Wintertime Fishing for Speckled Trout and Redfish in Charlotte Harbor

40 thoughts on “Wintertime Fishing for Speckled Trout and Redfish in Charlotte Harbor

  1. trout time,i fish for some my self a while back up in the state of MI,great fishing

    FatBoy Dan Fishing

  2. I would love to see more footage of your signature series rod in action. Great stuff. I love those beautiful specs.

  3. Beautiful fish. Use to love catchn them in Sarasota Bay back when I had my boat. Great vid man. My lure of choice was rootbeer slimy slugs.

  4. Hanging a new Verado on my boat this weekend, then me and my 7'2" flats blue(which all my buddies are jealous of), are going speck huntin!

    I have heard you talk about the SLAM in FL being, Tarpon, Permit and Snook. Down here is South LA our slam is a Redfish, Speckled Trout and a Flounder.

    Awesome stuff Capt. Blair keep it up!

  5. @jopheso hei blair , was woundering when you where gonna do a show again on some giant peacock bass ,,, really loved that show btw !!!!… keep on hookin them man !!!

  6. @jopheso A slam in Southwest florida is a snook, red, and trout…and we have a grand slam of a snook red, trout and tarpon. never thought of a flounder bein adden in ,nice

  7. Mirrolure mirrodines are the freaking best. Caught my biggest snook ever on one. Chartruse color on top. 17mr.

  8. hey guys iv been fishing in charlotte harbour my whole life and lived here my whole life also im very fermilier with the harbour and know it like the back of my hand but i cants seem to point out were yall are at, turtle bay, bulls bay, west wall, east side by alligator creek and piret harbour, the cut off? if you could get back to me and let me know that would be awesome id like to try it out this weekend. thanks

  9. @RANDOOMSHIT the speckled trout is a drum species that has many characteristics like a fresh trout that it gained through evolution. it looks beautiful with its rainbow colors, its yellow eyes, its spots like a predatory cat, and teeth like an alligator, it is an evolution marvel. someone with intellect would see these features.

  10. @nref55 yeah, so do the north- european trout but it feels like a fucking tiger… and looks better and taste like heaven ;PPP

  11. @komarchero great on the grill with some everglade seasoning and butter!
    I use to camp in the port charlotte harbor and this is all we would eat for lunch and dinner for a week straight! best times of my life

  12. @nref55 If you can stand to work it slow enough, when it's cold I would rather be working a bait back to the boat to keep warm.

  13. @YourFriendlyMe These rods are my first series of Signature Series rods before we came out with the NEW Flats Blue rods.

  14. Forget commercials, THIS is the ultimate way to make people want to buy your product. I'm dying to go get me some Fins line and the W&M gear!

  15. Great video! What is the best line you can use off the beach in January. (I have 30 lb braided dark green spider wire on a spinning reel). Thanks for the amazing video as always:)

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