me, I’m willing to put my ego to the side and try to be cordial with
Beck and be there for you. The Greg situation, there’s
nothing there, Shay. Nothing. You ain’t gotta worry about nothing. – [Travis] Shay, what did you decide? (suspenseful music) – I decided to make-up. I miss my best best friend. I definitely need you right
now while I’m going through what I’m going through. I’m willing to put the
whole picture thing, Greg, to the side. I want you to be able to
be in my son’s life and I want us to just get back on track. ♪ I just want the same thing
I just want the same thing ♪ ♪ We just want the same thing ♪ – Your hair looks pretty. – [Announcer] Okay, so now
that some time has passed, are things still cool
between Brittney and Shay? – [Rachel] Let’s check in and
see how Brittney is doing. (FaceTime ringing) – [Both] Hey. – You’re together! – Brittney and Shay, what’s going on – A lot has happened. We’ve gone on a few vacations. – Back to back. ♪ I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine ♪ – We had a lot of fun. – Brittney, have you met Shay’s son? – Yes, he’s just so cute and I can’t stop picking him up. He’s just a nice little baby. – You guys look happy. – [Both] We are. (laughter) – [Rachel] Look at you, you’re in sync. – Well ladies, it’s so good
to hear from both of you. – [Rachel] Yeah, we’re
really, really happy that you guys are back together. – Thanks to you guys. – Yes, thanks guys.
– Rachel and Travis. – Well y’all have fun. We’re gonna go help some other people. – Okay. See you guys, thank you.
– Bye, thank you.

100 thoughts on “Will These BFFs Be Destroyed When The Truth Comes Out? | MTV’s Ghosted

  1. If i ghosted someone, most of the times, im dealing with a hard time in my life and i just don't want to be bothered, or simply because that person is to negative, drama, ect… And i got too much shit to be dealing with then to deal with someone else b.s.

  2. Some of ya'll dont listen. It all happened BEFORE she found out they were together and she immediately stopped talking to him. He knew they were friends so he is sneaky

  3. I use to have a friend that was possessive like this.. it was too much for me. I blocked her and she emailed me asking to be friends again. Never responded. So if I get a call from y’all, I ain’t gonna answer y’all. But also Shay needs to Ghost her baby daddy.

  4. I would of ghosted this bitch too about I don’t like new people and then u wanna slyly talk to her baby daddy GIRLLLLL BYEEEE 👏🏻🙄

  5. She is that kinda bitch who would be that controlling that she would be jealous of shay’s son like seriously bye STAY AWAY FROM PEOPLE LIKE THIS 😒😒

  6. I’m Brittany in the friend relationship I love my friends so much I don’t want nobody being friends with my friends I’m sorry

  7. I knew Brittany was from Baltimore because that accent and the way that she speaks is terrible. You can’t be on national tv saying “yourns”.

  8. It's scary how self absorbed this Brittney woman is… she can't even be real about trying to come for her friends man. (only admitting to it after her picture was exposed). She's a liar. To herself, and will eventually be the same with her friend.

  9. Brittany is very possessive of Shay… She wants to sabotage all of Shay's relationships, she really doesn't want Shay with anyone but her.

  10. This is super unhealthy, are they lesbian’s or had they experimented?!? Weird 🧐 my besties and I would NEVER entertain a man one of us is talking to, even if its isn’t serious

  11. Did anyone else hear that narration faux pas at 5:13. I had to keep going back because I thought I was hearing things 😂

  12. She made a mistake making up with her. She is possessive and she definitely had something going with Greg. You send a pic of you in your bra to your bestfriends man. Oh that was nothing.

  13. Brittney messy from the jump why would you even want to talk to your “sisters” baby daddy !?? Yeaaaaa cause no … ain’t no coming back in my life sis

  14. Why couldn’t Shay just say that when she found the picture?? They claim the besties and tell each other everything but she she couldn’t tell Brittany about her suspicions and the pic??? She rather be childish and just ghost her…. I wouldn’t of made up with her just for her being petty and not saying what she was feeling for a whole year… such a waste of time

  15. Why does everyone say that, "I don't think it's my place to say." Is that part of the show?

    Beck was honest tho.. brittany possessive and crazy af. Plus she knew damn well why Shay ghosted her, she just ain't admit to that. 🤨

  16. “I want my bestfriend back” talks to her baby daddy behind her back 🤦🏽‍♀️😂 god you childish ass females are disgraceful.

  17. She said, she sent the picture…but I wouldnt do non like that… 👀… Girrrlllll get this mic off me before I flip this Bih!! —

  18. They look so much alike. If someone told me that they were sisters before I'd watched this I'd believe it. I really hope that Brittney is able to stand back a bit and let Shay make friends with other people as well.


  20. This is all Greg’s fault. It’s sounds like Shay was messing with Greg on the low. It sounds like Brittney was messing with him on the low too. Shay ended up pregnant and that’s when Britney realized he had a serious thing with Shay and left him alone!

  21. Britney is toxic!!!! She is a wannabe! It seems to me that she is trying to be Shay. And damn did you guys see the side eye she was given Rachel at 8:11

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  23. Beck is pretty. She has that Crissy Jones/Lauryn Hill look going.
    Shay seems very mature. I think she has simply outgrown Brittany and for good reason. Brittany is still 14 years old in the mind. And to send a picture of yourself in your bra? Yeah, Shay needs to swerve.
    Brittany is too possessive and controlling. She has that “you’re my only best friend and I’ll kill you if you get close to anyone else again” vibe.

  24. Yes I sent the picture, but nothing happened. Do not get in a habit of collecting red flags, this Greg character aint ish either and now they have a kid involved.

  25. "He went after me FIRST" but u knew he was your friend's man. Chu sending bra pics for? Doesn't matter if she talked to other guys HE was still her guy. She wanted Shay & Greg

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  27. I get so happy seeing friends make up instead of being catty towards eachother coz women need to look out for eachother instead of tying to tear eachother apart.. I hope no shade ever comes between themagain.

  28. The only reason nothing happened with the baby daddy is because he didn’t want it too. She was clearly more than willing lmao. The narrative would’ve been different if he said ITS A GO. how is she going to say “ I’d never do that to you” but you’re sending lewd photos and begging for him to “ come see you” and you didn’t think it was serious? That’s the father of her child. Whether they are together or not that’s completely inappropriate. Theirs to many fish in the sea to be trying to get with your best friends baby daddy.

  29. Brittany screams psycho. She seems like the type that will try and kill someone to get them out the way. Any woman that will send pictures to her friends boyfriend in her bra… not a friend that you need. She doesn’t want you to have other friends or connections. Red flags all over the place.

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