Will This Serial Ghoster End His Shady Ways? | MTV’s Ghosted

Will This Serial Ghoster End His Shady Ways? | MTV’s Ghosted

– This whole thing is goofy. This is stupid. All this for what? Just because I didn’t
send you a goodbye text? Like come on! That’s dumb. – So then why did you come? – [Narrator] On this episode
of Ghosted, Love Gone Missing. Travis and Rachel go to Brooklyn
to help Kayla figure out why her boyfriend Shawn ghosted
her, with no explantation. – We kinda just wanna hear it from you. You know take us back on the dating app. What did your profile say exactly? – Like you know, where I was from. Originally from Florida. So I was like Florida to New
York, and I’m into anime. And you know, at the very
end, asterisks, in all bold. It was like “Do not contact me if your looking for a hook up, not your girl.” And in his it was of course
the manly version quote, “I’m here for a relationship.
I’m here for the real thing.” I was never an online dating person. You know my friends have done it, and they were like they swear by it, they found their soul mates. I was like “Man, you tripping guys.” (laughs) I’m used to the old school
way, so they were like try it. – [Narrator] To her surprise
Kayla fell for Shawn, hard. – Here we go we’re swiping again and here comes this tall, handsome guy, looking real good suave, Shawn. I was like, “okay”. I swiped right on him and
we start chopping it up. He sent me a good morning
every morning. (phong dings) Good night. How’s your day beautiful. – When you’re telling someone
goodnight and good morning (laughter) yeah, you’re already in a relationship. ♪ You’re the one..♪ – We just had so much in common. Everything, politics, you
know dreams, ambitions. I’m in marketing, I am a strong woman. I am pretty independent. For him, he had a lot of odd jobs. And he got super insecure about it. You know how guys a little
bit more prideful than us. – Yes, yes. – But I also love to
see the best in people. More dates transpire,
everything’s looking real cute. My friends are my toughest critics. If they like you, must be good. – So he passed the friend test? – He passed the friend
test, with flying colors. And I finally invite him over. First time he comes to my
house, I cook him dinner. I know he loved chicken parm. Not my style. I’m a vegeterian. I can cook it though. – Damn, so you not gonna
eat it but you made it? – Excatly! – I’m over here making this meal for him. – That’s dedication. – I’m making this meal
for me, and I’m like “All right listen, I must like you, okay?” – [Narrator] But then
on a typical date night, Shawn vanished. – So take us to the actual
day of the ghosting. – I believe it was like July
2018 so we made these plans to meet up at like 9 pm by my place, and then kind of find
out what we wanted to do for the rest of the night. And 9 O’clock came, and he wasn’t there. I’m texting him like, “Hey where you at?” 10 pm rolls around, “Are you good?” Same thing, 11 pm, nothingness. That night I felt so stupid. Like you start going through in your head, you know, “What did I do?” You know and I should have been thinking, “What did he do, why did he do this.” You know thinking back
on it, as much as I like, hate to admit it, I um, kinda, probably fell in
love with him a little bit, just a little bit. I don’t like to admit it though. – Why don’t you like to admit that? – Because I shouldn’t been
like, stupid about it. – [Narrator] Travis and
Rachel went to get Kayla some answers, so they start digging
through Shawn’s Instagram when they find Cherice. Who seems to have beef with Shawn. – Cherice. – Hi. – Hey, we’re here because
you posted a picture. You at a shooting range with a gun. (laughter) – The target was – In the middle of his chest. – All shot up, and you
decided to tag Shawn. – Got in my feelings. Had a shot of yak and posted it. – So what happened? Like take us from the beginning? – Yeah like how long
were you guys together? – I met Shawn at a laundromat. In walks this fine ass
man, Shawn unfortunately. Asked me for my number obviously. And the way we hit it off
I thought he wanted more. He seemed like he wanted more. – Cherice, do you know
when this was exactly? – About the middle of the summer 2017. – Of 2017? – Yeah, going into the fall
of that year, November. – What was your relationship like? Like did you meet his friends, family? Did you ever go to his place? – I went to his place. – Okay. – So you’ve been- okay so
you’ve been to his house. – Yeah. – Then like why did y’all break up? – Because this asshole
pretty much ghosted on me. We were supposed to go out on a date. I called him several times,
and he didn’t answer the phone. I decided to just show
up to his house to see if he was there, and I got no answer, there was nobody there. I went through several days
of calling him back to back. And then I found out from
a friend a month after he ghosted on me that he
was out on a date with some other chick. You know, it hurt. – [Narrator] After tracking
down yet another woman that Shawn ghosted, yes a third, we get a call from the
serial ghoster himself. (phone rings) – What do you know? It’s Shawn. What’s up Shawn, its Rachael and Travis. – What’s up. – [Shawn] Uh, what’s up man? What’s, what’s going on yo? – We’re doing a show with MTV. It’s about ghosting. – [Shawn] What do you mean ghosting? – Do you, are you not familiar
with what ghosting means? – [Shawn] You mean like
breaking up with chicks? – Um, that would be
breaking up with people. Ghosting is where you do it and you just disappear without any text,
without dm’ing, without nothing. – Without an explanation. – Nothing. No messages nothing. – [Shawn] What’s that gotta do with me? That’s what I’m tryin’ to figure out. – Well Shawn, your name has come up, and it has come to our attention that you have ghosted Kayla, okay? So Kayla reached out to
us, she said that you- – [Shawn] Who? – Kayla. – [Shawn] Kayla? – You- – [Shawn] Oh, oh my god. This some bull, man! – You do know Kayla. – [Shawn] I gotta get back to work, man. What do y’all want from me? – [Rachel] We want your side of the story. – If you’re free on
Sunday, we’d love to bring you and Kayla, face-to-face,
you can totally, you know, tell her you side of the story, get some things off your chest. – Just to set the record straight. – [Shawn] Man… whatever. Alright. – [Narrator] The day has come. It’s time for Kayla and
Shawn to meet face to face. Well, that’s if he decides to show up. (phone rings) – (mouths) It’s Shawn. – Yo. – [Shawn] Yo man, uh, I’m gonna be late. – [Travis] You’re gonna be late? – [Rachael] How late, Shawn? – [Shawn] I don’t know! – Uh, okay we’re here, – We’ve been here. – We’re waiting for you, you
told us you were gonna show up. – [Shawn] Come on man! It’s a long ass ride, all
the way over there, like… It’s too much man. – We got like, bro, we got
a car for you, you literally just gotta sit down, – And come. – And come, you just- you just get here. Cause’ we don’t wanna waste Kayla’s time, we don’t wanna waste our
time, we’ve already been here. – [Shawn] Send the car, whatever. – [Travis] Alright, I’m sending it- – [Shawn] I’ll be there
in like, a couple hours. – You know what Shawn,
just get here when you can. – [Shawn] Alright, alright. (phonecall ends) – I (beep) hate this guy. – [Producer] Shawn’s outside. – [Narrator] Okay, now
that Shawn is finally here, Kayla lets him have it. (dramatic music) – I don’t get you. You were always, you know,
so charming and so sweet. You were telling me, “I wanna be in a relationship with you”, “I think you’re the one” and you had me believing all of that. Why are you looking like
that, do you not remember? You think when I go out on
dates actually with guys now, and they actually show me, you know, the good things about
them, they’re supportive, they’re caring, do you think
I can believe them now? You were a substantial part of my life, a very substantial part of my life. I actually fell in love with you. I’m big enough to admit that now. – (scoffs) – But the way you’re
sitting here in front of me, acting like you don’t care. – Oh, man… – Let me dig a little bit deeper for you. Remember all those meals
I would cook for you? Yeah, okay you probably don’t, cause you wanna act stupid now. – I remember. – I would- you came over
to my house, we were laying up on my couch, cuddled up. – (mouths) Done. – You were talking about
how you could see yourself falling in love with me,
I’m “wifey material”, how you want to take
this to the next level. And now you looking dumb with a face like you never said that. – Shawn, did you say that? – You’re asking me what
I said in a sentence, when I was drinkin’ tequila- – You and I never got
drunk with each other. Maybe, yeah, we had a glass of wine- – Really? We didn’t
drink all that Hornitos? – No! – Really? – With those Cancun shot
glasses, we didn’t do that? – Wait you can remember the shot glasses, but you can’t remember if you told her you were wanting to be with her or not? – You’re not gonna sit
up here and confuse me with other chicks that
you was dealin’ with. – Come on man, we met
on Tinder, you think you were the only one I met on Tinder? – We met on Tinder, – It’s a lot of swipes! – W-wait, we met on Tinder,
I was dealing with you, on Facetime, in
conversations, all the time. You texted me “Good morning, baby”, “How you doin’ beautiful”, what? “Good night” – So? – “Oh my god, how was your day?” – Am I not supposed to
be, say good morning? – This isn’t about you, shut up. – (mouths) Good for you. – (mouths) Get him, Kayla. – Can you look at me
when I’m talkin’ to you? ‘Cause you ain’t looked at me once in this whole conversation. – Yes. – In one of our conversations,
when I asked you, “Did you wanna date anyone
else?”, and you said no. – I said that? I said that. – So now you wanna act like I’m stupid? And I need you to not
like ’cause I’m gonna smack the (beep) out you. – I don’t remember saying that. – I’m delusional, okay. I’m lying, y’all. – [Travis] Shawn, did you ever tell Kayla that you two were exclusive? – No! I definitely- now I remember that. No matter how drunk I is,
I never said exclusive. That’s not even in my
vocabulary, I never said that. – [Rachael] Have you
ever been in an exclusive relationship before, Shawn? – No, whoa no! My last real relationship
was like, high school. I used to break up with
girls, like, when I was in high school, I used
to break up with girls. College, I would break up with girls. Next thing you know, they egging my car. I’ve had my tires slashed, they got girls giving me dirty looks when
you walk past, so naw. – [Rachael] So that’s why
you do what you do now, because of what’s happened in the past? – Yeah, yes! The women of the past
have set the standard, that they can’t take news,
they can’t take news like that. – [Kayla] Oh my god. – So it’s easier to just
ghost ’em, let you deal with your feelings when you’re home. – Like, was any of it real? (dramatic music) Shawn, why did you ghost me? – I think we had like, our wires crossed. We started out just hanging
out, just having a good time, drinkin’, talkin’, chillin’. Next thing you know,
you wanna Facetime me, like just talk to me while
you not even doing nothing, you just on your break, just eatin’ a (beep) burrito. I don’t wanna do that! – I talk about things that
people who like each other do. Why couldn’t you just say, “Hey, don’t Facetime me while I-” – ‘Cause then, that’s ’cause
I’m not rude like that. That’s what, I’m not gonna like, come on. – I’m sorry, what the
(beep) just happened? What, no, oh my god. – So now you’re gonna take
that and spin it like- – You find ghosting
someone to be less rude, uh, I’m sorry- – Yes, I do find ghosting to
be a lot less rude than that. – [Rachael] Okay so just to be clear, what is the real reason
that you ghosted Kayla? – The real reason I ghosted you is simple. It works, it’s efficient. (dramatic music) Like, it’s a clean cut. I didn’t want to continue,
I wanted to move on. – You have never, in the
time that we were dating, figure, “Hm, let me actually communicate”. You never thought to do that? – I like to communicate with my actions. – Your actions told me
that everything was fine. – When I quit a job- – Your actions told me
that everything was fine. – I don’t put in a two
weeks notice, I just leave. – Your actions, – And guess what, when the
job don’t see me for two days, – Your actions told me
everything was fine. – They know I don’t work there no more. – Guys, guys, guys, I feel
like we’re going in circles. – This whole thing is
goofy, this is stupid. All this, for what? Just because I didn’t
send you a goodbye text? Like come on! That’s dumb. – So then why did you come? – Come on, I had to come
here to defend myself. – [Narrator] Kayla and
Shawn now have to decide whether they want to make up,
ghost, or uh, call an Uber. (phone dings) – (whispers) He’s
calling an uber, I can’t. – Are you calling a (beep) Uber? – Obviously, I’m not gonna
send her no damn message man, I’m trying to get out of here. I ain’t sendin’ a message
the first time I ghosted her, why am I sendin’ one now? – Kayla, what did you decide? – To ghost. (phone sound) All you had to do was simply, you know, admit to it, not lie about exactly what happened between us. Hell, I wouldn’t have appreciated that, I would’ve respected that. – I’m sorry I ghosted you, okay? – But you don’t even wanna do that, – I’m sorry I ghosted you. – You don’t even wanna
give me that respect. – Travis, Rachael, I’m
sorry I ghosted her, the whole goddamn world, I’m
sorry I ghosted her, alright? You got your closure, I gave
you everything you needed, do you feel more
comfortable with yourself? – Oh my god, oh my god. – This is dumb, yo. And this Uber is 24 dollars. Y’all said you were gonna take
my car here and back though. – Don’t give his ass (beep). – How’re you doing? – That was a dud, that
was a whole, oh my god. – You’re gonna get my
car here and back, man. – I’m not getting you
(beep), but you can go. – Y’all aint making me feel bad in there. – Nobody is trying to
make you feel bad, Shawn. – That’s what I feel like. – So you do feel bad? – No, I feel like you’re
trying to make me feel bad. What, you’re flirting with me? What’s up? – Do you really think
that every female that talks to you is trying to flirt with you? – What you mean, I uh, (stammers) – Don’t you see this ring on my finger? – Even though you didn’t
get a concrete answer, just seeing- – No, he’s all about actions right, his actions spoke louder for
him than his words everyone. – He’s a coward. – After what I just saw back there, you think I want you Shawn? – You know what, hey. – You really don’t feel like you learned anything from this, Shawn? – Deuces. – Like nothing, you don’t feel
like you learned anything? – Hey, y’all be good man. God bless ya. – [Rachael] Wow, what a piece of work. – [Narrator] So, has Shawn tried to hit up Kayla since then? (phone rings) – [Kayla] Hi. – Kayla! – Sup Kayla! – Hey girl. (laughing) How are you? – Doing really well, doing well. Been dating again,
hanging out with friends I haven’t seen in awhile. – Well you seem good, I
can tell you’re happy. It seems like you know, you’ve
found your groove again. (laughing) – Do you regret finding your ghost? – No. It was like, eye-opening. Just really understanding
that it wasn’t me, and you know it’s his loss. I just want to say thank you to you guys for helping me through this crazy journey. – You’re very welcome. – You’re welcome, we are
so glad we could help. Bye. – Bye. – Good for her. – That’s everything I
wanted to hear from her.

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