Winter Fly Fishing in Minnesota | BIG Trout | 2019

Winter Fly Fishing in Minnesota | BIG Trout | 2019

I’ve got a (secret fly) and an antron egg. I’ve always liked (secret fly). *Struggles to get in waders* We came here to go fly fishing. I don’t think it would work out too well. What, whoa! This guy’s fighting a lot. Oh, winter fish. *Fish struggles to free itself* *Man lets him free himself* *Man gives the fish a nudge* Interesting video release. That was the video release? Yeah! It just jumped out. And that’s how you really release fish. Oh wow, this ones really big. *Laughter of joy* *sike* This is a big one. I love a four wt rod. You can feel everything on this thing. What rod is this? Is it Cabelas or? Yeah it’s Cabelas. I like those rods. That’s a long one. I wish I had my net! *splash* *classic screaming drag* What’s that?! Oh it’s my other… It is? It’s my other one that I lost. Oh no, somebody had it on, it’s wrapped around its fin. And there’s another hook in it. We’re helping you out today! Looks like he hit a different one. How long do you think this is? 18? 20? I don’t know I left the measuring tap in the van. That’s a beautiful fish. These fish are so healthy. That’s pretty awesome! Hooks are already out. Nice brown! Hooked up with two in this little pool here, This is the only one that I landed. Man, that’s a beautiful fish. Pretty awesome! @taliesin_angling on Instagram

7 thoughts on “Winter Fly Fishing in Minnesota | BIG Trout | 2019

  1. Love the video, man! new subscriber here. Only a true fisherman would do open water fishing in a Minnesota winter, right? I'm with ya on that one. As long as its worth it.

  2. I just find your channel absolutely love it great content definitely I'm new SUB!!!👍😉🎣🎣🎣

  3. hey nice vid I'm getting into fly fishing for trout do you think you can tell me where this place is and also if it too late for me to go trout fishing there

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